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The One Who Never Sees The Truth

When: July 25, 2021
Where: Zooparc Overloon, the Netherlands

Normally we don't share photos of animals with annoyed ears - turned backwards - but this look is also a bit smiley and resigned that it's a look we want to share with you anyway.

Species: Bengal Tiger (Bengaalse of koningstijger)

Latin name: Panthera Tigris Tigris

Originates from regions in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan.

Current status: Endangered

Did you know:

...Though classified as Endangered, it’s the most numerous Tiger subspecies, proving just how endangered Tigers as a whole truly are.

...The White Tiger – often mistaken for albinism – is a recessive mutant of the Bengal Tiger.

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Jul 25, 2021, 2:03:53 PM
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I have confession to make. He has that look like thoughtful Garrus Vakarian from Mass Effect. ^^;

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Haha, sometimes animals do look like people - and the other way around!

AmethystCatz's avatar

Gorgeous photo! 💖📸

Mouselemur's avatar

thank you very much :sun:

Not all animals can be happy at all times. This tiger is no exception. However, even with the turned back ears. He or she looks so regal.

Mouselemur's avatar

It's not as much about looking happy - being women, we're all too often confronted with the "why are you looking so angry/ give us a smile" comments, so yeah, definitely no need to look happy all the time ;) I'd rather they not, to be honest.

But it's the annoyed bit that gets to me. Do you know there are actually photographers who go out of their way to annoy an animal just to get a snarl on camera?

No, I want them relaxed and in their element. Not minding me, my presence nor camera.

Hehe, he actually looks a bit derpy to me but yes, regal is in there too :)

I do know of those photographers. I’m not a violent person at all. But when someone intentionally provokes another to get a reaction, I sort of want to not so gently put them over the fence with what they provoked.

LuLupoo's avatar

This one looks like he is smiling :aww: beautiful capture :heart:

Fractaldragon's avatar

Totally beautiful tiger portrait!

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