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It started with whispers and footsteps in the dead of night. Desperate Drag workers crept from their quarters and broke into the storage buildings while most of their guards slept. Tires were slashed and cans of gasoline spilled over the harvest, very nearly ready to be reaped its bountiful yield. With the strike of a match blue flame rippled across the crop, consuming it in a towering inferno.
Alarm quickly spread as the Citizen guards awoke, charging from their barracks into the darkness with clubs at the ready. Everyone ran to the growing blaze, where they immediately clashed with the rebellious workers. Drags still loyal to their masters speedily set upon the fire with buckets as the melee raged incomprehensibly amid the glowing chaos.
Papers reached every eye, immortalizing the broadcasts of an impending food shortage. The Drags knew the hardship would be theirs to bear as the Citizens ate heartily. Protests formed outside government buildings, crowds of discontent congealing against wrought iron gates before marble citadels for days on end.
Discontent soon grew into outrage as the Drags fueled their own tenacity. From protests burst riots. Looters, arsonists, and vandals surged across the city, their rage showing no discretion as the hapless Citizens were subjected to the hateful manifestation of the underclass' long suffering, trashing stores and beating their owners. Incensed, the government responded to the violence in kind.
Garrison troops were mobilized and arrived in force. Cold hearts behind fixed bayonets, they descended upon the madness beneath skies blackened by the burning city. A wave of sadistic apathy crashed against passionate desperation, their jackboots crunching over gunpowder-scorched corpses as they advanced.
Three days and four nights held the nation in a vice grip as the carnage was broadcast; the slaughter glorified as the heroic crushing of a vile uprising. War's summer snow drifted down for hundreds of miles as blood drenched the streets beneath burning dwellings. Drags watched helplessly through chain link fences as a new aggression was brought against them: fear.
The prologue of a story I've been pondering over; a dystopian (because isn't it always?) nation run by a fascist government where citizenship must be earned, only citizens get rights and enjoy the fruits of civilization, and the underclass of non-citizens is extorted for cheap labor while all are ruled over by an autocratic regime under the guise of meritocracy.

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Submitted on
December 20, 2017