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Journal History

Fickle Friday: Morning

Fri Sep 21, 2018, 12:28 PM


Woke up this morning, found a love light in the storm

lullaby by waveystar

Ragnarok by mitoXDthe man alone by IMustBeDead

Golden Fields by bamboomix

Looked up this morning, saw the roses full of thorns

Promise by PapaGolf54

vision by rickster155The Shadow Woman by CameliaBaican

Guns are falling, they don't have nowhere to go

Hello Down There by veeegeeePERSPECTIVE by Mars-Hill

Daydreaming by chriseastmids

Sleep in a dream by Filipp13tribute by rickster155

Oceans of diamonds always shine, smooth out below

Nightmare black in white. by Bermiro

Peak by marman44Boat Launch Ramp by 45H4W

. by invisigoth88

Can we start it all over again this morning?

. by invisigoth88Wollseifen by ReneVonk

I lost all my defenses this morning

Grabeskaelte by Woman-of-DarkDesiresS e r e i n by FreeDarkMind

Won't you show me the way it used to be?

CK-03 by freMDart

I've gone all around 'til there's nothing left to say

To be with you by dashakern

Looking At Me by marman44Siblings by marman44

Untitled by bkiltz

Wrote it all down into something that couldn't be said

Dear sister by Mrs-White

.. where the wild mallows whisper by Murmelebright nest by mademoiselle-necro

Fantasy by struggle2012

I tore it all down and buried me underneath the wave

lightkeeper by waveystar

significance  by bluePartoutTheir Tears Fall Like Rain by Ragnar949

In A Field Of Gold by KizukiTamura

Can we start it all over again this morning?

Cloud 590 by robpolderThe Witch's House by Pajunen

I let down my defenses this morning

Un Homme - Une Femme by ANOZERAesthetic by Hawks-n-Coffee

It was just you and me this morning

I will wait for you until the end of time by Mrs-WhiteWhen I miss those days by sheapofdestruction

I fought all my guesses this morning

Sleepwalker by NataliaDrepina

Won't you show me the way it could've been?

Floored by Markus43Old Pyramids by lostknightkg

Talent Tuesday: Interview Vol. 02

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 18, 2018, 6:00 AM

Each month, NaturesHaven will shine a special light on one of it's members by doing an interview!

This month, we're talking to Nimbue

somber by Nimbue

First of all, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions! Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Thank you for having me, I feel really honoured. :) I'm not quite sure where to begin in telling you a bit about myself! I am the mother of a beautiful 4 year old girl, a life-long poet and dreamer. My love for photography (floral photography in particular) is a recent development (the past year and a half or so), and I'd say its overshadowed my other passions a bit. :) I consider myself a very observant person, yet I somehow manage to simultaneously be a complete space cadet. I am a fiercely passionate person who enjoys finding beauty in the most unexpected places. I very much live in my own world, and as an INFP and introvert, I often forget that the outside world exists at all.

wuthering by Nimbue

How would you describe your art?

This is a tricky question as I explore many mediums of art (photography, poetry, abstract, dance), but if I had to choose a few words to describe the general atmosphere of any art that I create, I would choose romantic and feminine, yet dark. Soft, with turbulent undertones. The secrets and wounds of love.

vernal by Nimbue

What would you say is unique about your art genre?

For the sake of brevity I will focus here on floral photography. :) I feel incredibly passionate about photographing flowers for many reasons, Two of those reasons being their versatility and personality. Two of the same types of flowers will always photograph differently; there's always a different personality and emotion coming's wonderful and keeps things feeling fresh.

midsummer dream by Nimbue

What part about nature inspires you the most?

I've discovered through my photography that I prefer the nature world in macro. I'm seeing my environments in completely new ways, ways that I went literally all of my life without truly seeing! Don't get me wrong, I do love a good landscape, but for me it can never touch the surreality of a truly wonderful nature macro shot. That can take you right out of the expected and right into the unknown, and I think for many of us exploring the unknown is hugely important in our art. Just seeing things in a way we're not used to seeing them, and I've come to be really passionate about seeing nature specifically in a whole new light.

beguiled by Nimbue

If you had to choose a favorite piece from your nature gallery, which would it be and why?

