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Raitite - open species

By Mousu
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Where are all yall coming from?! o uo

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Appearance - Ratite/Raptor
Raitite has similar look between a ratite (emu/ostrich/etc) and a Tyrannosauroidea. 
○ Covered with short fur/down while certain area like their head and chest will have longer fur.
○ All of them have a long or heavy tail that helps them keep their balance and speed while running. 
○ A layer of long feather grows along the tail and shorter feathers can be grown on other parts of the body like the head and legs. 
○ Small head compared to their large round body. 
○ Front arms are small while the back legs are thick and strong for running. 

Ability - 'Black-hole'
Their head and jaw is not that large and powerful to grab and kill so they rely on their ability to pull in matter into their mouth. 
Most star creatures tire themselves out while trying to escape the black hole of the mouth so when the Raitite finally chomps onto them there is no fight. Raitite can be in any position to suck things in but the most powerful black hole is when they get down on all four and focusing all their attention and energy into the pull. 

Status - Threatened
They are a threatened species in Allium. Many people treasure Stardusts for their Woe form and Starsweepers for their wishing power so they protect them from any predators. Once they had gotten wind that Raitites would eat any of these creatures, many people tried to rid of the world of the 'useless' Raitites. 

Diet - Omnivore
Raitite got the name "star-eater" for a reason. The main food in their diet is Stardusts and Starsweepers as they are the most common of all star creatures in Allium. They can digest the star-sand and absorb the power of the stars. Most Raitite eat a couple of star creatures a year while they eat other meat and things the rest of the time. 

Lifespan - ~50-60 years
The common lifespan is 50-60 years if they eat one or two star creature a year. If they had a steady supply of star creatures Raitite can supposedly live as long as they like. There are times when hunting for star creatures are hard and some only can eat one every few years. This has a large affect on their lifespan. It will shorten their life by decades and it will also stunt their growth. 

○ Youthfulness: If a Raitite never eaten a star or star creature before they will not grow to their full size and remain in a baby/child-like form that is covered in down and no true feather. 
○ New Diet: There are some Raitite that does not have the heart to kill these star creatures so instead they befriend one. Instead of eating the creature whole they will eat the stars they create or carry. A completed star created by a Stardust will give enough power to the Raitite to add some months to their life compared to the years added when eating the whole creature.  

These will be treated as a rarity trait things. I'll make a chart one day so you can have a visual of what I'm talking about ;u;
○ Tail type (common - rare)
○ Wings (rare)
○ Ring (rare)
○ Horns (uncommon - rare)
○ Fur/Feather type (common - rare)

Can I make one?
Yep! They are an open species so free to make. Hairstyle and stuff can be added but no extra appendages like wings, ears, more tails. 
How big are the adults?
Size Comparison
How big are the babies?
Up to the knee of the adult
How many can I make?
As many as you want now~
Do these lil bloops have tongues, or just a black hole in their mouth?
They do have a tongue! With their strong set of lungs they are able to suck things into their mouth where they will chew and eat normally. 
Do they come from eggs or just plain out mammal birth?
Eggs!! Giant bird eggs~ Eggs about the size of their head. So they usually lay only 1-3 eggs. 
Do the female look different to the male as of this picture?
There is no physical characteristic that makes the female look different than the males. 
Does a hairstyle that seems like a mane count as a rare trait?
Hairstyle is not a rarity trait so you can have different kinds of hair dos
Do the things in abnormalities count as rare traits?
Abnormalities are not rarity traits. But they would be treated differently by others since it is an abnormal behavior. Rare traits will be tail types, wings, claws, etc
Since Raitite obviously find a mate, do they also take creatures that are not Raitite as mates?
They can have other creatures as mates but they cannot produce eggs. Only with creatures similar to them, like ostrich/dragon/raptor related, can produce viable eggs.
If a Raitite finds a mate, do they mate for life or do they just stay together until breeding season ends?
They will take together as long as they can. If one of them die, they can find a new mate after some time.


temporary rules until I finish up some more information and stuff
○ If you make one, please tag it #raitite in your tag box(under description when you edit or submit) so it'll be easier to find when I look at the tag 
○ They will have a rarity chart about mutations and feather types later on when I remember
○ You are only allowed to make common/uncommon Raitite. They can have clothes/accessories, different styles of hair, different length of fur/feathers on their neck/body/tail so they can be fluffy, and be abnormal. 

Do you have any questions about them? or certain information you want to know about?

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Are these still open? I would love to make one!!

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Can these be used in other AUs? Like say instants riding mounts of sorts?

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Horns (uncommon- rare)

can I still put them on one

The Lego Batman Movie - Creepy Joker Smile Icon

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how many can i make this species?

like..just one?

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I made one of these like 4 years ago ( the picture below) and just wow my art used to be so bad, and i love this species so i plan to redraw her! I'm glad to see this is still open even though its been like 4 years :D

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It's so cute!!!
I'm gonna make one, if i can of course uvur
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Yep, you can make one 
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¡Thank you so much!
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Wow, these looks so cool!!
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That star dust starsweeper thingy needs hecking help

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these beans are cute xD
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oh my god, I need one. NEED
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Birbs! Love the little flightless birbs <3 I wanted to ask, are we allowed to use these as a species in our own worlds? Since I'm working on my own world with plenty of original species from other creators to give them shoutouts and so on :D (Big Grin)
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Curious: Do raitite make any noises? Like, how would they communicate with other beings?
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can the tail feathers of a raitite be similar to those of a peacock, or a turkey?
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So I really want to use this species (or something similar) in my story, but I don't think the whole stardust/starsweeper part will fit in. Do you think I could make it so they eat things along the lines of beast cores (they're like a crystalline structure full of pure magic energy) instead? Like they have the same ability to suck in prey, but they either eat the whole magic beast (if its small) or just its core (if too big to eat whole or in captivity) and digest the energy inside it. The higher rank the beast/core, the more energy they get and the longer it sustains them.
Aside from its diet, do you think that'd change anything? (I know this kinda has nothing to actually do with you, since its just my imagination and all, so if you don't feel like answering you don't have to. Just thought I’d ask for another opinion.)
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i had to read this a couple timesCrying Cause Laughing Cat Emoji 

but honestly, i think it sounds great! i WOULD consult with the creator first though if you want to create a story like this online (if that's something that you'd like to do)

^does that make any sense?? idkk¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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ooooo bet

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Are these animals allowed to stand on their back legs and their arms or are they only primarily on their hindlegs?
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