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Alright, let’s begin with the sources! *cheers*

For the textures, here’s the textures I used!

-For Travis, I used this awesome texture [link] by :icondella-stock:

-For Paolo, I used [link] by :icondadstock: (Ps: I’d like to point out that enhancing manual the shading of that was long and very redundant. :XD:)

-For Matt, I used [link] by :icontexturemattic: (Excellent stock. Might use it again, I really like it! ^_^)

-For Corey, I used [link] by :icontoxicflare2112:

-There’s another texture in the background but it’s very subtle…but it’s there!! And it’s [link] by :icondknucklesstock:. (I used it before, and I loved it! So I used it again. ^_^)

For the Trivium piture, here’s the original!

And now the album used to go in the background: [link]


I found the colored irises on a contact lenses website. This one: [link]

Travis has the Helghast, Paolo has the Crow, Matt has the Berzerker and Corey has the Incubus.

I don’t own the original picture, but the work done to make everything fit together, manual shading with the dodge, burn and brush tool, that’s MY art. *Pouts* Don’t steal it, or god will kill a kitten.

Yes I made them look like monsters cuz I felt like it. :XD: I love Trivium and my mom complained that they looked awful and they looked like monsters.


Not hate art, I LOVE Trivium. ^^
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COOL!!!!!! I love it!!:):hug::horns:
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Thank youuuuu!!<3
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:wow: TRIVIUM IS BACK!!! lol you hadn't made a drawing of them in forever, now it's like WOOOAH Trivium XD Lol anyways I'm freakishly hyper, don't mind me
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It's le fuckin awesome.
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Bahahaha thanks.

Careful not to burn your balls, if you look at this pitcure while drinking coffee!:XD:
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