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You must learn to love your loneliness


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You must learn to love your loneliness


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Horses - Manips

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Horses - Not Manips

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the mourning after

Memory Lane

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LOTR - Hobbit Drawings and Such, No Color

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LOTR - Hobbit Drawings and Such, Colored

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The Peter Jackson Diaries I: Designing The Dwarves

Oakentoon's and Other Funny Things

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The Lost Princess - Chapter 1 (ThranduilxReader)

Chapter 1 You had all the time you needed to muse about what exactly had gone so wrong. Locked between four cold walls of living stone, you sat on a small worn rug, your uncomfortable bed for the next… You were not so sure how long exactly but a tiny voice from the depths of your mind told you it would be for a very, very long time. All had been fine at the beginning. You had entered the colossal vestibules of Thranduil’s Halls completely unseen as many times previous and in there you had been hiding in the dark corners of the endless passages and tunnels for days. That is, until you found the way to the armoury. You had waited a

LOTR - Hobbit Stories

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Hermione in a different way

Harry Potter Pics

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GoT Fandom

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Give it a little magic

DA Fandom

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welcome my dream world..updated

Landscapes and Waterscapes

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The Carina Nebula in Narrowband Mapped Colour


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Zen Flowers.

Flowers and Trees

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The Guest


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Butterfly Garden VI

Moths, Butterflies, Etc.

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spring chase


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The light of jellyfish

Various Wild Animals

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My Home's Beauty

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City Triangle


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Hearts Coloring Page

Traditional Arts, No Color

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Darius and Zayel

Traditional Arts, Colored

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Elven Night pendant

Handmade Things

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The land of fire

Showcase - Mystery Kitty Art Impressions

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Showcase - Aiholic

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Orion's Belt

Showcase - Captain-Marmote

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Talks with Tolkien artists - complete list

A complete list of all interviews from the "Talks with Tolkien artists" series. It will be updated after each interview posted. The list featuring a few pictures from the interviewed artists had to be split due to size limit: Talks with Tolkien artists: part 1Talks with Tolkien artists: part IITalks with Tolkien artists: part III 1. with Gold-Seven !Gold-Seven ( 2. with steamey :iconsteamey: 3. with ekukanova :iconekukanova: 4. with Tulikoura :icontulikoura: 5. with AbePapakhian :iconabepapakhian: 6. with kimberly80 :iconkimberly80: 7.

Contests, Journals, etc.

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Photography 101: Chapter 05: RAW and Basic Editing

Chapter Five: RAW & Basic EditingHi there! Yuukon ( once again, presenting you the new chapter of Photography 101! I can't believe this is the fifth already! If you are new to Photography 101, I recommend you to check out the first four chapters before continuing: Photography 101: Chapter 01: Basics - Looking Photography101: Chapter 02: Composition - Location Photography 101: Chapter 03: Lighting Photography 101: Chapter 04: Light sources and WB Today we will be tackling a subject I have answered many, many questions about over time: What is RAW, and why is it "better" than jpeg?! What is RAW?Pro's of RAW compared to JPEGCons of RAW


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New Badge - Twist Fate

New badge looks like this: To get this badge you must comment any deviation that has been submitted to the Twist Fate contest category: You don't need to participate to the Twist Fate contest if you want the badge. If you want to participate to the Twist Fate contest you can find the rules here:


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Do you know what happens when you leave someone in the dark? When you shatter their hope and mangle their heart? The sins of the past leave their terrible mark And the madness it brings slowly tears me apart I hide from the world so they cant see in my eyes The most broken of souls with so much to say But I falter under the weight of so many lies Knowing some things should never see the cruel light of day And within the cavernous dark of my tortured mind Something twisted is growing and will soon be unbound Cut through the walls I have built and all you will find   Is an inferno of rage that will burn you all to the ground The fire co


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SessKag Sketch - Intimate


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