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Cogs'n'Gears Power Girl

A recent post by johnni-k caught my eye entitled Gogs N Gears 2013 Power Girl featuring my favourite superheroine, Power Girl, dressed in Steampunk garb. While Dieselpunk is perhaps my preferred -punk style, I couldn't go past putting together a 12" scale version of the costume and adding some minor elaborations of my own to add to my Pee Gee focus collection.

This figure utilises
my own cast of Moore Action Collectables Faith from Angel bust, Triad Toys Alpha base body, some modelling clay, a cheap toy car (for the wheels, which became the belt cogs and goggles) and various craft supply greeblies.
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Steampunk DC! Yes...
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There is certainly a lot of room to wriggle with -punk-ifying DC characters. DC Direct released a Duela Dent Ame-Comi statue in Steampunk style a few years back which has since appeared in digital/print so there is at least some official thought of displaying characters in this style.
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This is a good job.
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Thanks so much for saying so. I don't normally create costumes in 1:6 (12") scale, so this was a bit of a change from my norm. There is certainly a lot more room to play with to get small details (such as the faux lace) than at 3.75" (1:18) scale but the downside is of course three times as many stitches!
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Small details like illustrated in the SH Figuarts and Super Robot Chogokin. You know what they say,the more the details and stitching,the better the effort.