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Hobbit wallpaper

I do not own these 2 pictures. Just added them together so it would fit my background without cutting or blurring too much of the original photos.

I liked the result so if you would also want it as a background: here it is.
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My new background!!! ;p
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Thank you very much:)
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now, on my deskop :] :D
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I loved the movie, I cannot wait 325 days 2 hours 21 minutes 50 seconds until The Desolation Of Smaug!! (The Hobbit Part 2)
Xyloverflow's avatar
For some reason I can't seem to find the picture on the bottom anywhere. Can someone help? :P
helderm's avatar
You forgot the White Snow.
ShadowXM1's avatar
Awesome work here! I can not WAIT to see the movie this Friday! :D
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I thought it was Bombour?
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I have no clue why they felt the need to make a movie. The book was great, if people want to know the story why can't they appreciate it in its original form.
I'm sorry, there's no reason for me to be bringing this up since that's really not what anyone was talking about, I just feel the need to express my opinion when it doesn't matter.
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This is simply the second attempt at creating a Hobbit movie. There was already an animated movie that was released back in the seventies.

If anything, this generation is one that does not read literature as often as they should. Thus, to bring more attention to such a classic tale, Peter Jackson creates his rendition of The Hobbit.
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I know, but I just keep crossing my fingers and hoping you know? Even though it's obvious it's only going to get worse from here since the only readers we have are 'Twilight'fangirls..
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Is it just me or does Thorin look more man than dwarf?

Hoped that everyone remembered that Gloin was actually Gimli's father and Balin was suppose to be Gimli's cousin. (Balin was mentioned being the Lord of Moria)

So technically, Gloin is suppose to be Balin's uncle.

Not sure how that works cause Balin appears to be way older than Gloin.
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Oh, it's possible. There are plenty of nephews/nieces whose aunt/uncle is actually younger than they are.

Granted, it's awkward. But possible.
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Fili's sword looks really cool in the movie.
Also, one of my favorite parts was when we see balin fight.
Old dwarves can still kick some serious ass.
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Thorin, and Killi and Filli!!! :D:D:D
RivisIndigoEmporium's avatar
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...! :heart:
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Oh bless you! You have all their names with their pictures! I've seen the movie twice, and I still only got about half of them.
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Gloin!!! Fav 4ever! :D
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WHOA! So awesome & the movie is awesome! Peter Jackson really glorified the dwarves! Love the movie!
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