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Mouselemur's Zoo Photography

What you see is what we saw.

We take our photos using our camera and only minor editing through Photoshop Elements. The photos we share are as close to our experience as possible.

Our aim is not to take the perfect photo - our aim is to make you smile by sharing genuine moments.

Perfect photos are gorgeous, but they can get boring, and while we certainly take pride in taking good photos it's the awkward and cute moments that make us happy. We hope they make you happy as well.

Let us introduce you to new species and learn something new.

Zoo photography is a hobby - only the lucky few employed as a photographer by a zoo are allowed to make money off the photos taken at a zoo.

Yet we enjoy sharing photos with you every day and hope that through us learning about these animals you learn something new alongside of us.

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Website | Zoo Photography Instagram | Cat lovers' Instagram | Facebook | WildlifeReferencePhotos

*Our photography is protected through copyright. You are not permitted to copy, edit, use or distribute our photos without our permission. Our photos are not for sale as NFT and may not be used in AI; in case of either instance being discovered this qualifies as art theft.*


Hello! We are two sisters from the Netherlands, and together, we go by Mouselemur or Mouselemur Photography or even Portegiesje online.

As animal lovers and nature enthousiasts, we spend a lot of our free time either visiting zoos and cat cafés around the country or taking a walk in nature.

"May I use your photos as a reference?"

In using our photos as a reference, you have two options.

  • For high resolution versions of our best work, visit our profile on wildlifereferencephotos.

  • For reduced quality but a larger choice and more variety, get inspired by our DeviantArt gallery.

Since the quality of the work we share on DeviantArt has been reduced (to make it less appealing to steal them) we do not charge you if you want to use them as a reference. They are free to use.

However, there are a few conditions:

  • You ask permission before you use our photos as reference.

  • You create new, original work; this is not a license to freely distribute our photography elsewhere.

  • You do not use our photography to create art that is in any way offensive.

  • If you share your art online, you give credit for our reference photo through a mention (on DeviantArt), a tag (Instagram) or link.

*Permission once given, is granted for all future projects; you don't have to ask permisson to use every specific photo.

If you're a professional artist looking to sell your creations based off of one of our photos as a reference, you do not need to purchase a commercial license.

We truly enjoy seeing the results, and collect all art created by DeviantArt artists who have used our photos as a reference, in a favorites folder as a way to say thank you.

Want to know more? Read our FAQ.


Get to know the photographers behind the name:

Honored to have received different kinds of recognition for our work in the DeviantArt community:

Angels without Wings, August 2016

DA's Chronicle, July/August 2017

Deviousness (and subsequently seniorship), January 2019

Our Daily Deviations:

October 2019, "Night Fell On Our Glory Days"

Night Fell Slowly On Our Glory Days

April 2020, "Green Is All I See"

Green Is All I See

October 2020, "He Was a Teutonic Knight"

June 2023, "Don't Mis A Thing"

Don't Miss A Thing

Deviousness Award

Mouselemur is an influential force within the DeviantArt Community. These two dynamic sisters have been vivaciously supporting their fellow artists for years through their tireless work in several groups such as TandemFeatures, NaturesHaven and AnimalsPlantsNature. You'll also find them behind a plethora of features, highlighting up and coming artists around the site. Avid animal lovers, they post lovely wildlife photos that describe their zoo adventures and provide in-depth background on the species they showcase. Because of their undeniable dedication to the DeviantArt community we are thrilled to be awarding Deviousness for January 2019 to Mouselemur.
Awarded Jan 2019

Llama Farm

On a different note: Looks like I won't be able to write my descriptions the way I used to anymore :( has been remodeled and resembles the rest of the website now. I like the new look, don't get me wrong, but a feature I use is now gone. Mainly: The original date of when my photos were taken... To re-cap: We are forever working with a backlog of photos. I think there's about 1k photos in waiting to be submitted. I use old writers to make a schedule of the photos I'm goin to submit, in order, each month. I then schedule those photos, going on the data shown and add those little tidbits in the discription (the when and where of each photo). Without the date visible to me in it's very difficult to know when the photos was taken, and while I have a spreadsheets of dates and zoos we've visited, if I can't match the date I don't know where the photos was taken :nuu: Without knowing where the photo was taken, I'll have more trouble identifying some animals
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Hi everyone :wave: Going through a rough patch here; our youngest cat has been diagnosed with FIP. A serious, life-threatening disease :( Luckily, there's an experimental, not yet fully legalised cure that has made it's way to the Netherlands. You'll understand a lot of our time and attention will be spent on helping her survive this disease and also provide our other cats with enough love. Please send good thoughts as we'll be spending the day at the animal hospital. UPDATE: The vets are optimistic - our cat's symptoms are - considering just how bad they can be - relatively mild. We caught it early so to speak, but she and we have a fight ahead of us. We were sent home with the medicine, and it'll be a harrowing 84 days of given it to her. Her mouth is like a vault and difficult to pry open, and while it's a capsule and can be opened to spread the powder medicine across her food, she can smell it so we're looking for ways to help her take the medicine.
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Say Bye-Bye 2023

14 min read
At the end of each year, we take the time to reflect on that year and all that we saw and everything that happened. As I'm writing this, I can't help but think that over the past few years the world has become a lot scarier. I'm sure it's a matter of European white privilege, that one can know there's famine, war and genocide happening in the world but as long as it's outside of the "western world"? It barely makes the news, perhaps a byline every now and then. But once it gets too close, it becomes everyday news and you're actually facing it in the streets. Our hearts go out to everyone fleeing their homes and running for their lives - leaving behind everything and everyone they know. Civilian casualties are unacceptable collateral, but in the face of religious and political disputes it's always innocent bystanders - just trying to live through the day to see another tomorrow - who end up hurt. In the Netherlands too, we're facing a change due to the outcome of the November
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