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The Impossibles: An Enemy Resurrected
The Impossibles:
An Enemy Resurrected

by E. Grimes
The Impossibles are (c) 1966 by Hanna-Barbera. Original story (c) 1981 by E. Grimes and inspired
by D.W. Curtis; Edited version © 2012 by E. Grimes
Chapter I:
A Monster Evoked

Deep through the black unknown of outer space soared a massive craft. Its destination, the third
planet from the sun: the Earth.
The vessel finally landed on a thick glacier near the southeastern coast of Greenland, and out
stepped a small man in a dark purple outfit with silver helmet and boots. Glancing around with
sharp and reptilian eyes that held a definite purpose, he walked slowly until he had reached a
distance of a few yards. Suddenly, he retrieved a small, remote-like device, then and aimed it at the huge ship.
Immediately, the craft heaved backward and practically bored itself through the g
:iconmouselady:mouselady 2 6
Vampyre Fluey by mouselady Vampyre Fluey :iconmouselady:mouselady 6 19
Concrete Angel Chpt. 12
Concrete Angel

A Darkwing Duck Fanfic
By E. Grimes (a.k.a. Mouselady)
Darkwing Duck is (c) by Disney. This story is (c) by yours truly.
Chapter 12
The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us and we see nothing but sand;
the angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone.

-George Elliot
"Feel better now, sweetie?" Darkwing asked Nega-Gosalyn as the Ratcatcher raced back to Darkwing Tower.
"Oh, yes. Ever so much better!" the little duckling said happily. "I've always dreamed of going on patrol with you, Darkwing!"
"Well, it was my pleasure. I know you had a rough afternoon, so I hope this made up for it somehow. And honey," he added gently, "try not to let Tank get you down. At least you know he's a nice boy in your own world. There are plenty of kind people around who care about you, so you'll be okay."
Nega-Gosalyn smiled, even though Darkwing's wor
:iconmouselady:mouselady 11 20
Requiem On Aisle 7
Requiem On Aisle 7
©2011 by E. Grimes
You'll never eat your favorite peas again,
Are my thoughts as I push my basket,
Nor will I ever cook another meal for you.
We'll never go to Mass, or lunch afterwards,
Or do anything together…again.

Memories that flood my mind and drown my soul
As they mingle with my own heart's tears,
That wrap me like a blanket—
Both warming and stifling me—
Of the times we shared, that ended too soon…
Conversations treasured,
Simple joys now lost,
That now seem to be of another world and time.
Yet sorrow for hurtful words,
For wishing distance and silence from you,
Times your kindness was exploited and not enough rewarded…
Remorse for things I cannot change,
The years and moments I cannot regain—
These chase me down and cruelly taunt me
From those sad last days
Even to the present moment.
One more meal
One more Mass
One more word
One more day…
How I ache to share even one of these with you.
:iconmouselady:mouselady 6 9
Clopin and The Gypsy Queen by mouselady Clopin and The Gypsy Queen :iconmouselady:mouselady 7 5 ALAN FORD Fantard Stamp by mouselady ALAN FORD Fantard Stamp :iconmouselady:mouselady 2 7 Beloved Thief by mouselady Beloved Thief :iconmouselady:mouselady 11 40 Il Gruppo TNT Membership by mouselady Il Gruppo TNT Membership :iconmouselady:mouselady 4 6 Mouselady Should Get Out More by mouselady Mouselady Should Get Out More :iconmouselady:mouselady 14 44
Haiku for Alan Ford
Haiku for Alan Ford
By Mouselady
Alan Ford is © 1969 by Max Bunker. This work © by moi. Steal it and I'll send Sir Oliver to steal all your stuffs!
Shy, handsome blond man
Soul with hapless innocence
Meaning only well
A short man, his friend
Filled with fiery temperament
Often at his side
English nobleman
Clever and larcenous, yet
A true gentleman
German mechanic
Foolish but obedient
With dashing spirit
Cranky old person
Sickly and discontented
Glum and pitiful
Tall and stout fellow
His little pet by his side
Directs this strange group
Old man in wheelchair
With wisdom of countless years
The group's  real leader…
:iconmouselady:mouselady 5 8
The Alan Ford Drinking Game
The Alan Ford Drinking Game
Get together with another Alan Ford fan and flip through one of the comics. Depending on what's happening in the story, you and your friend take one---or more---sips of whatever it is you're drinking.  The winner is the one who has to run to the potty last by the end of the book.
Note:  Do this with soda, iced tea, etc. or anything else that isn't alcoholic. If you INSIST on doing this with booze, don't blame me if you start acting like Superciuk!!!
Take one sip...
If Gruppa TNT gets a really stupid assignment (and they normally do)
If Agent Rock throws a tantrum (and he usually does)!
If Geremiah acts especially whiny
If The Cariatide does anything besides loaf around in that stupid flower shoppe
If Sir Oliver calls Bing to sell him something (stolen, of course)
If he pulls some other dishonest junk
If Alan looks pitiful in more than one panel
If Grunf is wearing his Lutwaff
:iconmouselady:mouselady 3 7
Ludwig and Matilda, Chpt. 8
Ludwig and Matilda:
A Love Story

