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Journal History

Fickle Friday: Love Runs Out

Fri Nov 9, 2018, 1:22 PM


I'll be your light, your match, your burning sun

Burning Out by Aex-Photography

I'll be the bright in black that's making you run

Bright Candle by emilymh2018

And we'll feel alright, and we'll feel alright

Fire and the lighthouse by Bjorn3009

'Cause we'll work it out, yeah, we'll work it out

FIRE by VikaJoker

I'll be doing this, if you had a doubt

Earthbound Stars by TanyaSimpson

'Til the love runs out - 'til the love runs out

06burnt by chrisbphotography

I'll be your ghost, your game, your stadium

Moscow Patriots vs Black Storm by vishstudio

I'll be your fifty-thousand clapping like one

Hear the beat. France by jennystokes

And I feel alright, and I feel alright

Cello Practise II by AfricanObserver

'Cause I worked it out, yeah, I worked it out

Elle by NFGphoto

I'll be doing this, if you had a doubt

Bokeish Flying Dress by ShakilovNeel

'Til the love runs out - 'til the love runs out

Brisbane Wedding Photography by BennyC69

There's a maniac out in front of me

The small kingdom of the dark attic by NataliaDrepina

Got an angel on my shoulder, and Mestopheles

Broken Angel by Pajunen

But mama raised me good, mama raised me right

Sleepwalking by Metal-Bender

Mama said, "Do what you want, say prayers at night"

Souls collector by MarkTurtoo

And I'm saying them, 'cause I'm so devout

Horror by ettone

'Til the love runs out - 'til the love runs out, yeah

The difficulty of letting go by Mrs-White

Oh, we all want the same thing

1965 Ford Mustang Coupe - Shot 4 by AmericanMuscle

Oh, we all run for something

Duchess (Remastered) by Kandroid96

Run for God, for fate,

Dancing the skies on laughter-silvered wings by Daniel-Wales-Images

For love, for hate,

Maserati MC12 by Attila-Le-Ain

For gold, for rust,

still hot by vw1956

For diamonds, for dust...

Tracks by DeTea

I got my mind made up, man, I can't let go

comfort and coldness by Rona-Keller

I'm killing every second 'til it saves my soul

Jenga by Matthias-Haker

I'll be running, I'll be running

Japan by AnthonyPresley

'Til the love runs out - 'til the love runs out

The 19th of May 2018 by ZielinskiMaciej

And we'll start a fire, and we'll shut it down

A glimmer between sky and earth by borda

'Til the love runs out - 'til the love runs out

Red Country by arbebuk

'Till the love runs out

Grace by CaveCanem42

Smiling Doesn't Come Easily

Thu Nov 8, 2018, 1:00 PM by Mouselemur:iconmouselemur:

Art History Week

There's a special shelf in one of our many bookcases that's dedicated to our own family history. There are books detailing our lineage, photo albums that depict our own childhood (the horror of your own past staring back at you...) but maybe the strangest book of all, the photo album of myp mother's ancestors.

When we think of art history, we mostly envision the paintings, frescoes and sculptures. But as time moves on, so does art, and photography is developed as a means to capture a person's likeness. Where a painter can turn his work into something that doesn't even closely resemble his actual subject, a photo is a moment in time captured for eternity - as is.

But have you ever noticed: nobody ever smiles. Did people not know how to smile, or simply not have a reason to smile at life?

Let's take you on a brief tour of the history of smiling for the camera.

Guurtje Witte and Martha Smit by Mouselemur
Source: Mouselemur's family photo album
Left: Maternal grandmother's paternal grandmother Guurtje Witte (1864-1932)
Right: Maternal grandmother's maternal grandmother Martha Smit (1862-1926)