I'm going to go with "beguiled" - pictured above. It's not the most technically great or favourited by far, but I feel that it's the photo that most captures my own essence as both an artist and human being. :)

simple joys by Nimbue

What kind of tools or equipment do you use to create your nature art?

I use my Canon EOS Rebel XS, and I use basic Windows PhotoEditor and PicsArt to edit them. I have no special lenses or photo editing software.

nourish by Nimbue

What advice do you have for your fellow artists?

Find yourself through your art. Don't mind judgments or expectations, put them away and bring only yourself to the table. Be patient. Let go.
home by Nimbue

Now for a feature of Nimbue's work!

love is abundant by Nimbuebe brave, dear one by Nimbue
Monarchwhen the chrysalis breaks open
and the last of winter's hull has been shaken
from the trees,
the butterfly boldly exposes her finespun setae
to the winds, still stringent and biting
among an earnest promise of warmth.
she exposes them, completely heedless
to their frailty, their paltry
fourteen days.
timely launderer of nectars-
eras in days pass her, a blithe sailing
over the tops of the zephyrs that could not ever
question her presence.
the Eternal Beasts admire her so
that they wish to trap her under glass,
and title her Monarch-
and in her death's dive to the earth,
they didn't once fathom her transience,
and she didn't once fathom her royalty.
frangipaniShe is sanctuary
to the countless winged frames-
airy huntresses of milk
hovering aloft heavy nights.
Plump, velvet tongues,
her ivory keys spilling into
spiralling overtures;
a coronation begins,
with invitations consigned
only to the Sphinx moths
of Laos.
buddingmarch, soon after death had grazed
a rotting hand over my heart,
came gallantly into the year
and stirred another start
her hands were strong and sage
and while they cradled me, a child,
by her sap-soaked barks
I formed my tears into a pile
march, with sooty eyes, could pluck
the burs right from my hair
came with her lily promises
and sung them in my ear
her mouth was moist and flush
and while I suckled like a babe,
no coffin once did pass me by,
my feet did tread no grave
march, with rending teeth that tore
and swallowed all my leprosy,
spit back the sun, spit back the moon,
spit back a thousand seeds
into my belly, ripe and huge,
and while I rhythmically breathed,
I felt the labours of the love
that we had so conceived
quiescent by Nimbueall the pretty girls by Nimbue
flutter by by Nimbue
indigo by Nimbuebeyond the pale by Nimbue
passiflora by Nimbue
camellia by Nimbuehaven by Nimbue

Artists of APN: corniger-aries

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 17, 2018, 6:00 AM
Your Home for APN Photography

Hello and welcome to an interview series that will introduce you to the artists of Animals, Plants and Nature Photography - with a touch of Macro-Nature - here, at AnimalsPlantsNature! We are excited to be bringing you an interview with an awesome photographer, to get a closer look at his photography and the thoughts behind the amazing photos he shares with the DeviantArt community: corniger-aries

Enjoy the interview!

hang out to dry by corniger-aries

Before we get started, please take a moment to introduce yourself and talk a bit about how you got introduced to the world of photography.

I would like to start with thanking you for this interview and your interest in my photos. It's amazing and weird at the same time for people from all over the world to look at my photos and even liking them.
Having said that; I am Cor, I'm 48 yeard old and I'm from the Netherlands.
For my job I train (service) dogs and their owners, but  also work with dog-walking services and animal shelters. Photography is something I've been doing the last few years. I bought my first digital camera in 2012. Before that, I had a mobile phone with a camera, and I learned I enjoyed capturing photos a lot. Obviously I wasn't overly impressed by its quaity, so I bought a nice second-hand camera (Canon 350D with a 18-300/ 18-55 kit lens).
From then on, I have been loving photography, and I even became kind of addicted. I decided to look for more information on the internet so I could learn and get deeper into the world of photography. But the best part is actually taking your camera outside and learning from your "mistakes" and working on the photo you have in mind.

you and me by corniger-aries128, 0, 128 by corniger-aries

Your gallery is filled with quite a variety of subjects; if you had to name a favorite, which would it be and why?