A Ducktales Fanfic
(Inspired in part by Don Rosa’s The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck)
Disclaimer: Ludwig von Drake, etc. are (c) Disney. The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck is (c) by Don Rosa and Gemstone Publications. The cartoon Education For Death is (c) 1943 by Walt Disney Productions. This story is (c) by me. Please don’t copy, link, or use it in any wise without my permission.
A/N (please read):  This latest chapter of Ludwig and Matilda deals with a sensitive historical topic which is still argued about today. In no way is it meant to hurt or offend anyone of German or Austrian descent, and I certainly hope it won’t. That being said, it would be just as wrong to try to sanitize history, especially where crimes against humanity are involved. However---and as parts of this chapter will point out---there were Germans, Austrians and other Europeans during WWII who did no
:iconmouselady:mouselady 10 31
The Ultimate F Word by mouselady The Ultimate F Word :iconmouselady:mouselady 15 15 Madonna Statue at OLPH by mouselady Madonna Statue at OLPH :iconmouselady:mouselady 9 14 Sky Shot on My Street by mouselady Sky Shot on My Street :iconmouselady:mouselady 8 19 Black Jelly Beans Stamp by mouselady Black Jelly Beans Stamp :iconmouselady:mouselady 8 14

Random Favourites

Back off Beagles by Icequeenkitty Back off Beagles :iconicequeenkitty:Icequeenkitty 33 45 Scourge of the Skies by Icequeenkitty Scourge of the Skies :iconicequeenkitty:Icequeenkitty 36 38 Drake's Near Death Experience by Icequeenkitty Drake's Near Death Experience :iconicequeenkitty:Icequeenkitty 126 115 Skylar and Angela for Megs83 by Icequeenkitty Skylar and Angela for Megs83 :iconicequeenkitty:Icequeenkitty 5 18 Xander And Angela for Megs83 by Icequeenkitty Xander And Angela for Megs83 :iconicequeenkitty:Icequeenkitty 11 25 Li'l Sewer Rat by LePipsqueak Li'l Sewer Rat :iconlepipsqueak:LePipsqueak 85 63 Gyro Gearloose magazines by Gyros-Workshop Gyro Gearloose magazines :icongyros-workshop:Gyros-Workshop 3 9
My First Fanfic Ever
I sat in the side car of the ratcatcher with Gosalyn in my lap, listening to Gos and DW argue over her being out of bed and at the movie theater. She let me have some of her popcorn. It was good, until Gos mentioned the cannibals and the mutant slugs. I put the popcorn down, just in time.
"hang on!" DW yelled, and stopped short.
The three of us looked and saw Megavolt and Quackerjack with a huge machine.
"Come on, Troops," Gosalyn said, excited. "Let's cage those creeps!"
"Reality check," DW said. "We're the crime fighters. You're the obedient daughter who stays put and out of trouble."
"Just exactly what reality are we checking?" I asked. Gosalyn was always getting involved in DW's cases somehow. I really thought she'd listen this time though, after DW told her he didn't know what he'd do if anything happened to her. She promised she wouldn't get involved.
I listened as DW made his entrance and exchanged insults with Quackerjack and Megavolt, then I thought I heard Gosalyn yell.
:iconluckyduck29:LuckyDuck29 6 8
Portrait of Judy Schnauser by Reyelene Portrait of Judy Schnauser :iconreyelene:Reyelene 6 30 DWD: New Arrival by bloodyban DWD: New Arrival :iconbloodyban:bloodyban 13 35 A Birthday glomp by Ghostbusterlover A Birthday glomp :iconghostbusterlover:Ghostbusterlover 2 17 Dessert by crazylittlecheezer Dessert :iconcrazylittlecheezer:crazylittlecheezer 1 3 On the Edge of the Dark Side by frakir-chan On the Edge of the Dark Side :iconfrakir-chan:frakir-chan 5 14 Goldie by frakir-chan Goldie :iconfrakir-chan:frakir-chan 17 21 Kuzco Chibi by KiaraLPhoenix Kuzco Chibi :iconkiaralphoenix:KiaraLPhoenix 37 68 DWD- Trials make you stronger by Icequeenkitty DWD- Trials make you stronger :iconicequeenkitty:Icequeenkitty 81 75


