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BioShock Wrist Tattoos

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I got my BioShock wrist tattoos today. These are what Jack Ryan has in BioShock one. I'm very happy to have these. The guy did a great job!

They don't look like they're aligned,but they are. My hands are just at different levels. Bah. I can't hold still.

Some people have been wondering, "why the hell did you get a video game tattoo?" Well, it's something I can relate to as well. :D My meaning has been hidden due to some internet stalking but I can tell you that there is meaning behind this tattoo.

Never get a video game tattoo unless you can relate to it in some way. You really will regret it in years if you do. A tattoo is permanent. Yes, you can get it removed, but it doesn't work very well and it costs A LOT of money. If you're going to get a tattoo, think about it.

Now, there is one acception to video games tattoos without meaning. If you're going to get matching ones with multiple people, that's fine. My friend and I are getting matching companion cubes. Just make sure you guys get something you REALLY WILL NOT REGRET!
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Super legit.
Therlo's avatar
LOVE it. Live on girl!
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I like the concept!
KiteoftheAzureFlame's avatar
How much did you pay for these? :'D
Just thought I should let you know that this is a real life prison tattoo that symbolizes being raped and in for more than 10 years. Congratulations.
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I'm getting mine next month, getting deltas tattoo on my left wrist and jacks chains on my right.
LetMeBeYourYuno's avatar
i want these ,too...but i'm too scared :/ it would be my first tattoo...but i really want these...
don't think i just want them bacause i like bioshock..^^'
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I'm actually going to get three chain links on my left wrist with the words "a man chooses" beneath them. My brother is getting the same on his right wrist, but with "a slave obeys"
adamiscool's avatar
Would you kindly tell us all how much this cost? i am myself pondering on getting this very tattoo
FuzzyMachineGuns's avatar
Would you kindly tell me how much you paid for these? c:
TacoPup's avatar
Fucking awesome. I am considering getting a pair done myself. My only concern is future employment and their policies.
JawaBoxerEOD's avatar
When I have kids I would have an Alpha series big daddy on my arm with a little sister or little brother depening on the gender of my child.
MapleBurger's avatar
Damn, those are cool! I wanted something like that, but I would keep looking down at my hands and freaking out ^^;
hinchen's avatar
you really did it, you REALLY REALLY DID IT!! I'm planning to do the same! I love it, oh, it looks amazing!
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Dude just ignore all the people who are tellig you that having a video game tattoo is stupid.
Video games were made for adventure and exploration to open a person's mind (kinda like an enlightenment).
Also for the fun of it :P
I think it looks awesome :D
Alycatkelly's avatar
Uh did that hurt? lol that's so cool XD
ZombiePenguin15's avatar
I agree completely, If a tattoo means something to you then the importence is regardless of its origin.. I myself am getting a tattoo of a videogame in 6 months :D

Your Idea for Jacks chain tattoos was Great :heart:
well they look great, i am getting the same thing, although a little different, i am getting a man choose's below the chain on left, and a slave obey's on right beneath chain.
having read the book and played both of the game's, i feel a deep connection between how enticing Mr. Ryans idea's are, just the way they describe him in the book and make him talk, he is a true man of fortune, when he say's lines like he does in the games/books they are more than just words, they are the way i wish to live my life. in short, for me after every year after getting these done, i will think deeply on my decisions i have made in the year that just passed, add one link onto left or right, depending on how i decide, only one link per year on one side, i must choose wisely :)
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That sounds absolutely wonderful. I would love to view a picture of them once you get them done!
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I want this SO badly...But I think of how much this might hurt me when I, say, get a job.
Drahydra's avatar
Might send wrong messages, or stuff like that.
Mousy-Vegetable's avatar
:3 Just because someone has tattoos, doesn't mean they'd never get a job. Most jobs I apply for require long sleeves anyone and are quite fond of people who do a lot of community service.
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