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Bridal Fluttershy

By Mowza2k2
Here is Bridal Fluttershy. According to Equestria Daily the mane six are going to be released as Bridesmaids for the Princess Cadence/Shining Armor playset.

The quality of the original picture is very bad. So I did my best and rolled with it. Creating a few things as I went.
Here is the original [link]

Color Guide Here [link] Done by :iconkefkafloyd:

Yes you are welcome to use this as long as you credit me in some way. It is always appreciated.
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Tought I let you know I made a minimalist vector about this :D gave credit dw
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Thank you very much ^_^
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Whoever the lucky stallion is...he better treat her right :steaming: or they'll have to answer to me! And she looks just like a bride should on their wedding day, beautiful. Job well done.

Do not suffer from insanity, embrace it, each and every day. :juggle:
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:iconapple-jackplz::iconsaysplz:WOAH fluttershy, you looks the more beutiful pony ever!
:iconfluttershyblushplz::iconsaysplz:wow....thank you so much applejack....
:iconraritymadplz::iconsaysplz:'I'M AM THE MORE BEUTIFUL PONY.....(envy)
XD amazing image!
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rarety: where did you get that great outfit? oh wait, i did it, oh silly me,
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Aww, this is sweet :heart:
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I read it like "Brutal Fluttershy" at first vision $o
very sexy hot pictures
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The hell is this?
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hahaha unbelievably cute!!
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This kinda makes me want to marry Fluttershy :)
(Happy birthday for yesterday btw)
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Wow, fantastic job! :D
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You know, I don't think even I could make something that good, and I only have a few vectors to MY name.
BUT, when linking to other profiles, its best to add "plz" after the name. :)
:iconkefkafloyd: (you forgot the "o" in "floyd"(was well as getting their names right, so just go to the profile and copy the name directly)
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Lol. Well thanks. I do my best. This one took me, working time, probably 3-4 hours. I have tried my hand at art, and Vectors are about the only thing I'm good at.

And thanks for the KefkaFloyd thing. I usually type his name right. I love his color guides best. They work great with Illustrator.
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cooollllllllllllllll !!!
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This is amazing! Job well done.

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