Short history of the camera

The first partially successful photograph of a camera image was made in approximately 1816 by Nicéphore Niépce. He used a very small camera of his own making, and a piece of paper coated with silver chloride, which darkened where it was exposed to light - but the photograph wasn't permanent. In the mid-1820s, Niépce used a sliding wooden box camera to experiment with photography on surfaces thinly coated with Bitumen of Judea.
After Niépce's death, his partner Louis Daguerre continued to experiment, unveiling his "daguerreotype" in 1839. He treated a silver-plated sheet of copper with iodine vaptor to give it a coating of light-sensitive silver iodide.
After exposure in the camera, the image was developed by mercury vapor and mixed with a strong solution of ordinary salt.This idea was perfected by Henry Fox Talbot with the "caleotype" in 1840.
Both types, when commercialized, used very simple cameras consisting of two nested boxes. The rear box had a removable ground glass screen and could slide in and out to adjust the focus. After focusing, the ground glass was replaced with a light-tight holder containing the sensitized plate of paper, and the lens was capped.
Then the photographer opened the front cover of the holder, uncapped the lupholens, and counted off as many minutes and the lighting conditions seemed to require before replaciing the cap and closing the holder.

The development of the camera didn't stop here, and the process of taking a photo shortened with each new step in the camera's evolution. A tripod and a waiting period was no longer a necessity, and amateur photography swelled along with informal and candid photos.

Still, plenty of people frequented studio settings for their photos - and a lot of those photos have found their way into the photo albums of most regular people.

Jacob Hopman and Petronella Bakker by MouselemurJacob and Petronella Hopman, Aagje Huisman by Mouselemur
Source: Mouselemur's family photo album
Left: maternal great-grandparents Jacob Hopman (1868-1950) and his wife Petronella Bakker (1884-1955), most likely taken during the event of their wedding
Right: Jacob Hopman (1868-1950) and his wife Petronella Bakker (1884-1955), most likely taken during the event of their wedding; Aagje Huisman, Jacob's mother (1841-1912)

You might want to try smiling for the camera...

It's not that people didn't have a reason to smile at life, that smiling didn't come naturally, or the portrayed people were so bored by their life in general, that they didn't smile for the camera. Truth is, it just took a really long time before a photo was taken.
With all the necessary steps before the photographer was ready to "hit the button" it would still take minutes before a photo was finalized. If a photo taken in a studio was already a luxury you paid money for and took time for perhaps once in your life, you're not going to ruin it by moving before the photographer says you're done.
You were posed in a certain position, and had to remain in said position for as long as it took the photo to be ready. It takes a lot more effort to smile and wait - and wait, and wait some more - than it does to maintain a bored expression or even blank face for a few minutes.

Toddler Nel by Mouselemur
Source: Mouselemur's family photos
Paternal grandmother Nel as a toddler - mid 1930s

Tricks to stay still

Professional photographers with a studio, had a reputation to uphold for flawless photos with little to no blur or visible movements. They developed quite a few tricks to help people stay still.
A lot of people were photographed seated; that  way, there's no risk of shifting on your feet to maintain a certain pose.
Many people - children and adults - were given props as something to hold on to, or lean on. That way, they ensure less wobbling and blur during the extended time it took to take a photo.
In some instances, people were even held in a certain position with wire armatures. Children would be held upright and in position with a stand and a clamp that went around their necks from behind. You can sometimes see the clamps peeking out of their collars.

Michiel and Petronella de Graaf by Mouselemur
Source: Mouselemur's family photo album
Michiel de Graaf (1816-1902) and his wife Petronella Martinisse; grandparents of maternal great-grandmother Petronella Bakker.
Both have taken on a posture for longevity, especially Petronella who makes use of something to lean on.


We all have different responses to the camera; your grandparents might be of a generation when a camera meant posing and sitting still for - what we consider - an inordinate amount of time. You'll have to relegate to taking advantage of a candid moment, or coax a smile from them, because it doesn't come natural for them to smile at the camera.
Nowadays, we're used to having a camera (read, phone) at the ready at any and all events. People can choose how they want themselves portrayed by posing, but also, by engaging in informal, impromptu moments that are captured for eternity.
Then again, we're probably all familiar with the struggle of our ancestors when someone who doesn't know how to work a camera tries to take a photo. It's hard to hold a fabricated smile and have it appear like a spontaneous photo when someone is fumbling around for seconds.

Nel and Jaap by Mouselemur
Source: Mouselemur's family photos
Paternal grandparents Nel and Jaap, during the era when casual photos were happening, but posing - and not smiling - wasn't yet forgotten.

