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He Was a Teutonic Knight
Heaving one last sigh, Christian lowers his sword and casts a look around. The massacre surrounding him, the smell of spilled blood tainting the air, no longer make his stomach roil.
He’s proud to be able to fulfill his purpose and serve the Lord so well. The Prussians had thought to lay a trap and ambush him, having no doubt heard about the young duke of Hohenstein leading the troops. They’d miscalculated in their underestimation of him, and not for the first time has his training and that of his men brought them victory with ease. The ease with which his band of brothers had cut down the enemy makes him proud, but the slaughter he caused makes him long for a moment to withdraw and make penance.
Using the bottom of his tunic, he carefully wipes his sword clean before sheathing it. He scans the fallen men around him, but notices his Teutonic knights are already recovering their own. He rubs his thumb over the large ruby ring on his right ring finger, cleaning it from blood.
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Do you "play the game"? :ninja: 

26 deviants said I'm just here to share my art, it's okay if others don't like it as much as I do :aww:
20 deviants said This is DA, not Instagram :O If you like it, you like it - there's no game
19 deviants said Numbers don't matter, we're all art appreciators here :dummy:
11 deviants said I don't know how to play the game, but I want to learn how :(
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Journal History

Talent Tuesday: Interview Vol.08

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 19, 2019, 7:00 AM
Your home for everything nature!

Each month, NaturesHaven will shine a special light on one of it's members by doing an interview!

This month, we're talking to MistyGoldArt

Fix by MistyGoldArt

First of all, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions!
Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hello! I'm Misty, a 20 years chemistry undergrad from Brazil. I'm a huge fox lover and most of my creations revolve around them. Among advanced formulas and lab notes, there's always a little fox doodle peeking around.

Chemist fox by MistyGoldArt

How would you describe your art?

Art has always been the best way to express myself, be it with characters or illustrations I always make sure it reflects who I am, be it a feeling, aesthetic or a trait I identify with. My favorite works to make are nature illustrations and that's what you'll find in my gallery!

Midnight ponderings by MistyGoldArt

What would you say is unique about your art genre?

Digital art is my preferred media for how adaptable it is, without worrying about a wrong stroke or off-tone color, I feel most daring to experiment and let my creativity speak - or rather, draw - for itself.

The Arena by MistyGoldArt

What part about nature inspires you the most?

That's a hard question! I'm tempted to say forests, I absolutely love the raw, wild atmosphere of all the surrounding sounds, colors, animals... everything! You can call me a forest lover, but I won't deny anything about nature can inspire me. Be it a fallen leaf with odd shape at my campus sidewalk, birds flying by in the early morning, even the genuine smile of someone's dog. Nature is out there playing it's magic, anything and everything serve as inspiration for an artist.

Guardian Angel by MistyGoldArt

If you had to choose a favorite piece from your nature gallery, which would it be and why?

Hard to choose, my gallery has the 'best work' folder to show the pieces I'm most proud of, but narrowing down that list to a single one took me longer than expected.
In the end I went with the one pictured above; the whole theme of this piece has a special place in my heart

Autumn Child by MistyGoldArt
What kind of tools or equipment do you use to create your nature art?

My pieces are all drawn digitally using Photoshop CS5 and a Wacom Bamboo tablet.

Sacha by MistyGoldArt

What advice do you have for your fellow artists?

Never give up on your art, ever. Do what makes you happy, even if it looks bad to you, the important is how you express yourself. Seek help from artists you admire, critiques, tutorials and resources can take you miles. Do your best, every work is unique!

Summer rain by MistyGoldArt

Now for a feature of MistyGoldArt's work!

Smile bright hopes high by MistyGoldArtI'm Good by MistyGoldArt
Dancing with Lights by MistyGoldArt
Charity by MistyGoldArtAudrey by MistyGoldArt
Play Tag [Speedpaint] by MistyGoldArt
Summer rain by MistyGoldArtLazy Morning by MistyGoldArt
At rest by MistyGoldArt
Changing Skies by MistyGoldArtGood Time by MistyGoldArt

Skin by UszatyArbuz | Art by Yuukon

Artists of APN: lovemyscars

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 18, 2019, 7:00 AM
Your Home for APN Photography

Hello and welcome to an interview series that will introduce you to the artists of Animals, Plants and Nature Photography - with a touch of Macro-Nature - here, at AnimalsPlantsNature! We are excited to be bringing you an interview with a jack-of-all-trades artist, to get a closer look at her photography and the thoughts behind the amazing photos she shares with the DeviantArt community: lovemyscars.