A much belated thanks for the Birthday wishes!!! Sorry I've been away so long (again)!! Hope to get caught up soon. Love yas! :blowkiss:

I'm still here (if not all there)

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 15, 2012, 1:41 PM
  • Listening to: The voices in my head
  • Eating: Too much junk
  • Drinking: Not enough
Special thanks to :icontwiggyteeluck: for the use of this lovely butterfly skin!  :wow:

First off, hope you all can see this color...I might change it as soon as  possible. I love royal blue, but it is hard to see
on top of black.

I'll explain the reason I chose this type of theme another time, but a short update on my life.

I turned 51 yesterday...hard to believe it's been that long. But apparently I don't look it, as evidenced by all the guys trying
to hit on me in my neighborhood. :roll: Thanks to all of you who gave me birthday wishes. I'll answer them as soon as I'm able. :thanks:

Since my internet times are more limited than ever (so far) and my Blackberry's being bad, sorry I'm not on here much.
Hope to make up for that in the near future.

Just burned the biscuits of a rather nasty reviewer over at, who called the "wedding" chapter of
Ludwig and Matilda "stupid, unrealistic and nauseating". I replied that his comment was "mean-spirited,
childish and petty" and that I could handle constructive criticism, but his was DEstructive. He also had stated he
didn't want to read it any further. I saved him the trouble and blocked the schmuck.  From what I saw of his profile,
he had a pretty crappy attitude in the first place...ah well, enough people like what I do to make up for the
nay-sayers. :w00t:

Wow...I'm just a little ball of sunshine today, aren't I? :lol:  Had a rather difficult week anyway. Last week was Year #3
since Dad passed; I got through that day ok, but a couple days later had a fight with a friend of mine---who is probably
an EX-friend as of this writing. But I'm starting to see that as a positive thing, at least for now.

My birthday was ok, sorta. I made a little money at the shop and shared a pizza with my friend Letty and her cousin
Tony. :D  And today I'm going to get a nice bottle of wine and some nummies and party! :w00t: :party: :dance:

That's it for now, but keep an eye peeled for updates.

:heart: and :peace:,

Journal skin by TwiggyTeeluck
Image by Enchantedgal-Stock
Brushes by Axeraider70


Ethel G.
United States
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Favourite genre of music: Classical/Opera/Ethnic/Movie Soundtrack
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Favourite style of art: *ditto*
Operating System: Windows XP (I finally updated that!)
MP3 player of choice: Windows Media Player
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Wallpaper of choice: Anything Victorian, blue or cartoon-related
Skin of choice: Anything blue
Favourite cartoon character: Basil, Darkwing Duck, Ludwig von Drake, Scrooge, Cosmo...
Personal Quote: "Tell the voices in my head to shut up!"



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