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i really needed to get it right this time, and i think i did just that. render times are good, and i like the bumps in the eye color... now i'm going to put this in my library, and NEVER do it again. just call it up every now and then and use it.

*3 materials
1x blinn
1x lambert
1x mia_material

*fully procedural texture, NO file textures:
7x procedural textures
3x 2dplacement
2x add/subtract
3x remapColor
4x expression
1x bump
1x time
1x blinn shadingGroup

*eyecolor is easily changed through a single value, the blue curve on the last remapColor node.

*floor boasts a simple circular white-to-black ramp texture to help make lighting easier - 2 area lights and IBL hemisphere

*includes a little 1 dimensional control for pupil size and 3 dimensional eye-rotation-aimer-thingy.. custom made, naturally (works like a charm)

*automatically shows cornea when rendering and hides it during development - mia materials dont want to be transparent in the viewport..

*first project to be used as a test center for a nifty little custom tool panel i'm working on. (i love MEL. she doesn't like me, though...)

modelling : 10 mins
MEL/rigging : 10 mins
texture/render tests : 6 hours
final render time : 88 seconds
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1Commander1 Digital Artist
that's really cool. You did a great job making it look very file textures for real??? I really thought you painted the color in Photoshop or something.
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no file textures. fo'real yo. i was amazed at the kind of things you can get done in the hypershade... and here i am. STILL amazed.
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InKonSiderate Digital Artist

Nice work man, love eye's but they're such a pain to get right!

lucky you have it in your personal library now!

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maya for the win indeed. you want it? lets make the world free. i'll upload it on speedyshare and note you if you do...
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InKonSiderate Digital Artist
Haha, no thanks man - I'm content with Blender at home and I get to use Maya at school =)
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the animation school, right? spoke to craig at the indaba. nice guy. very knowledgable.
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InKonSiderate Digital Artist
I haven't had the opportunity to speak to Craig, but he does seem
like a nice bloke - what were you doing at the Indaba? just browsing?
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stealing with my eyes... it was TOTALLY inspirational. i had to go outside 3 times just to take in the wondrous objects and stuff. my head was pounding on the drive home.
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InKonSiderate Digital Artist
Woa! :o

Then I'm going to be at the next Indaba with you so
we can both have killer migraine's from the sheer awesomeness!

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nee wag, wow wow wow.


ek's RERIG mal hieroor. how about a block of cheeeeeze now?
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cheeeeeeze you say?
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Dude! awesomeness! it like eye (I) can see its soal . yeah, testing stuff always take the longest.
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but it's always always always worth it.
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Yep, that's true
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