For your reading pleasure:

The annual Halloween Scavenger Hunt - run by UszatyArbuz - was a great success in letting many of us run crazy around her page to find those hidden pumpkins and answers the questions correctly and in time.
This year, it took a second round before the winners could be appointed.

Let's celebrate their awesome knowledge on creepy tidbits with a feature :la:

1st place: Noctualis

Drawtober 3 - night owl by NoctualisDrawtober 15 - parsel tongue by Noctualis
Ember Cat by Noctualis
Wolf Sketch by NoctualisWolf Study by Noctualis
Island Fox by Noctualis
Noboru by NoctualisDrawtober 10 - impish by Noctualis
Small Bird by Noctualis
Drawtober Day 5 - Bloodsucker by NoctualisIgni Evolution by Noctualis

2nd place: craftsbyblue

Once Upon A Time - Rhodochrosite Wire-Wrap Pendant by craftsbyblue[Commission] Sea Turtle Gemstone Pendant by craftsbyblue
Thunderbolt Fantasy: The Screaming Phoenix Killer by craftsbyblue
[Commission] Hidden Treasure by craftsbyblueCustomizable Rose Stem Necklace by craftsbyblue
Legendary by craftsbyblue
[Commission] Ethereal Blue by craftsbyblueLight of the Moon by craftsbyblue
The Future is 10 by craftsbyblue
[Commission] Adjustable Bearded Dragon Bracelet by craftsbybluePokemon - Blast Burn by craftsbyblue

3rd place: Endorell-Taelos

Sweet Reminiscence by Endorell-TaelosStand My Ground by Endorell-Taelos
Innocence Lost by Endorell-Taelos
Queen of the Night by Endorell-TaelosFrom G to E minor by Endorell-Taelos
A Thousand Paper CranesAs I lay down to rest,
my wishes of hope take flight on the
wings of a thousand paper cranes
I’ll live now forever more.
Beautiful RuinAs I live and breath your darkness,
I am haunted by your dark desires,
Blinded by your detestation,
I am your most beautiful ruin. 
In this beautiful ruin,
I will continue to exist,
Forever lamenting the loss 
of my sweet innocence.
And in the sorrow that I miss,
I will not rest in this fading light,
Finding the strength to save me,
I will never rest until I set it right.
The chains that haunt me forever binding,
So fragile in the ruins of a haunted passing,
All alone in the dark with no one to guide me,
Wishing to turn back the pages of this haunting tale.
Yet against all odds,
I will turn this into a fairy tale ending.
From Dust to DreamsLocked in a world of darkness,
My dreams are my only escape.
Sometimes I fear sleeping
But when I do, I dream of stars
Dreams can set one free
Locked in a desolate world 
Hidden away from the light
Seeking the joy of freedom
My dreams are the true key
As I sleep, they are bright and vivid
Prayers that guide 
Wishes that give hope 
Shining as luminous stars
They are treasures to be cherished
Precious, no longer tears and dust.
Arabesque by Endorell-Taelos
What Danger Lurks Here by Endorell-TaelosMysterious Times by Endorell-Taelos

4th place: SlytherclawPadawan

Hoarding Red by SlytherclawPadawanPolka-Prank v.2 Full Dimension by SlytherclawPadawan
[COMM] Call to Arms v.1 Clear Look by SlytherclawPadawan
Can't Wait to Work by SlytherclawPadawanThe Axis by SlytherclawPadawan
Magic for Dummies by SlytherclawPadawan
Cute 'n Deadly by SlytherclawPadawanTeam Work by SlytherclawPadawan
Stars Above, Stars Below II v.1F Icy Cool Dawn by SlytherclawPadawan

