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Ant-Man and The Wasp Review
Twice in a row we have an Ant-Man film after a big Avengers film event. If Ant-Man 3 gets greenlit, it'll probably be after a Young Avengers movie or something. But in seriousness, who'd have thought the first Ant-Man would be a fun surprise? Not that I doubted it from the getgo but it was really something especially given the highly publicized controversy of Edgar Wright leaving the project and Peyton Reed taking over.
But that was a film Peyton Reed had to work on at the last minute with other people's material tailor made for Wright. So with this film, Reed is finally allowed to put his own touches and it showed. Throughout the film, it's clear Reed wanted to expand every single horizon regarding the realm of Pym Particles. The film got insanely creative with its action scenes as well as its sense of humor in regards to its visual gags like a Hello Kitty Pez dispenser getting enlarged in the middle of a chase scene to knock out some flunkies.
Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly definitel
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Incredibles 2 Review
2004 was a special time for me, at least in regards to film. Prior to November, I had just seen the best Spider-Man film (well, before that was taken over by Spider-Man: Homecoming) and even despite seeing whatever films during and after that year passed like Saw, a little film by a man named Brad Bird who ended up working at Pixar despite the failure of The Iron Giant, rocked everyone's world. Mine included because The Incredibles was the film that got me into becoming a film buff. I wanted to make movies and I still do. The film somehow spoke to me in all the right ways. And it's even a film I saw twice in the theater.
So like everyone else, I've waited for a sequel. Waited and waited. I mean, I admit, I did assume Tomorrowland being a bomb probably finally got the ball rolling but it doesn't matter how it got here, it's important it's here. And as soon as the announcement came, it was glorious. Finally, the story of the Parrs was going to continue and I cannot think of a more approp
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Deadpool 2 Review
Whether you like him or not, the infamous merc with a mouth returns for another go around. And really, one of the only reasons I can think of the first Deadpool making an impact as he did at the box office back in 2016 is that Fox managed to take a chance on this (on the terms of executives anyway) bizarre character and his quirk of being a killing, fourth wall breaking mercenary. Keep in mind, Fox canned his movie originally but the leaked test footage provoked a major positive response before Fox execs decided to give it a shot. I doubt any of them thought much about it until the numbers came in.
Now I know not everyone liked the first movie with one its major problems highlighted being it was an origin movie. Well those gloves are off so now the second film was allowed to go full on crazy. Though sadly, Prince's Let's Go Crazy wasn't used at all as I had wished. Maybe for the third film. Or that incoming X-Force movie. Eh, whichever.
In a lot of ways, this is better than the first f
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Avengers: Infinity War Review
10 years. 10 years ago, a producer named Kevin Feige became involved in a goal-involved with Marvel to start up a film studio. Basically, the comic book company wanted to make their own movies. But there was one problem, their heavy hitters like Spider-Man and the X-Men were with Sony and Fox respectively. What could they do? Well, after hopping from studio to studio, Marvel bought back the movie rights to Iron Man from New Line Cinema, hired Jon Faverau of Elf fame to direct and come 2008 was the release of the film version of Iron Man. Opening to rave reviews, audience praise and huge box office numbers. And ever since then, we have The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, all culminating in The Avengers-which solidified the juggernaut that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
And ever since then, it got better and better with even the likes of Guardians of the Galaxy and even brought back Spider-Man into the fold from Sony. And with the 10th anniversary this May, they knew damn well
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A Quiet Place Review
Between Jordan Peele and John Kransiski and along with Danny McBride writing the next Halloween film, I'm curious if we're going to see a slew of comedians making serious Horror films. Oh no problem with that, I welcome it entirely. Just that I find it to be a fascinating trend. But then again it makes sense given Horror and Comedy have a long history with each other. And it's not like it was the first time comedians left their mark on the Horror genre. Though guys like Abbott and Costello are more of the stars than actual directors but I digress.
In this case, John Kransiski (The Office) has made his directorial debut and what better way to showcase your talents than making a Horror movie? Of course, he stars in it too and co-wrote the script but the man provided not just an intense Horror film but also has a huge emotional core to it.
The premise is a basic one, the entire world has seemingly gone post apocalyptic by monsters who attack their victims based on sound and one family is
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Black Panther Review
Black Panther:
Jack Kirby has said that he created Black Panther because he felt he had too many white heroes. He wanted to create a black superhero-one hailing from Africa. Picture this, a superhero who is the king of a country in African-technologically advanced from here to kingdom come and untouched, never colonialized by white people. Appearing in an issue of Fantastic Four, he proved himself by taking down the entire Fantastic Four before eventually becoming not only an Avenger but a superhero in his own right-hey, dude even took on the KKK. How cool is that?
And yeah, there were attempts to bring T'Challa himself to the screen-most notably Wesley Snipes who wanted to play the character and produce it. He brought the project to John Singleton who unfortunately didn't want to embrace the character's comic book roots. He just wasn't interested in the material presented and probably didn't seem enthusiastic given how Snipes described the meeting. So Snipes ended up becoming Blade in