Without any doubt: dogs! I don't remember a day in my life where I wasn't around a dog. Before I started working with dogs, I worked in education but when I got fed up with that work, I focused entirely on dogs.
Dogs are a vital part of my life, so I share my passion for photography with them. Because I walk a lot with all those dogs, as a bonus, I spend a lot of time out in nature. My dogs aren't at all perturbed at this point when I lay down on my belly somewhere to photograph a mushroom or something like it.

have a seat by corniger-ariesalf by corniger-aries

Where and how do you find your photography subjects?

Hehehe, that's easy - I whistle once, and a bunch of beautiful "models" are in front of me, whisking their tails ;) I have the privilege of always being around dogs. A lot of those dogs are very well trained, so when I spot a nice location during a walk, there's always a dog around who can pose for me. The dogs have even gotten so used to being photographed, they'll jump up on logs, a rock or a bench of their own accord, looking at me as if to say: 'Photo?!'
Nature as well plays an important role for me, and even my garden is a little paradise where I'll take my macro lens with me in search of those beautiful tiny worlds hard to see (and miss) with the naked eye.

please! by corniger-arieswild is the wind by corniger-aries

When you go out to photograph in nature, do you already know what you want to photograph and how, or is it just a matter of what you see in the moment? Do you do anything differently when you photograph domesticated animals?

Mostly when I go into nature, my camera bag is strapped to my back, and I'll let myself be surprised by whatever I may run into. The only drawback is that I'll be lugging around all my stuff during those walks. But when I'm walking somewere and think "that could have been a beautiful photo", I hate it because I didn't take my camera.
If it's a familiar environment, I'm mostly already acquainted with where I can find the best and most beautiful spots, but it happens often enough that the lighting isn't good (harsh sun, clouded, rain, etc. etc.)
So mostly I enjoy the walks and see what I'll run into which works the best for me. When I really go out to photograph a domesticated animal, I do try to take location and circumstances in consideration. But this happens only rarely, and I can safely say that +90% of my domesticated animal photos were created spontaneously. And when I go out to photograph and come home without taking that one good photo, I know that most often, I can try again the next day.

dryad by corniger-aries

In the photo above, we see a dog in a truly magnificent natural setting. Can you tell us a little about the process in taking this photo?

This photo was taken in a forest I visit frequently for walks. It was a coincidence that I found this spot. I don't always walk the beaten paths, and always look for a bit of "adventure" by deviating from it. The dogs always love it when we're strolling through the woods, so I'm pleasing them as well.
The fallen tree this dog is standing on is laid across a ditch, and while I was crossing the tree myself, I wondered if the dogs were able to cross it neatly as well. And as I stood there looking, I notice the sun is in the air in a great spot low behind it. I find backlit photos to always be a bit of a challenge, but I thought I'd see if it was something we could capture first. Right in the middle between the trees, with all those ferns and a low-set sun, it was a beautiful scene to witness, but it's another thing to capture it just like that on camera.
When I came home, I went through my standard ritual of uploading my photos to the computer and into Lightroom, to see if it worked. After the Lightroom edits, I've also edited it with the Nik collection (an awesome free plugin that I really recommend for those interested in editing their photos).

dog and fullmoon by corniger-aries

The dog in the photo above is beautifully backlit on an evening with a full moon. Could you tell us about the circumstances in taking this photo?

It doesn't occur often that I truly plan to take photos. But in this case, I really had stepped out especially with my girlfriend and the dogs to photograph during a full moon.
I actually don't really have the equipment for it, but night photography is something that I really like and admire and I wanted to give it a try and create something likte it myself for once. It was a beautiful walk during night-time, even if many photos didn't work out. This photo turned out - after quite some post-processing to remove the noise - quite satisfactory.
This photo was taken in the same location, as well as this one from my personal collection - thrown online just for you.

puzzled past I by corniger-ariespuzzled past II by corniger-aries

Do you have a favorite season during which you prefer to go out and photograph?

With every turn of the season, I think this new one is prettier than the last. But they keep interchanging, so in the end, I don't have a favorite season but can enjoy each season, and want to make the most of each one. The one thing that irks me is when the seasons don't "do what they stand for" - for example, a winter that feels and looks more like autumn, or spring-time seemingly stuck in winter. But even then, I won't stop photographing because I'll be showing withdrawal symptoms :D

flashing by corniger-ariespaws up by corniger-aries

You have photographed both domesticated animals and wild animals; what would you say are the most significant differences between photographing animals that are used to people, and those unfamiliar with people?