5th place: Amarantheans

Fear by AmarantheansPaper Flowers and Fireflies by Amarantheans
Golden by Amarantheans
The muse is goneLanguidly flowing words beautifully flower
Yet my own tend to revolt slowly turning sour
Muses gift others with unabashed tongues
As my own words falter as they leave my lungs
Poems and lullabies are sung a lovely serenade
My thoughts go better with the likes of lemonade
Irrational MathematicalTrying to find a critical angle,
Only manage to find (a)cute bangle.
Perhaps I could discover a fundamental number,
As the cardinal on the windowsill slumbers.
Maybe we could locate a partial divide,
Using a fraction of a second as our guide.
I suppose we could find an operational junction,
A mathematical terminological function.
Judging the angle that is right or wrong,
The wrong one, a hypotenuse, bang the gong.
Misbehaving as an inappropriate fraction,
Turning around toward an improper action.
Trying to placate an unreasonable number,
The irrational thought on what is lumber?
Now I digress, with a tumultuous plangent,
Just sit and cry and throw a tangent.
The Future of Forever
The sky expands,
Toward infinity,
As will I.
I open my arms wide,
Embracing the whole of life.
Pitter patter of tiny feet,
Creatures great and small,
They too, seek only life.
I follow their traces,
Deep into the void,
Winding trails, lead me on,
As I search, to find the future,
The future of forever.
Eternity, just a passing glance,
10, 20, a million years,
The future is only gleamed.
A micro-expance,
Leads me, towards infinity,
The infinity of the heavens.
Yet I, confined to Earth,
To this finite life.
The future is untold.
For with a book,
You read from the beginning,
Reading in reverse,
You loose,
The element of Surprise.
artisan craft re-shoot by Amarantheans
Snack Time by AmarantheansPickerelweed by Amarantheans

Random winner: KaitlynnNicole

I like coconuts by KaitlynnNicole
Bring it around town~ by KaitlynnNicoleMahiru Koizumi is adorable~ by KaitlynnNicole
Ahhhh, I need more practice. by KaitlynnNicole
Shsl Ultimate Archer |Danganronpa OC| by KaitlynnNicoleYou both love me, and I love both of you. by KaitlynnNicole
Halloween |Collab| by KaitlynnNicole

A big thank-you to all of the participants who (like me) scoured UszatyArbuz's profile like mad bit didn't win.

Attack 15 by RubyFireLillyAaxlu Upgrades by Stygma
:COL: Not you again by Leopard-EnyaJinxx-Black - YCH by LunarLilac
Lady of the Lake Gwent Card by DanielaIvanovaHalloween 2018 - Knock Knock #2 by SeiAni
In Line by DasGhulSweetness by GeorgeXVII
Simply Terrifying #3 by MrStrangeIncEvil Cutie Kitty by LadyGeekery
Contest - Father-daughter by IcesCrystalLacrima by na-o-mi
[Request] Miz my love and a cat by kaus-quietisWitchtober2018: Day 1 - Autumn by Mavelle-Ealenyr
asiree by Derby-TheTiger[Sold: Auction $1 ] Male Wolgan [Closed Species] by JessiyWolf
Lovebirds by do-you-even-DORKInktober 2017-1 by Beautiful-Darkside
artisan craft re-shoot by Amarantheans
20185141 by CaliccoSo, I Tried to Make a Bob Ross Painting by Sleepy-Stardust
Lilmiquela by FLlTCH{Prompt | Hosekiko} Wizard Cookie Barney by TheAcademyGhost

I promised to give all participants a llama, but I'd already given about half of the participants a llama so look at this as being some more llama love ;)

Talent Tuesday: Showcase Vol. 05

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 6, 2018, 6:00 AM

Hello and welcome to NaturesHaven Talent Tuesday!

Each month, we'll share with you the talent that are our members by highlighting three of them in this showcase.



The right type of lynx by BeckyKidusBella by BeckyKidus
Regal by BeckyKidus
Black cat - Twinkles by BeckyKidusRed deer stag - The Heather King by BeckyKidus
White Landscape - Red Fox by BeckyKidus
Common buzzard by BeckyKidusWolf portrait VII by BeckyKidus
Raven by BeckyKidus


Red And Blue Sunset by Favenatig
Warm Summer Afternoon #2 by FavenatigCountryside #3 by Favenatig
Rejviz by Favenatig
Park Panorama by FavenatigPark 1 by Favenatig
Morning Hygiene by Favenatig
Without Breath by FavenatigColours by Favenatig