Enjoy the interview!

the day I rise above by lovemyscars

Before we get started, please take a moment to introduce yourself and talk a bit about how you got introduced to the world of photography.

My name is Christy, I'm from Pennsylvania. I've been doing photography for 9 years, so memories from that long ago can be hard to remember.
I think it started when I wanted to decorate my Myspace account, and I was on websites that had photography to decorate it with. Being exposed to "aesthetics" later turned into a liking for art and photography; That combined with the way I grew up- spending most of my time in nature, and being around artists in my family, made me want to create what I create today.

make me feel beautiful by lovemyscarswith a burning passion by lovemyscars

Your gallery is filled with beautifully captured flowers and other beautiful nature scenes. How do you find your photography subjects?

I take walks, and find the perfect lighting. I mainly go for sunset lighting that is behind the subject. Next, I find the best subject and get the best angles I can get. I look for soft bokeh I can get from behind, and even in front of the subject.

sunset flowers by lovemyscarstranquil by lovemyscars

What are the challenges you encounter when photographing out in the wild, so to speak?

The main challenge I have is wind. After that, my lenses. I recently got a 50mm 1.8 lens; it's fast and catches a lot of light but the problem I have in general is that I can't get a good close subject even with my new lens. I don't have the macro lens I want..

darling let your light shine by lovemyscarsdelicate by lovemyscars

You are a multi-faceted artist; does your love for photography influence how you create other art media, and if so how?

I'm (an eclectic) pagan, so I look at my nature-based photography and poetry (mostly the haiku's) as practicing my beliefs. I listen to music when I do both because music makes me feel powerful and gives me creative energy.

better days are coming by lovemyscars

The photo above shows a challenging composition that nonetheless works beautifully for this photo. Can you tell us about how the process in taking this photo?

I tried to find the usual blurry background, and I think this is when I began looking for blurry foregrounds as well to add more depth to the picture. I applied the rule of thirds and of course, took it during the golden hour

just bee yourself by lovemyscarsall I want is to have my peace of mind by lovemyscars

Your gallery appears filled with photos taken during all seasons; do you find it harder to find photography subjects when there are less vibrant colors?

I do. I think colors and vibrancy are a large part of my work. But I learned to work around that and work outside my comfort zone.

last summer by lovemyscarsnature's love is warm by lovemyscars

Do you have a favorite season you enjoy photographing the most?

Spring and summer.

the light shines through by lovemyscarswarm summer air by lovemyscars

In photography, the blue hour and golden hour are favorite times of day to shoot. Do you photograph at certain times a day or simply when the mood strikes?

I almost never take pictures unless it's during the golden hour.

finding love by lovemyscars

A lot of your photos have a light, hopeful vibe to them; the photo above is a lot darker in comparison. Do you consider these kinds of artistic choices when photographing right that moment, or do you let nature do the talking and shoot as is?

The things I consider when taking pictures are the lighting, rule of thirds, quality and bokeh. I make the most out of the light I already have in photos, and this photo came out darker than I imagined it to be.

small by lovemyscarshome away from home by lovemyscars

Could you walk us through the standard equipment you pack when you photograph nature?

I have a nikon d7000 which I've been using for the past year or 2. Before that was a nikon d3100. The main lens I use is the nikkor 55-200mm, and very rarely the nikkor 40mm macro.

find your purpose in life by lovemyscarsthe birth of new faith in oneself by lovemyscars

Your photography often times characterizes itself by using soft tones and magnificent use of depth of field. Do you have a preferred setting you use when photographing, and does post-processing software play a role in the end result?

The depth of field is created in camera since I use manual settings.  I try my best to even out the colors in photoshop and use brighter lighting around the subject. The main thing I like to do is have a pretty background without making it distracting.

life falls apart, and then it comes together by lovemyscarsenjoy the little things in life by lovemyscars

In closing, do you have any tips for aspiring photographers?

