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When: September 3, 2020
Where: Natura ARTIS Magistra Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Our last few visits, we walked around the zoo in the rain for a few hours. Luckily, also every time, it cleared up later in the day.
This proved especially important in (finally) wanting to get a good look at this guy, called Dembe. He's the new male African Lion at the zoo, and like any good Cat, he sheltered from the rain, just like the two females, Kianga and Kacela.
But, unlike the girls, he decided to enjoy the weather now that the rain had stopped and laid down his body out in the open for all to admire :D

Species: African Lion (Afrikaanse leeuw)

Latin name: Panthera Leo

Originates from Africa and West Asia.

Current status: Vulnerable

 Did you know:  

…It is the second-largest living Cat, after the Tiger, but the tallest – at the shoulder – of all living cats.

…Lions are the only members of the Cat family to display obvious sexual dimorphism, meaning that males and females look distinctly different.

…Lions in captivity tend to be larger than Lions in the wild.

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