Purple Butterfly Suncatcher by EarthBalanceCraftBlue Whale Suncatcher by EarthBalanceCraft
Mistletoe Earrings by EarthBalanceCraft
Swallow Decoration by EarthBalanceCraftBlue Damselfly Suncatcher by EarthBalanceCraft
Birds on a Wire 1 by EarthBalanceCraft
Maple Leaf Suncatcher by EarthBalanceCraftStorm Cloud Suncatcher by EarthBalanceCraft
Barn Owl Decoation by EarthBalanceCraft


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Horribly sad and tragic news from Dierenrijk.
We have a year pass to the zoo, and it's only a 20 minute bike ride away. We've been frequent visitors since the day they opened more than a decade ago.

On Monday, during visiting hours, the European Wolves were playing near the water when a 2-year-old female Wolf fell in. A Brown Bear pounced on the fallen Wolf and the others followed.
She was torn apart alive.
The other Wolves were frantic and tried to intervene, but were chased away by one of the Bears.

They've shared an enclosure for a while now; they're not the only Dutch zoo where Brown Bears and European Wolves do so. We've witnessed minor disputes, but they're also known to play together.
In the wild, they share a territory as well, so it's not a strange decision to provide enrichment, so to speak, by making them do the same thing in a zoo environment.

It's heartbreaking and gutwrenching to know this happened, and how completely helpless the Wolf was.
It's no doubt a one-off incident, and it's a natural reaction of the Bears who just followed their instincts. But it came out of the blue for the visitors present, and the alerted keepers who couldn't do anything.

This one's for the Wolves :heart:

Thank you BeckyKidus, DeathEaterBlue, Yuukon and The-fox-of-wonders for your answers :hug: If not for you I would not have realized that it *was* me :ashamed:
Because you have to wait 48 hours before you can turn off automatic re-billing, I forgot to do so last time :blush:
No notification (I also use PayPal) so that's a good heads-up for everyone who's not aware of it.
It also explains why we didn't get a "Your CORE is running out!" pop-up screen so far.


Does anyone know where a CORE renewal shows up in your notifications?
Because I figured we had a few days left and we'd have to renew soon and now... It says we have a 3 month CORE membership still :O
I think I'd remember if I'd renewed it, and I'm pretty sure I didn't :paranoid:

I can't see if anyone gifted it, and I don't know if it's supposed to show in activity notificates between llamas, faves and watches.
If that's the case I missed it completely :faint:

Does somebody know where I'm supposed to find it?
And if someone *did* donate us a new CORE, thank you :hug:

Newsy News:
:bulletpurple: M has a job :Bummies:  She's been hired to work at a bank in financial services, and she's pretty stoked to get started on November first :party:

:bulletyellow: Don't be surprised when you see old photos from us popping up in searches - I've *finally* found the Tag Editor again and am working on bringing some oldies up-to-date. There are actually some with only 3 tags... And still, you managed to find us so we're doing something right ;)

:bulletblue: We're still busy visiting (new) zoos, trying to take photos of some special (baby) animals before the year is over.
- We're planning another visit to Apenheul to add another Lemur baby - the Lac Alaotra Bamboo - to our list.
- We *might* visit Zoo Duisburg again to see the Koala joey.
- We got a subscription to a new-ish zoo to watch Bengal Tiger twins and Kalahari Lion triplets (one has already left) grow up before they move to a different zoo. Yes it is too soon, no I don't agree but I'm going to give both zoos involved the benefit of the doubt.
- We hope to visit Diergaarde Blijdorp for Asian Lion tripets, Fishing Cat twins and Slow Loris baby :heart:
Don't know if we manage decent photos of them all, but we'll do our best ;) But we're still not making much of a dent in the photos we want to share with you. Maybe we should be more selective, but there are so many animals to photograph, so many cute moments we're still overloading you with a lot of photos.

:bulletred: With all the zoos we've visited, and with real-life prodding us in the back, edits on the photos we've selected don't come quickly. With both of us soon working close-to-full-time, I don't know how much time we'll have in the future, so we're going to have to see how it goes.
I'll try and spur M on to get a few in every once in a while so our supply waiting in gets replenished with newer photos :hug:


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