First, a short while ago, I won my first contest after doing photography for 9 years, and I still have yet to receive my first daily deviation. The point is, your work isn't defined by the attention it gets. It took me 9 years to believe in my work, and to be even almost as skilled as I want to be. Don't compare yourself to other artists, but by all means, look at other photos and pay attention to how they appear and what makes them pretty to you. I'm self taught and learned by looking at other works and comparing/contrasting my own work, and finding out what settings were used in my favorite photos. A few times, I've gotten constructive critisism too. Be proud of your work even if it isn't your best. You are the one who put the time into creating it. It doesn't matter if someone is better than you, if they are younger or have been working for a shorter time. You are your own artist. Keep doing your thing. These are things I have learned the hard way after almost giving up my hobby.

Now for a feature of lovemyscars's work!

a damaged soul finds hope by lovemyscarsgive a little love by lovemyscars
be yourself, shine for the world by lovemyscars
spring is here! by lovemyscarsfloral wedding by lovemyscars
be the change you wish to see in the world by lovemyscars
Bring me to life by lovemyscarsunaware of the ability you have to change a life by lovemyscars
the goodness of mankind by lovemyscars
we could be heroes by lovemyscarslife is what you make it by lovemyscars

Journal skin by UszatyArbuz
Photo by The-Panic

Fickle Friday: Under The Bridge

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 15, 2019, 10:00 AM


Sometimes I feel like I don't have a partner

[ Alone ] by Annie404

Sometimes I feel like my only friend

The Wire by burningmonk

Is the city I live in, the city of angels

Neon Glow by AnthonyPresley

Lonely as I am, together we cry

I Got Stripes by MARX77

I drive on her streets, beause she's my companion

NYC - one more night in Manhattan by Rikitza

I walk through her hills, because she knows who I am

Gjirokastra at night by LunaFeles

She sees my good deeds, and she kisses me windy

Singapore by night by Stefan-Becker

I never worry - now that is a lie

St. John's Nights by JamesHackland

I don't ever want to feel

Belgrade bridge by Olga17

Like I did that day

Osmangazi Bridge by Rizone

But take me to the place I love

Foggy Bridge by Stuzal

Take me all the way

Silk road in Venice from San Marco bridge by borda

It's hard to believe that there's nobody out there

Night City by dashakern

It's hard to believe that I'm all alone

Night  Lighting by Gaston3-italia

At least I have her love, the city she loves me

Night in Vernazza by Alis86

Lonely as I am, together we cry

Auckland Nightscape by TarJakArt

I don't ever want to feel

The Moon, the stars and the Northern Lights by Elenihrivesse

Like I did that day

.. by Rizone

But take me to the place I love

Winter Nights by SvenMueller

Take me all the way

The bridge hardly shows by KariLiimatainen

Under the bridge downtown

Boats on the Tyne by newcastlemale

Is where I drew some blood

The Matterhorn in the lake by LinsenSchuss

Under the bridge downtown

Bracebridge Falls at Dusk by JamesHackland

I could not get enough

Twilight Ice by JustinDeRosa

Under the bridge downtown

Secret of the Depth by arbebuk

Forgot about my love

Atlantic by MarcosRodriguez

Under the bridge downtown

my English trip in July 2018: London, part VIII by JuanChaves

I gave my life away

Under the Bridge by VerticalDubai

Skin by SimplySilent

Artists of APN: Clochartist-photo

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 11, 2019, 7:00 AM
Your Home for APN Photography

Hello and welcome to an interview series that will introduce you to the artists of Animals, Plants and Nature Photography - with a touch of Macro-Nature - here, at AnimalsPlantsNature! We are excited to be bringing you an interview with an awesome photographer, to get a closer look at his photography and the thoughts behind the amazing photos he shares with the DeviantArt community: clochartist-photo

Enjoy the interview!

clematis' last growing pains this year... by clochartist-photo

Before we get started, please take a moment to introduce yourself and talk a bit about how you got introduced to the world of photography.