It's all about the right time and the right place in photography. The good thing about domesticated animals is that it's eaier to arrange the right time and place. Overall I don't think there's much of a difference for me, although I'd love to stumble across a well-trained dragonfly or a butterfly who will pose for me.

See You See Me by corniger-aries

Photographing animals is an unpredictable practice; could you tell us about one of your most memorable experiences while photographing animals?

All of my photos are my memories. Of course, as a viewer, you only see the moment I hit that button, but when I look back through my photos , I also have a story of what happened before and after.
The photo pictured above, was definitely unexpected and the story behind it is that I didn't plan on photographing my dog's reflection. But while I was working to find the best composition, my dog came and sat next to me to see what on earth I was doing. The backstory of it is, that this was our first winter vacation together. Something my dog and I always looked forward to, and enjoyed a lot.

fall in love again by corniger-ariesred hot white dot by corniger-aries

Is there anything about photography you wish you'd known sooner?

No, not really, except that it's such a cool thing to do, and I wish I'd started sooner, and saved more money to buy all that pretty equipment.

star view by corniger-ariesthunderstorm by corniger-aries

Could you talk us through your standard pack when you go out to photograph in nature, and perhaps in comparison, when you photograph domesticated animals?

I always carry my backpack with me, with my old and battered, second-hand Canon 5D Mark II, my Tamron 24-70 2.8 and a Sigma 105mm Macro lens. Recently, the bag became heavier afte I added a Canon 70-200 2.8. A real assett in my opinion. I also have a small tripod and flash, but I don't always cary those with me.

monkey mode I by corniger-ariesmonkey mode II by corniger-aries

In closing, do you have any tips for aspiring photographers?

Ooh, maybe this will come across as a cliche, but just grab your camera and go out and photograph as often as you can! And if you can't, browse the internet, watch and learn from all those photographers who have already walked in your shoes and are now sharing their knowledge and results with the wold. 
Another tip that might help you further along: Try and shoot as many photos as you can in RAW, and teach yourself how to use a photo editor. Personally, I use Adobe Lightroom and/ or Photoshop, but luckily there are more - and cheaper - choices. But most of all, HAPPY SHOOTING! ;)

Now for a feature of corniger-aries' work!

joyfall by corniger-arieseyefall by corniger-aries
packfall by corniger-aries
not funny, save trees by corniger-ariesmarvel by corniger-aries
it should not be moved by corniger-aries
to infinity and beyond by corniger-ariesarranged for a view by corniger-aries
galaxy by corniger-aries
Autumn by corniger-ariesAutumn by corniger-aries

Journal skin by UszatyArbuz
Photo by The-Panic

Step into the heretofore Hidden World of

How To Train Your Dragon 3

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Coding by SimplySilent


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M&D Portegies - Mouselemur & Me
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
Zoo photographer, animal enthusiast, book lover, procrastinator

We love it when you love our work, but if you want to use it as a reference or in any other medium, please ask our permission first :heart:
Take a look at some of the amazing art that has been created using our photography: We Love It When You Love Our Work.

To get to know us personally, you can read this journal and for our photography journey, read our DeviantART Story or this interview.
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*On a lighter note*

Thought we should let you know we visited a new-ish zoo to us today. I visited with a friend 2 years ago, and we all went to many, many years ago. Quite some things had changed, so it was recognizable, and it wasn't.

Whenever we visit a new-ish zoo, it's always with good reason because we discovered something we absolutely had to see with our own eyes. And that's totally the case with this one (we actually got a subscription till the end of the year so we can visit them again).

Namely, beautiful and rare Turacos - whom, I should add, we haven't seen today but we're going to visit again and sit around waiting till we see them ;)
Mainly, 3 Bengal Tiger cubs (a white and wild-color one) and 3 Transvaal or White Lion cubs :heart:
The Tiger cubbies are 2.5 month old, and went outside for the first time this week. The Lion cubs are 1-2 weeks younger, and will follow soon (and we hope to be able to photograph them then as well!).
We hope to see them all again relatively soon, and hope to share some photos with you too :la:
Are we the only ones who have received comments that we were never notified of?
Could be my replies were removed though, but I definitely didn't see anything...

