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Well, I thought I'd give this thing a shot, and tried being creative in showing you guys my week, through art. So, here goes:


Train by trappedinrealityRapunzel 6 Disney Tangled by B-AGT

Amsterdam Artis Zoo by Snowflaky

Woohoo by Synthucard

School... by Im4gineTheM4gic

Boredom by BeatrizMartinVidalsun by werol

Storm by BandasPhoto

I hope I've given you a nice impression from my past week (and hope you get it ;)), from Wednesday June 12th, to today, Wednesday June 19th.

Have a good week y'all, and you know it, "This was MyWeekThroughArt. How was yours?". So if you haven't already, go on, and show off your activity through art! :D





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weather was rocky, school was boring, & you met a lover .. ? lol
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Umm no not exactly, though I wish :P
No it's mend to portray: traveling with public transportation, watching the movie Rapunzel, going to the zoo (Artis, going to the World Press exhibit in Amsterdam, being really excited because I got an internship spot I'd intervieuwed for earlier that week, making a test at school.
And where you were right: being bored, a really warm sunny day followed by one with thunder and lightning...
But a very sound guess. Though not totally correct, and you really made me smile :D
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I did? That's good to hear :D Glad you enjoyed that week and congrats on the internship position ! :aww: