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awww yeah excited as heck!! come and fight me if you dare!
first of all im not dead! just been super busy and overwhelmed with school and some shitty things happening. but 'tis not the season for whining, but cheer, and last time i did this it was fun and kinda helped me with my style, so im doing it again!
im only gonna do a few tho, like maybe the first... five or so. (i know that seems like practically nothing sorry but not many ppl are gonna see this anyway so its not that bad)
just a disclaimer, if you ask for something i really cant/really dont wanna draw (like mechs or hateful content) i wont do it. but otherwise comment if you want a thingy from me?
have a merry christmas!
So, its fall break soon where i live (yay, finally) and i kinda want to do a few requests, cuz i was thinking that might help me figure out my style and other stuff that need figuring out. But im not even sure anyone would be interested in that, so i guess let me know if you would?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Have a nice day, and if you go to school, dont lose hope, fall breaks coming