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My Giantess Stepmother 2 - Page 2/8 (MiniComic)

Check out this complete mini comic and many of my other artworks by supporting me on my Patreon!

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ยฉ 2021 Mousticus
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The content!! Omg

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If he does a good job, he gets rewarded by being shoved in between her ass cheeks all day.

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The gap between toes is one of the sexiest (and stinkiest) areas of female foot . The guy seems to not mind it at all. :)

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He probably doesn't find it sexy or smelly ^^

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Thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Stunning. Is there any more you could wish for than spending your life in between a beautiful giantess's toes?

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I don't see what to dream of better ^^

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Thanks a lot!!!

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I'm kind of curious if any of your giantess's will ever have a change of heart about what they put the men they capture through if one day a woman's "pet" just has a mental breakdown from the abuse and stress? If they go mute and unresponsive, stop eating, refuse to move and obey commands despite being beaten for disobedience, or the woman catches the man trying to harm or kill himself? It seems like some of the girls put them through enough to reach a breaking point, so I'm curious if a cruel and dominant giantess will turn careful and nurturing when she realizes she's damaged her little boy and feels some guilt or remorse for causing it?

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That's a good question, I had actually thought of that idea for a future scenario. The miniguy would not be in depression because of his bad treatment or anything else, but would simply refuse because he is stone, and would refuse to obey and serve his giant goddess like any other tiny slave. The giantess would first threaten to get rid of him if he was no use to her, but would eventually take an interest in him since he is not afraid of death threats either. So even though she is a great beauty and used to being worshipped by all her other tiny slaves, she would have no power over him, and would start to feel offended.So she would try to make herself loved by him, by wearing makeup for example, or sexy outfits to make him want to worship her :)The roles will be reversed, the miniguy would have power over her, and they could slowly fall in love with each other while having a Goddess/Slave relationship.

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Gosh, you even make one gasp between her toes look like the hottest thing in the world :D

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Thank you! Glad you like it ๐Ÿ˜Š

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