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Mods For The Movies Game. Most Of Which Were Made With Blender 3D.

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I am not Activision or Lionhead

Mods For The Movies Game
You can :below: Download my mods right here at :devart: My Download Folder

The Movies Game: A 3D movies generator that exports movies to your hard drive in .WMV format. You can then upload them to Youtube or tmunderground where movie game producers will rate your movie.

You choose the actors, the costumes, the sets, the props, the scenes.
You can do voice overs and watch the characters voice your words.
You can also add your own 3D content. We use Blender 3D to do this.

The folks at have made some import/export python scripts for Blender 3D, which will import Movies Game 3D models and then we can make adjustments. Also, we can generate our own models and then export them into the game.
DCModding . com is closed. It was where someone could learn to mod the movies game.

8eyedbaby . com has a forum but spammers have blasted it.

I have several tutorials for the Movies Game at my website at: My Tutorials Page
Or you could download a PDF of most of them by visiting the following link:

The Movies Game is also a studio you run and produce movies on. Your movies compete with the other studios in Hollywood.


Here is a list of programs to edit The Movies Game™

MED - The Movies Game Editor…
Create new sets, props, costumes.
Extract any of the compressed files in the .PAK

Get Blender 2.49b…

HotFix Python Into Blender…
How to put Python directly into Blender

Movies Game Import Export Python Blender Scripts by DcModding…
Import and export 3D Movies Game Models

Blender Python Import Starmaker Head Script…
Import Starmaker heads into Blender

MoviesGame 3DMAX Import Script…

This page contains several useful texture manipulation tools.
The tools are listed below, with a description for each tool.…

DDS Texture View by Nvidia…

FLM Reader Zero by DcModding…
Edit the Scene Files (.FLM)

Animation Changer by DcModding…

Scene Reblocker by DcModding…

Deadsane's Costume Editor…
Also makes costumes.
More stable then MED.
MED has a bug where the .COS files it generates can be corrupt.
CosEd 99% never corrupt .COS files

MeshManip by Reacher…
This was made before we had MED
And it is a fantastic program.
Although the latest Movies/Blender scripts has a flag menu.
MeshManip is far more complete

Edit Your Star's Stats

010 Hex Editor & Movies Game Templates…


How To Get MED (The Movies Editor) To View Stunts&Effects Costumes

There is actually two problems here.

1. The Download version of Stunts&Effects Expansion pack from Lionhead Studios LTD comes with an encryption to prevent redistribution. It actually doesn't but that is what TryMedia told me when I asked them about it. This encryption presents a problem to modders who need to gain access to these files. The programs we use to edit the Movies can not see this encrypted data. MED simply ignores them and treats the Movies as if there is no Expansion pack installed. This was verified by Rileyman who had me run a program to extract a data read on the SEMovies.exe file. He didn't recognize it at all and told me it was an encryption. The solution was to download large Zips of the files provided by the kindness of other modders who had the CD.

2. But sometimes having the CD doesn't work. What? I know right? Although the Premium costumes now showed up. The rest did not.

I believe I have nailed down what the problem is. And it isn't our fault. It might be MED's. OMG 

I won't bore you with the details of the quest of getting .PAK files from a CD version of Stunts&Effects.

I replaced the ones from my game with these, then fired up MED (The Movies Editor).

But no dice...

With the CD version of S&E the premium category shows up.

Along with it's costumes.

There are two programs that can extract content from the Movies' PAK files: MED and ReShoot. It is then just a matter of disabling the PAK files you do not want MED or Reshoot to see.

I made a temporary subfolder to disable the Movies' PAKs that did not come with S&E.

Then placing those PAK files in there, rename them to be sure that they are disabled. Now whatever MED sees can only be content from Stunts and Effects Expansion pack.


Once you have extracted what you need, go ahead and restore the renamed PAKs to their original name & location.

But what does this mean? Why does MED ignore the S&E costumes when the original PAKs are present?

If you need any of TheMovies Files + S&E content, download them from my Google Drive.


All Movies +S&E Scene Files (.FLM):…

All Movies +S&E (.INI) Files:…
Including all Costume Category INI files, and (.COS) files S&E Content

All Movies +S&E Animation Files (.ANM):…
These files imported using :iconlefty2016: python Blender Scripts

All Movies +S&E 3D Models and Textures (.MSH) + (.DDS):…

All Movies +S&E Starmaker Heads (.HD):…
The entire selection was replaced by S&E for reasons the Expansion pack required


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