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What if....

By Mousu
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:new: Woohoo. This art is now relevant. 
Twilight becomes immortal and moves on
cause they all died xD

Yessss, first new print done for Fiesta Equestria! Hopefully people will like it and buy it ;u;
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ItsgonoHobbyist Digital Artist

Hello! I sent you a note but I'm just here to make sure you see it or something. Someone reposted this on Instagram with no credit or mention to you :> as an artist myself, it makes me mad to see it so I tracked you down

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The story may be over for now, but that doesn't mean we have to close the book
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Spoiler of the final from 5 years ago
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cries in spoilers
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Arent Alicorns immortal by default ?
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MousuHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't know xD
I've stopped watching for awhile so idk much about Alicorns. 
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It's a little bit heartbreaking, but I think Twi would be okay in the end.  She'll always be making friends, while the ones gone by will never leave her heart. <3
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The longevity of alicorn is thanks to their regenerative and healing magic. That's why alicorns don't die from old age. They would die from old age only when they would stop regenerate themselves.
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i recommend listening to this for this art…
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folklore17Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank God DHX confirmed that she's not immortal, just more powerful... LIKE A JEDI! EPISODE VII, YYYYYEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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EJLightning007artsProfessional General Artist
In the future twilight has to chose her fate and she chose to be the next princess and let her friends go and then thing get fuck up when she never spook to them then when something big happen her friends dead. and she blamed herself of choosing the  wrong decision.
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Im fearing that..
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MousuHobbyist Digital Artist
yes ;u;
But good thing it's not true :D
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ijustloveit619Student Digital Artist
Stop playing with my feels XD
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Ok, time for the million dollars question!
Should Celestia die (through say, a epic sacrifice to save all of Equestria), would Twilight take over her role as Equestria's ruler?

I can see it coming...
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MousuHobbyist Digital Artist
I feel like maybe Luna will be the next ruler and Twilight will be helper and deal with finding a new group of ponies for the Elements of Harmony. 
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JoakahaHobbyist General Artist
Very nice! :)
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It's also a good metaphor for what's happening in the show right now. Whether
whether she likes it or not, she's going to have less and less in common with regular folks. Her princess-type duties are increasing (as seen in today's episode) and when it's your usual friendship problem, the map doesn't let her in on it. To get to Gilda's softer side you need Rainbow, to get the baking squared away you need Pinkie, but a demigod's role is elsewhere. And her home is now this big castle that doesn't feel like home. Her path is away from being that librarian in Ponyville and she'll always treasure her friends and enjoy spending time with them but her life and their lives just aren't the same anymore.

Though she's not a goddess who stands above all mortal ponykind just yet...
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thecatseyefireHobbyist General Artist
Ahhh I love thiss.
Especially Twilight, she looks beautiful with that long flowing mane and tail >w< That height and large wings really do suit her.
The rest of the mane 6 are also adorable
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L-MASTERHobbyist Artist
Extreme TT^TT
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gliteroooHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh I just found you here!
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L-MASTERHobbyist Artist
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gliteroooHobbyist Digital Artist
it's interesting how friends find eachother quickly
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