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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Review
What's funny about this is that a decade ago, I once looked at an IMDB page where it looked like a Jumanji sequel was getting made but eventually that turned out to be Zathura. But that didn't stop Sony from trying to back into the well. What do you do when go after 80's nostalgia? Target the 90's. Okay, technically Jumanji was based on the picture book of the same name back in 1981 before being adapted into the Robin Williams starring film in 1995. It has its fans but with me looking back, it's fun but also mediocre. The thing is, among the glaring issues is that given the book was about the kids, because of the fact that the 1995 film had a big name star attached, the focus was on that actor, Robin Williams. So as a result, the kids, Judy and Peter received little to no development despite something resembling of an arc for the both of them with their dead parents. I'll get back to this in a bit.
So in comes the sequel, Welcome to the Jungle (and yes, they used the song in the actual
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The Shape of Water Review
“Since childhood I’ve been faithful to monsters — I have been saved and absolved by them. Because monsters, I believe, are patron saints of our blissful imperfection.”
- Guillermo del Toro
For a lot of people including myself I admit, we want a special someone. Someone who can understand you, believes in consent, relate to, anything. It's not easy finding love yes. But for a mute woman, she found love in a way she didn't really expect but stuck to it with a natural attraction. If you watched the film already while reading this, you probably know where I'm going with this.
Guillermo del Toro has a knack for making monster movies but not in the traditional sense. Most of the time anyway given Blade II, the Hellboy films and Pacific Rim. But much of his filmography explores something like the above quote I opened this review with. I'll discuss it more later but suffice to say, films like Pan's Labyrinth and Crimson Peak follow the same kind of metaphors and contras
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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review
I'll attempt to refrain from spoilers but suffice to say, The Last Jedi not only is proven better than The Force Awakens or the entire original trilogy combined but also the most strongest Star Wars film to date.
The Force Awakens was designed to get audiences back into their good graces after the much derided prequel trilogy. Films that had good ideas but George Lucas was in over his head and it's evident other people were better off handling his ideas from here to kingdom come; a good idea man but lacks in execution. The Force Awakens yes had moments that rehash A New Hope but I feel it's still a very good film with strong characters and terrific fight scenes.
So after J.J. Abrams, in comes Rian Johnson, known for films like The Brothers Bloom or Looper and you most likely saw his Breaking Bad episodes which is how I knew about the guy in the first place and why I was excited about Lucasfilm hiring the guy. And surprisingly, he wasn't fired unlike the unfortunate firing of Lord/Mille
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Coco Review
What's funny about me seeing this is that recently, I ended my Horror movie marathon on Day of the Dead (Dia De Muertos). I know, I know, it's not exactly a scary holiday but it appeals to me based on the dead aesthetic, you know? I remember first knowing about it via that one episode of Lizzie McGuire, the Halloween episode that revolved around it and it involved the Miranda character played by Lalaine and her heritage around that holiday and it was about punking the stereotypical popular bitch character to give her a taste of her own medicine after insulting her culture. And I just remembered all that while writing this, wow. That aside, I also knew about The Book of Life and there are probably still some people who are like "what does Pixar think they are making their own Day of the Dead after The Book of Life?" And if there are, well, sorry but if we can have multiple Christmas movies or even Halloween movies, why can't there be another Day of the Dead movie especially in animated
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Thor: Ragnarok Review
Always from my experiences, the Thor movies weren't exactly that big of a hit with most friends or people I know around my circles, second film didn't exactly help. I like the first Thor movie very much but the second film left a lot to be desired. I mean, it didn't help that Alan Taylor is not exactly a great director and felt kind of mismatched for the material despite having some Game of Thrones cred to his name and given what I hear about Terminator: Genesys, maybe he just really was wrong for the film. Though Kenneth Branagh is an ideal choice for the first Thor and did well with it based on his grasp of character. But the best possible choice to direct Ragnarok was not one I don't think people expected; Taika Waititi
Waititi is a actor/comedian/writer/director known for his stuff in New Zealand but nothing that mainstream as a Marvel movie except for What We Do In The Shadows, a recent genre hit for the guy. While I've yet to see (been wanting to so much), I did watch movie Boy o
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Jigsaw Review
You know it's funny, I did think Saw: The Final Chapter was indeed, the last chapter in the long running Saw franchise and it seemed like a good while that was it and I didn't hate the film as much as a lot of fans did. I understood some criticisms but I thought in a way-especially the ending was a fitting way to end the franchise and it seemed like Paranormal Activity was going to be the one to rule Halloween weekend. Well it seems dead that to the point of Lionsgate going, "The coast is clear!" and here comes Jigsaw (originally titled Saw: Legacy). However besides Twisted Pictures getting back in the game (no pun intended), Kevin Gruetert editing and Charlie Clouser returning to craft a new score, pretty much a clean slate of new people like the Spierig Brothers directing.
