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The Doctor's Wife
The Doctor woke with a start, sitting up quickly in bed.  He had felt something that couldn't possibly be.  He had felt two Time Lords bonded together.  But that was impossible.  Wasn't it?  All the other Time Lords were dead.  Or sealed into a Time Lock.  In another universe no less.  How could he have felt that connection through the Void?
He quickly glanced over to make sure his wife was still sleeping soundly in their bed.  She was still there – his pink and yellow girl breathing gently.  He reached over to brush a lock of hair across her face, unable to stop from touching her.  Rose gave a soft smile and said, without opening her eyes, "I know you have trouble sleeping a full eight hours, but I really do need my beauty sleep Doctor."
He smiled, even though he knew she couldn't see him.  He leaned down to press a kiss to her forehead.  "You don't ne
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Light Up by movielover44 Light Up :iconmovielover44:movielover44 59 12 Seeing Double by movielover44 Seeing Double :iconmovielover44:movielover44 179 164
Rose stood on the beach, letting the wind whip her hair, as she stared out into the ocean.  There was no sign of the Doctor or the TARDIS, but she felt that they were in the right place.  Dalig Ulv Stranden -- Bad Wolf Bay.  She smirked to herself at the irony behind it.  Her mum and Mickey hadn't understood her horrified expression when she learned the name, but why would they?  At least they had been supportive of Rose and her journey out here.  She knew she had been difficult to live with these past few months in the parallel universe, but they still loved her and wanted her to be happy.  So, when she heard the Doctor in her dreams, they had decided to come with her.  After several hours of driving in Pete's Jeep they had ended up here, waiting to see if the Doctor would arrive.
Her name was a whisper carried on the wind.  She recognized the soft Northern accent, and turned to see the D
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Her Name was Rose by BloodyDeath11 Her Name was Rose :iconbloodydeath11:BloodyDeath11 98 24 Abstract texture2 by JenniStock Abstract texture2 :iconjennistock:JenniStock 47 3 Blue bokeh by JenniStock Blue bokeh :iconjennistock:JenniStock 2,282 149 monochrome / color by Blakravell monochrome / color :iconblakravell:Blakravell 638 24 Carry On My Wayward Son by alicexz Carry On My Wayward Son :iconalicexz:alicexz 9,349 317
It was a white light, just like people said, except you didn't walk into it.
In fact, it was all around him.
Engulfing him the moment he closed his eyes, seeing his old friend for the last time.
He had been waiting for this day for so very long, hoping it was soon.
After 5 billion years of seeing space, fighting aliens, saving Earth and becoming the Face of Boe, Captain Jack Harkness had had enough and now was getting what he wished for.
But then, the lights around him started dimming and he panicked in his mind, thinking he was going back to the living again after so long of doing so before when actually, it was quite the opposite.
He woke up on a desk....his desk.
Looking around him, he saw he was in the old Torchwood Three base, more in fact in his office and his old body, the way it was before.
Standing up, he carefully examined himself, finding nothing had changed except his old body had morphed back to what it was before he turned 3 billion years old. He was wearing his blue shir
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You guys.  Seriously.  So many feelings right now!  I just found out that my new co-worker is a Whovian!  Let me repeat, WHOVIAN!!

I think I made a great impression on her today (the second day I have known her btw)  Let's recap:

Me:  Okay, headed home for the day.  Do you have any last questions for me.

Her: What do you do with all your spare time?

Me:  I watch alot of British TV.

Her: Do you watch Doctor Who?

Me:   *spit take*

Her:   *stunned silence as she wipes water off her computer monitor*

[General laughing for about 5 minutes from our other co-worker who witnessed my fountain-impression]

Seriously guys, I got so excited to rant about my love of Doctor Who, that I forgot I had water in my mouth.  I couldn't be bothered to swallow first, and then start gushing.  What a nerd. :nerd:

The water spraying incident turned into apologies, then me asking who her favorite Doctor was (Tennant was discussed, and I countered with Eccleston).  She tried to out-Whovian me by saying she has a TARDIS cookie jar.  I said, "I'm working on a TARDIS cosplay."  

So, like I said, I think it went well.  :facepalm:  I really shouldn't have tried to one-up her.  I just got too excited that I finally found a real-life Whovian (no offense to all of you brilliant people).  I really  hope she doesn't think I'm too weird now...

That wouldn't happen right?  Right?
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Hey! Yeah - sorry I am SO bad about checking this account anymore. I would love to read your sequel! :squee:

Also, Happy Valentine's Day! :love: I hope it's a great one!
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Thank you! :hug:
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