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OMG you guys!  I found a British bakery & tea shop near my house and I'm going to go check it out tomorrow! :squee:

I sense a disturbance in the Force...

Yup - another journal with the Sherlock skin.  I would like to switch it up, but this will be a Benedict Cumberbatch/Sherlock inspired journal so it made sense to use this one.  
But don't worry - I haven't forgotten the good Doctor that brought me to this site.

First, I'd like to apologize for all the journal spam.  I know I've been writing alot of these lately so I'm sorry if it's an annoyance.  It's just that you all are my closest friends at the moment - and I want to share everything with you!

I have watched all the Sherlock episodes now (Reichenbach Falls twice).  And I plan on watching them all again.  I think "A Scandal in Belgravia" has been my favorite so far.  The Buckingham Palace scene was the best!  Benedict and Martin are perfect together.  :D  (I would like a pocked sized Martin Freeman of my very own next Christmas.  Please and thank you!)

I also read a very sad Sherlock fan fic.  It's called "Alone on the Water".  You can find the links on my Tumblr.  
I should warn you all before you read it - don't read it.  I was sobbing for 20 minutes each time I read it!
(I mean - what?  I didn't read it more than once.... only a masochist would do that).

I've also been listening to "Cabin Pressure" with Benedict Cumberbatch as Martin Crieff - and it's brilliant!  :D  I listened to "Fitton" today which was particularly fun.  Especially when Benedict's character made a Sherlock Holmes reference!  
(and yes, I just realized his charcter's name is Martin... as in Martin Freeman)

And, I don't have a clever way to end this journal so I'll just cut to Benedict... Cheers!

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Fizzing-Whizbees's avatar
I loved that bit in Fitton -
Martin: 'Captain DONS cap'
Carolyn + Douglas: 'DON'S CAP?!?!' ahahaha
movielover44's avatar
Yes! Thank god for Cabin Pressure! I think my favorite episodes so far are Johannesburg and Limerick. :) What about you?
Fizzing-Whizbees's avatar
Hmmm I think Fitton because that 'dons cap' line, and the ending was funny when Martin finds out that Douglas lies to his wife! Ooh and its cute when they all start singing together!

I also love Boston, because it always makes me crack up when Martin starts crying because that American man yells at him! Or when he hits that kid in Helsinki!! x)

Oops, long answer, I just love Cabin Pressure!! I think Martin and Douglas's relationship is the funniest, especially their stupid games. I haven't listened to Johannesburg yet cause I'm making my way through (nearly there though!) ahahah :D
movielover44's avatar
Oh gosh! Boston is good. Martin is actually clever enough in that one to get them out of a tight spot.

I really need to start on series 3. I heard they are going to start working on series 4 soon!! :dance:
Fizzing-Whizbees's avatar
Eeee I know! I'm saving series 3 for after my exams, and I can't wait to hear them, my friend says it's the best series! And yeah Finnemore said its out later this year so I'm so excited! (but I think its the last series cause they're nearing the end of the alphabet! :( )
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I know what you mean about saving stuff. I watched all of Doctor Who series 1-4, but then saved the specials for like 4 or 5 months. It was like that way David Tennant wasn't really gone in my mind. *le sigh*

WHAT?! It's alphabet-?! -- hold on -- *GOOGLE* -- OMG! It is! How did I not see that before? :facepalm: You are a genius! Thanks for showing me that.
SaintIzy's avatar
First off, Soooo Jealous of you and your bakery. We have nothing that cool here.
Second you and all your Sherlock talk are coming dangerously close to making me break my number one rule... No New Shows. I adopted this rule after I started Doctor Who, only to break it for Torchwood. After that I did very well till a friend showed me The Walking Dead. This time I'm trying to stick to it though. lol. Yeah I know It's just a matter of time.
movielover44's avatar
Haha. Didn't recognize you for a second there with your new icon Izy! :)

The bakery was amazing! The little old lady who waited on me even gave me a pot of tea on the house. I was in heaven.

Yeah, I knew I could only hold out for so long before I gave in to the Sherlock fandom. And I knew I would fall hard. I'm glad I waited as long as I did though. Gave me a few episodes to savor! (they are 90 minutes each!! :noes:)

Walking Dead is an amazing show! I kind of fell behind on the second season with my Who-obsession but I think it's definitely worth watching.
SaintIzy's avatar
That's my Tardis, complete with lights and sounds. I LOVE my Tardis.

As far as Sherlock goes, I give myself another month or two out of sheer stubbornness, but I'm kinda looking forward to the fall. lol

Second season of Walking Dead is pretty fantastic except Ricks wife is getting progressively more annoying, but Norman Reedus as a bad ass covers up any sins this show could commit. lol
movielover44's avatar
That is awesome! I hope I can build a TARDIS someday!

Side note: How difficult/expensive would it be to make the TARDIS light thingy to wear as a portable hat? Any thoughts?

You'll like Sherlock once you come around. And you are making me want to get caught up on Walking Dead now!
SaintIzy's avatar
Hmmm... What kind of materials are you thinking of using and how big will it be? That will have an effect on your price/difficulty scale.

Sherlock will probably be my summer thing. That's usually when I fall to new show temptation. Lol
movielover44's avatar
Well, I'm just trying to put a TARDIS cosplay together... I think I'm probably getting too energetic with my plans trying to include sound & lights. It's just that I saw this YouTube video that made me want what they had! [link]

In reality, I'll probably make something more like this hat: [link]

(My con is at the end of March after all...)

You will watch Sherlock - and you will love it! :evillaugh:
SaintIzy's avatar
Oh that lil hat is too cute! You can so do the sound ya know. all you need is a cell phone and a good tardis ringtone.
movielover44's avatar
Good call. 10 points to Izyclaw!
keerabella's avatar
Congrats to the British bakery & and tea shop near your house. I'm a bit jealous. But I'm already planning my next trip to GB. :happybounce:
A Scandal in Belgravia was very great! Had to watch it twice! :D
movielover44's avatar
Thanks. :) I'd rather go to GB to be honest... never been out of the country.

I plan on re-watching all of them at some point. Probably to tide me over until next series.
Qwistie's avatar
Lucky!!!! I need to find a British bakery & tea shop near my house!!!!!
Also, I need to finish watching BBC Sherlock... :p
movielover44's avatar
OMG! It was amazing. :D I know I'll be going back.

And I highly recommend watching Sherlock. Repeatedly.
Qwistie's avatar
I can only imagine the joy!!! :XD:
It is indeed amazing! Can't wait to see what happens next!! :D
movielover44's avatar
I hope we don't have to wait too long before the third series comes out!
Qwistie's avatar
movielover44's avatar
OMG. That emoticon you used nearly made me choke on my tea! :rofl:
Qwistie's avatar
Ooooops. Hehe. :XD:
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Cabin Pressure is amazing! And I your journals haven't been bugging me, by the way. I like to read them! :)
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