So, it's a shift in tone a bit-at least in regards to how the film looks though it's also how it acts. It doesn't have the exact same cinematography as the other films nor is it paced like the other films. Which is
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It (2017) Review
Now I admit, I never did read the book aside from knowing certain things from friends who have. My only frame of reference is the two part miniseries from 1990 which featured Tim Curry as Pennywise so certain things I remember popped into my head...because a lot of them were fixed in the film.
For starters, rather than the episodic nature of part one of the miniseries which slowed things down, the kids are introduced in three single but pivotal scenes save for Bill and Georgie in the opening credits. They instantly give you the general idea of how these kids start out. The first being with Mike and his independence, the second with Bill, Richie, Eddie, Stan and Bev and finally, Ben.
The casting of the kids is ridiculously spot on, the chemistry being very strong. You really do see the comradely between the seven kids. Not one of them was annoying and you either care for them so much or you laugh at how genuinely funny they are. Finn Wolfhard as Richie especially with his constant barra
:iconmovie-man:Movie-Man 7 1
Spider-Man: Homecoming Review
That took a while, didn't it? Despite Sony's efforts to restart the Spider-Man franchise with The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2, it was clear people gravitated to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It didn't help that people were begging Spidey to put in the MCU.
Personally, I liked the first Amazing Spider-Man while the second was more of a mixed bag but it's pretty clear the second film not performing to Sony's expectations was not going to have it continue. So fast forward to like 2015, Sony and Marvel Studios agreed to a co-production which came Spider-Man: Homecoming out of this and its upcoming sequel as well as Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War.
Of course with me, I've been a fan of the character since as long as I can remember-being first introduced to the guy via the 90's cartoon that aired on Fox Kids and subsequent reruns on a variety of channels with the 2002 Spider-Man movie solidifying my love of the character and even managed to get my first ever Spider
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Wonder Woman Review
We've seen multiple film versions Superman and Batman, two of the biggest icons from the DC universe and gave superheroes the big jumpstart in comics. But one was always missing from that equation of film: Wonder Woman. She was among the first two as jumpstarting the superhero genre in comics created by William Moulton Marston when he wanted to create a superhero girls can look up to (along with the help of his two wives, no really and he wasn't cheating on either, they lived together). And yet, Wonder Woman's only contribution to live action was in fact the Lynda Carter TV show and even then the road to that had its ups and downs (like the infamous rejected where apparently, Wonder Woman is just a hallucination for a single woman who lives with her mother and makes goofy sound effects when she flies and had the narrator from the 60's Batman TV show. Look, I didn't write the fucking thing, okay?) but the road to Wonder Woman's own film was rougher. I mean, yeah, she had multiple animat
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Urgent. Please Help.
This is not a joke. This is real. A cry for help.
This is not easy to explain nor am I sure I will get much comments or help. But I'll try.
My name is Sebastian Moreno, I am 25 years old and  I live with an emotionally abusive mother. And have been wanting to escape.
I was scared to originally but besides the fact that I can't live with her anymore but after talking with my sister over what went  on when she left mother originally, I found out much details like my mother poured holy water on her under the assumption she was possessed by a demon and my sister cried. And at another point, she was locked in the garage and was even not allowed to take the SATs.
Worse yet, I did research on emotionally abusive parents and even narcissistic parents, aside from having all the signs in droves, I realized that for a good while, I was the favorite. I got a lot of privilege and she was the scapegoat. Now, I've been getting the emotional abuse for quite a while after my sister left howev
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Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! :)
My previous GoFundMe campaign is completed but the job hunt is still going on. So I decided to start a new campaign. And a backup one in case GoFundMe doesn't work out. Basically, I need a lot of donations to keep me afloat. Especially since I don't want to go back to my abusive mother. So I need money to pay for food and rent. I do need this badly. I picked 500 dollars as the main goal as I felt that could be reasonable. I am open to other forms of donation like MoneyGram or Western Union and I'll send details for either. Please, I do need help.…


Movie-Man has started a donation pool!
3,054 / 10,000
Well I'll be blunt about it, I'm broke (at least for points and lack of a paypal account) so I decided to start a donation for points. Okay, 10,000 points is incredibly too much but well, at times I can be desperate.

Just that since comissions seem to be hot so well, I decided to earn points. So, with every donation; you get a free request for a Death Battle idea of your own or if you want a character on a billboard, movie theatre screen, etc. Send it to me and I'll do it.

Death Battle Prices:

Here are the prices:

For one DB card - 10 points (it will extend to 20 if you want more than one.)
For Anime and comic book characters - 15 points
For Movie Characters - 15 points
For TV characters - 15 points
For video game characters - 10 points
For book characters - 10 points

If you request like the Nostalgia Critic-like web-based characters, I'll extend that to 5 or 10 points. So yeah, that's the price listing.

You must be logged in to donate.
Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! :)


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