Introducing myself... Pffff, what a question. Well, writing this down, I just reached the age of 57, something I didn't think I'd ever accomplish. So far, I can only say I live the life the way I want it to be. Make my own decisions and stand for them, whether they turn out to be good or maybe worse. My attitude is that it's no use regretting my onw decisions, as they were mine at the time I made them.
One of these decisions was to become an alcohol addict. One could say this was a bad one, but somehow it made me look for ways to add a bit of creativity in my life. I stopped thinking in only words and rules and one day, don't ask me when and how, but there were some paintings in my appartment... Paintings I made, being drunk, and as a matter of fact there were people telling me to go on with it, which I did.
Long story, sometimes succesfully, and then not, but always inspiring.
On a certain moment, it was the time to go to rehab... I did that twice to be honest, where I met my late wife. Kept on painting when I got out.
One day we decided to move to the sea, in a tiny house where there was absolutely no space or light to go on with my hobby.
Had to find something else to do, something to show what I think is beauty. And one day, about 7 years ago, my wife bought my first digital camera to keep me off the street. It was a kodak easyshare c743, and I had lots of fun with it.
I still have some prints of pics I made with this cam, and still think they are not the worst things I've ever seen ;-)

About 6 years ago I bought my first DSLR, a Canon 1100D, with an 18-55 IS and a 55-250 IS. Must say, this was a good set to get a feeling on settings and possibilities of a DSLR.
Within a year, I bought a close-up filter (marumii achromat 300) an a new addiction was born, haha.

when the day is done, by the end of summer... by clochartist-photoNature's own lolly.. by clochartist-photo

Your gallery spans the seasons, from the flowers in spring and summer to fungi in autumn and winter and everything in between. If you had to choose, what would be your favorite season to photograph in, and your favorite subject?

It's so hard to say which season I prefer. Guess it also has to do with an addictive mind. I'm never, ever really satisfied. In winter I long for spring, in spring for summer, and so on.
If I really had to make a choice, I think my favorite would be spring. I do love to find the first insects looking for flowers every year. They are hooked on each other, as I am on finding them.

for everyone special... by clochartist-photowhere do I go to, my lovely...? by clochartist-photo

Your gallery is filled with a variety of beautiful insects; how do you find them, or do they find you?

Finding insects is sometimes a bit of luck, but through the years, it's also a bit of experience where and when to look. One thing's for sure... You don't find most of them standing straight, so have to get down on your knees most of the time. You just have to get used to the sometimes brutal pain from nettles and thistles and so on, but it's always worthwile.

I'm off ... by clochartist-photowatching in qhd... by clochartist-photo

You must have gained some notoriety from the photo of the ladybug lifting up from your finger I'm off ..., do you still get as close to your subjects, and how do you manage to do so?

Ladybugs are rather predictable in their behaviour so timing is one thing, and all the rest is.....luck, luck and more luck;-)

No, please don't shoot yet..... by clochartist-photoThis background's better... by clochartist-photo

The photos above are in a way a duet, in which you mention the "right" background in the title, but not the description. Can you talk us through the process of taking these photos?

Well, it's always a dillemma in which atmosphere you want to see and thus, shoot your subject. Same flower, same hoverfly... And then what? I like a certain amount of contrasting colours of course, but it can also be a bit too much. I often take, if possible, shots from various angles.T his shot was taken in my garden. It does have some advantages, but there is always that white wall. Most of the time this wall ruins all the possibilities of taking a good shot, because I just don't like a white background. It's just not natural, which explains my mentioning the better background, in my humble opinion of course.

just love these autumn days by clochartist-photoLookin' for me...? by clochartist-photo

Aside from Macros of Flowers and Insects, your gallery also contains landscapes. Do you think that your Macro photography has influenced the way you compose and shoot landscapes, or are they two separate arts?

Looks like I feel where you're going with your question. I don't know what came first, but it is certainly the case that I am a big fan of a low POV... Maybe it is because I am rather short myself :-) Maybe, somewhere deep down inside of me, I feel the obligation to get down on my knees a bit more often than other people do, grateful as I am still being alive.

a bit of colour for all you out there... by clochartist-photonot far from drowning... by clochartist-photo

If you had to choose, do you prefer taking macro-nature photos or APN photos, and could you explain why?

I absolutely prefer macro-photography. Seeing so many beautiful little things growing, living and deteriorating makes me feel rather humble, and that makes me feel very happy being a part of that great big world.

it proudly presents the new wintercoat... by clochartist-photoon the beach by clochartist-photo

Photographing out in nature isn't without challenges; what are the most difficult circumstances you've photographed in?

