The Empty House Says, Part III

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By Mouselemur
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Thanks for the feature!
A collection of wonderful and sadly lost places.
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Glad you enjoyed it :aww:
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You're welcome :D
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I just absolutely adore this feature you do!  Such AMAZING architecture!!!!!!  How sad it it that it cannot be preserved! 
Mouselemur's avatar
Thanks :D I very much enjoy putting it together and I love hearing you enjoyed it too!
I hold the people who risk visiting these abandoned places in high esteem; even though many of the places will probably be demolished at one point, it's nice to be able to see the grand glory it once held :)
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I realize that they must be violating some no trespassing order to go inside and photograph as they do.  Bu I, like you, so enjoy being able to see what these grand places look like and I can easily use my imagination to envision the grand glory that once was.  It's just so sad that such grandeur cannot be preserved.  It makes the heart ache.  How I would love to visit these homes and stand there and be absorbed in the past!  To imagine myself coming down one of those staircases, dressed in an elaborate gown, to waiting guests below.......
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My thoughts exactly; it really makes you wonder what it's like to have lived in those places and throws you right back to that era ;)
Guard-of-the-Citadel's avatar
It's as though, looking at the photos, the past enfolds you......and I long to BE there to "feel" the past.....
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Like minds here :boogie:
Guard-of-the-Citadel's avatar
It's a nice feeling, yes?
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Definitely, doesn't happen too often ;)
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thanks for the featured;)
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My pleasure entirely :D They're all pretty stunning :aww:
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