I mean, I always respond to every comment (unless rude or really, really weird) so it seems strange and unlikely that I'd ignore them or click them away without responding.

They're comments from September 10, and I only just now became aware of them :O At least some bird photos, but I'm going to check back and see if we missed more.

Please know that we weren't ignoring you, and I'm going to respond to you still :heart:
~Day 30~

Annddd... We're DONE!

Can't believe we made it the full 30 days with taking a photo each of thos days - and posting them  :RainbowBummiesParade: by MenInASuitcase
Since we never heard back, we hope that our little slip of forgetfulness means we're still in :dummy:

Today, as our last day of this challenge (sorry for spamming, guys!), we wanted to share "us" and this challenge with you.
Meaning, the two persons you've gotten to know us as during this past month.
So, we've got you a lost photo of the  hydrangea, more braids, the ribbons signifying one of the days of the challenge, and well, us.

Day 30 by Mouselemur

So there's me on the left, and M on the right. I've managed to hold her phone - that we used as a remote, out of the screen.
This photo turned out just the way we intended. Except that we actually wanted to include the Sundance Kid... If you don't know by now, he wasn't well socialised. He personifies the "I'm so cute - can't touch this" MC Hammer theme song :lol:
He doesn't like being petted or held a lot, so it was tricky and didn't work - as M demonstrates by laughing too hard so the photos didn't turn out so well. Meanwhile I had to pacify the kitty not to claw up my shoulder :P

Bonus, just for you:
Day 30 bonus by Mouselemur
For those interested, we both have a Dutch scissor braid  one with ribbons, one without, because M's hair is long enough of it's own ;)
~Day 29~

Only one more day...
I started working on an assignment this week on the Flight Forum near the airport, and we've had a thing for airplanes since our older sister lived near Schiphol airport and we saw (and heard) a lot of airplanes.
I mostly just hear them from the office, but occassionally I look up at the right time too :)
Yesterday, I wanted to take a photo of the airport itself, but I only had my phone and it started to rain. Today, I brought my camera and without the car at first, I made the trek to the airport.
There's the airport (too crowded, I couldn't figure out if there was a deck to look out from over the arriving and departing planes) and there's the "spottersweg" - a road right alongside of the landing and departing strip for airplanes :D
I went there yesterday as well, and today I was just in time! I was with my Dad, and we saw 3 departing planes, and 3 arriving in about 30 minutes :dance:
We checked the arrivals because that's a very cool sight, but the one that landed (so cool!) was the last for 45 minutes. And then, a Royal Army plane arrived unexpectedly (not on the list, of course) and then a little hobby plane as well.

Totally understand why people are into planes; the spotting spot was pretty filled up too. None of them seemed as amazed by the spectacle as I was, but hey, it was the first *real* time I was there.

So, for you all, here's a shot of the Royal Army plane landing :D

Day 29 by MouselemurYou'd think with all my zoo photography experience I'd know how to hold my camera against the fence... Alas, I was too excited and it looked good on the screen :shrug:
~Day 28~

I can't believe we're almost done already... The count-down is real :lol:

Today was yet another rainy day. Not rainy enough (though only thunder and lightning *might* be able to stop the Sundance Kid's desire to be outside) to stop M and SK to go outside. As they were outside with our Mom, admiring the Chinese Lantern's first "flowers", SK managed to catch and kill Cry emote ) one of our tiny backyard friends :cry: 
Not too happy with him, but it's in his nature and since he's killed his first bug, he think of himself as a might killer...

Second day on the actual job for me. It looked like good weather, until I left of course, and wanted to take a photo of the airport where the planes land. It started to rain pretty heavily and I only had my phone so no awesome work-photo yet.

On to today's photo.
You don't know this about us, but "life is color" to us. I've had my hair dyed some pretty crazy colors, and we both love to wear color :heart: Ribbons in our hair, dyed hair, colorful clothes, colorful shoes, colorful NAILS. None of it is all that handy when it comes to zoo photography, but there's part of you wanting to be you ;)

So, this is part of who we are :D

Day 28 by MouselemurOur collection - so far - of our favorite brand (Mavala) of nail polish :aww: We've used the scarf our Dad gifted our Mom from his trip to India as backdrop.


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