I do not see these things as challenges, but more as "being a part of". To me, there is not much that's more wonderful than standing on the beach with windforce 9 or so, getting soaked and blown away.
If you really mean challenges...well, it's not the easiest part of the country to live and take macros close to the sea. Guess that dealing with the wind is the biggest challenge here...

balance... by clochartist-photojust love deterioration... by clochartist-photo

Since you photograph nature both in close-up macro and full landscape, you probably use different equipment for both kinds of photography. Can you talk us through what you carry in your macro pack and in your landscape pack?

Well, it would be easy to say that the best equipment you can have, is the equipment you have on you when you're out there shooting - these are not my words, but they are true.
Growing older and having problems with weight and things, I do my best travelling as light as possible, which never works out that way, since I want to be prepared for any shot.
The last couple of months, I mostly carry my Canon 80D, the 100mm L macro, extensiontubes (just in case), speedlite 580 exII (just in case) for macro, tamron 24-70 2.8 for street, and in case I do see a nice scape or some such, I have my wonderful Panasonic FZ1000, and, in addition to that, I have a canon sx60 (65x zoom) on me, just in case I do see that little bird I always want to shoot, but never see... All packed in a Lowepro flipside 400W... and some filters, batteries, lenspen and things.
In case I really want to take a shot with a long shuttertime, I take my manfrotto befree with ballhead, but that one I only take with me when it's really planned. Yep, life's heavy...

Not only leaves are falling... by clochartist-photonature's crying over a DEAD LEAF... by clochartist-photo

In closing, do you have any tips for aspiring photographers?

If I should give a tip to aspiring photographers I guess it would be: Teach yourself the basics of settings on the camera you use, and then - and this is very important - try not to stick to any rules, that you may just have taught yourself. Go your own way and just have fun! There's more that hasn't been shot than what we've seen so far I think, so join everybody completing the picture.

Now for a feature of clochartist-photo's work!

who needs a straw...? I don't by clochartist-photoa bit of light in the darkness... by clochartist-photo
dreamin'.... by clochartist-photo
somewhere in a flowerpot... by clochartist-photoIn the spotlight...heading for darkness... by clochartist-photo
caterpillar without an end... by clochartist-photo
burning love... by clochartist-photoon it's way... by clochartist-photo
like a space shutle... by clochartist-photo
Aaaah, so that's where they come from.. by clochartist-photoTodays menu: escargot dans un mousse de lavande... by clochartist-photo

Journal skin by UszatyArbuz
Photo by The-Panic

Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
Mouselemur is an influential force within the DeviantArt Community. These two dynamic sisters have been vivaciously supporting their fellow artists for years through their tireless work in several groups such as TandemFeatures, NaturesHaven and AnimalsPlantsNature. You'll also find them behind a plethora of features, highlighting up and coming artists around the site. Avid animal lovers, they post lovely wildlife photos that describe their zoo adventures and provide in-depth background on the species they showcase. Because of their undeniable dedication to the DeviantArt community we are thrilled to be awarding Deviousness for January 2019 to Mouselemur.
-awarded January 2019


Mouselemur's Profile Picture
M&D - Portegiesje
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
Zoo photographer, animal enthusiast, book lover, procrastinator

Looking for a photo to use as a reference?

Check out our gallery! But before you use it, please ask for permission first. We only ask that you credit our photography as reference, and a link to your work because we love seeing the results!
Our permission once given, it's given for all future works.

Take a look at some of the amazing art that has been created using our photography: We Love It When You Love Our Work.

To get to know us personally, you can read this journal and for our photography journey, read our DeviantART Story or this interview.
Check our FAQs if you have any questions regarding our photos and need some answers :)

You can find us administering for:
:iconanimalsoftheworld: :iconfortheanimals: :icontandemfeatures::iconzoo-photographers:
:iconcrartisancrafts: :iconanimalsplantsnature: :iconnatureshaven: :iconcrphotography:

Proud co-initiator - together with Andorada - of:
Tandem Feature - sharing the love through DA - :D by Andorada
Tandem Features are reposted journals, that are "shared" by two or more deviants publishing the same journal on their personal pages, and sometimes, those of their groups.
Artists from all over dA are featured, and earn more exposure, recognition and appreciated because the Tandems link back to each other, creating a network which allows more people to connect to each other.
List of Features - including all Tandems we've collaborated in - created by Mouselemur & Me

