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All The Beauty That's Been Lost Before



When: September 6, 2020
Where: Artisklas Haarlem, The Netherlands

These Minks are always so eagerly awaiting... something. I don't they really care what is about to come their way, but they know something is :)

Species: American Mink (Amerikaanse nerts)

Latin name: Neovison Vison

Originates from North America – introduced to Europe, South America and Asia.

Current status: Least Concern

Did you know:

…It differs from Stoats and Weasels by it’s larger size and stouter form, which closely approaches that of Martens. It is similar in built to the European Mink, but sporting a longer tail.

…The American Mink tends to only vocalise during close encounters with other Minks or predators.

…It is the animal most frequently farmed for its fur – exceeding Silver Fox, Sable, Marten and Skunk in economic importance.

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In the village pond in front of my house (in Germany) live nutria. Really very beautiful animals, descendants of individuals that escaped from fur farms. I know my statement is ecologically questionable. But I hope that some mink can escape from the fur farms and settle here in Europe.