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Tutorial #1 : Tree Bark

Video link of the tutorial : [link]

English is not my mother tongue so don't hesitate to let me know if you find any mistakes, I'll fix it.
I hope this tutorial can be useful for some of you.
If you want to show me what you did with this tutorial just leave the link in the comments, I'll be happy to see your work. :happybounce:

Version française du tutoriel : [link]

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rotsentu's avatar
super cool! Thanks!
Artimide's avatar
This tutorial is amazing, thanks for sharing
Rendou-Animated's avatar
wait! I get it now! thanks that was very helpful!
Rendou-Animated's avatar, confused...but i'll keep reading until i get it! 
TheWonderousWolf's avatar
Your tutorial was super helpful! I actually use GIMP so I had to figure out the clip masks and things like that on my own, but I still think I did alright for my first try.

My First Tree!

Would love to hear your input on it!
Tuulihaukka's avatar
Ahhhhhhh thanks a lot for this tutorial, you just made my life 10x easier xD
divertspace's avatar
I actually use this tutorial an insane amount and I'm only now getting around to faving it so I won't have to look for it later c':

I've used this tutorial quite a few times in the past, including one I'm currently working on (hence why I came looking for this). It's helped a great amount, albeit whenever Photoshop wants to cooperate with me... Thanks much for this tutorial~ 
MattsyKun's avatar
This is the first time I've used a tree tutorial and it actually WORKED for me! Thank you SO MUCH :hug:
killjoyangie's avatar
This is brilliant and very helpful, thank you =)
Magma-Whip's avatar
Angel-219's avatar
oh my god I love you for this thank you!!!
DivineDrgn's avatar
This tutorial looks awesome =) now lets see if I can figure out how to do this on Artrage :P
pinknailpolish89's avatar

thank you so much for the tutorial! this is what i came up with :)
imakocoa's avatar
I will forever be crap at trees... this was the best I could do XD

yayotaXD's avatar
what program ?
Mowito's avatar
HaughnSolo's avatar
This is so perfect! Thank you a million times over!! :la:
Mowito's avatar
Thanks a lot, you're very kind :hug:
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I liked your tutorial and tried it out. I used paint shop pro 7 it is a really old paint program so had to find ways to use layers different, but think it turned out OK. Thanks for the tips. :D
Esevans's avatar
Oh! Forgot to add link. :rofl: Here... [link]
Mowito's avatar
Nice try! :) I've never used paint shop pro, but I think you did a good job since you couldn't have the same settings as in the tutorial. Keep it up! I'm happy if it helped you :hug:
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