Grateful to have become Angels Without Wings - August 2016

Grateful to be spotlighted in DA's Chronicle - July/ August 2017

Grateful to have been awarded Seniority and Deviousness - January 2019

DA's Chronicle - July/August 2017At the middle of each month, we will honour one journalist, that has been suggested by fellow deviants, to be highlighted in DA's Chronicle.
Born out of the idea to give journal features a DD and to award journalists who created their journals themselves with their own ideas, texts, art, this monthly journal will focus on this special kind of artists:

DA's Chronicle
Appreciating Journalists


"Mouselemur understands to entertain their readers with news and features about animals, known or "anonymous" and their surroundings they live in. Usually the two sisters use to feature other artists' works rather than their own. Here we have a nice example of sharing s
Angels Without Wings - AugustWho are Angels without Wings?
They are those fellow DA members:

Who more or less regularly feature other deviants
Who always willingly give tips, hints, helpful comments
Who answer at least a fair amount of the comments they get
Who give kind and or uplifting words where they see its needed
Who feature and pimp projects and deviants who need support/help
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Who take the time to suggest seniority every now and then
Who give fair and helpful critiques (whether official or not)
Or whatever else helpful, kind, supportive they might do

ReadingYou can read all about it HERE 

Every month four artists are awarded with a pair of wings and get
featured by TheGalleryOfEve and her Gangstas of lo
Celebrating Deviousness - January 2019In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community. Join us in celebrating the latest recipient of the Deviousness Award.

In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community. Join us in celebrating the latest recipient of the Deviousness Award.
Introducing Mouselemur
Known online as Mouselemur, in reality, there are two people huddled behind the computer screen. We're sisters from the Netherlands, who answer to Daniëlle and Marisa respectively.From the time we were barely able to walk, our parents would take us (and our older sister) to go see animals. Whether it was helping out family on their farm, a walk through the forest at home, or a trip to the zoo -

Follow us on Pinterest: Mouselemur on Pinterest
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We're thinking of looking through some recent video's we took while at different zoos, and trying to submit them here on DA :dummy:

Would you be interested in seeing that sort of thing here?
Or do you prefer to find/see those elsewhere?
EDIT: It seems it was just a glitch, but it makes one very aware of the things one uses around here the most :)

Oh DA, what did you do to my beloved bestie, Writer? Oh Noes! Crying 
Yesterday he was here, and now *poof* it's gone! No easy access to create art features easily and quickly...

BUT I discovered it sneakily hidden away: clicking on "Add media" to this status update, I'm suddenly in Writer and can open up a new file :dummy:

I know we're probably going to have to say goodbye to (Writer) with Eclipse but I'm not ready to lose him just yet ;)
Do you feel like participating in a contest? :la:

I bet you do ;) Especially if you see what kind of awesome prizes are involved :w00t:

You've still got time to challenge yourself (and give an awesome gift!) in Malintra-Shadowmoon's Twist The Number Contest :boogie:

We for one are perfecting our entry right now :D
Did you know, groups, forums and chatrooms are a a great way to engage with the community AND share your (love for) art? :la:

Let's #showyourheart by sharing your favorite groups, forums and chatrooms :dummy:

Our favorite groups are the ones that work with the community like projecteducate and communityrelations.
But also groups that cater to my favorite kinds of art and that I thoroughly enjoy being a part of, like ForTheAnimals, AnimalsofTheWorld, Zoo-photographers, AnimalsPlantsNature, NaturesHaven, TandemFeatures, CRPhotography, CRArtisanCrafts.
We don't visit the forums and chats *that* often, but some places that we have good experience with are Forum: Deviants, Forum: Projects and Forum: Praise but also Chat: #iPhotograph and Chat: #Thumbhub
Do you recall what the first ever deviation was that you favorited on DeviantArt?

For DA's 2019 Valentine's challenge to #showyourheart, I dived into our favorites and though I'm not 100% sure this was our first ever, I think it comes pretty close.
Flipping through +51,000 favorites to the very end requires the kind of dedication that my computer can't handle ^^;

I bet you're not surprised at all our #firstlove was a photo of a baby animal:
Sleeping Baby by Flame-of-the-Phoenix


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