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2004.08.15 09:58
Riverside police received a call from one Alec Princeton, 33, regarding a domestic disturbance at 26 Lake St. Officers Toby Williams and Carl Blake arrived and searched the house with permission from its sole inhabitant, Brian Hayes, 42, but found no evidence of foul-play.
2004.08.16 21:02
Annette Greene, 23, was reported missing by her aunt, Edna Galantine, after failing to contact her once she'd arrived home in Columbia Falls. Local police investigated her apartment to find her absent. Officer Carl Blake reported seeing her tan Mercury Grand Marquis leave the Riverside township the night before on Rt. 191.
2004.08.20 02:47
Three abandoned vehicles were found on Rt. 192 near Northfield by one Herbert Poole, who was intoxicated at the time and, therefore, unable to locate the vehicles once more. By his account, one of the vehicles was a tan Grand Marquis.
2004.08.29 07:20
A boat belonging to Roy O'Neil (wanted for questioning in a New York kidnapping case) was found beached near Rogue Bluffs. An investigation suggested the vessel had been used to smuggle people along the East Coast, but the fate of O'Neil remained unknown. The FBI declared involvement in the investigation.
2004.09.06 23:08
Garry Ford, 45, reported being flagged down by a homeless man matching O'Neil's description near Lake St. He said the man came out of the darkness and tried desperately to enter Ford's vehicle, screaming he was in danger. Panicked, Ford immediately drove to the police station. The first responding officer, Carl Blake, gave chase to a man but lost him in the woods.
2004.09.13 19:12
Officer Kevin Snow responded to a call by two hikers, Victor and Amanda Drake, of what appeared to be a bear attack. Upon arrival, Snow described the scene as "grotesque", with blood everywhere and "parts" strewn across the clearing. The investigation revealed the remains to belong to Roy O'Neil, but there was no conclusion as to the cause of death.
2004.09.15 04:30
Edna Galantine, 78, was discovered missing from her home. Her caretaker, Alec Princeton, was investigated. However, after it was revealed she'd suffered severe depression after the disappearance of her niece, the police pressed no charges.
2004.09.20 12:20
Two children, Billy Long and Nick Thompson, manage to record a man crying for help while playing with their walkie-talkies. There was no evidence to suggest the transmission ever existed, beyond their twelve-second recording.
2004.09.29 23:01
Alec Princeton was reported by his neighbors to be running down the street screaming incoherently and thrashing about. Upon his arrival, Officer Carl Blake was attacked by Princeton and shot him dead in the altercation.
2004.10.01 04:47
Residents along Lake St., Charles Long, Susan Banks, Brian Hayes, Carl Blake, reported seeing a large, bear or ape-like creature stalking through their yards in the darkness. Long claimed to have taken a shot at it with a rifle but rain prevented any evidence from being collected.
2004.10.06 13:21
FBI investigator Lana Rose revealed connections between O'Neil and eight separate disappearances from New Brunswick to New York. She also revealed they'd secretly investigated his childhood friend, Brian Hayes, but found no reason to probe further.
2004.10.10 22:18
Susan Banks reported witnessing one of her neighbors creeping into the darkness with what looked to be a weapon in hand. She'd suspected they were hunting the strange animal and feared for their safety.
2004.10.12 06:45
Billy Long, 14, was struck and killed by Officer Kevin Snow as he responded to a call on Lake St. by Richard Thompson, 41, regarding the strange animal. Secretly, the investigation concluded the event a suicide, but publicly it was declared an accident.
2004.10.18 00:15
A freak storm hit the coastal town of Riverside, causing hundreds of dollars in damage, but the NOAA reported it had no record of any such weather in the area.
2004.10.18 07:14
Nick Thompson, 13, arrived at the Riverside police station demanding to meet with the FBI investigator. He and Lana Rose conversed in private while Officer Carl Blake called upon the Thompson residence, where he found the inside to have been largely demolished, as if by a wrecking crew, and no sign of the other three Thompson's.
2004.10.20 08:34
An FBI task force was sent to Riverside to investigate the disappearances, quietly setting up headquarters in an abandoned warehouse along Rt. 191. Their operation stood at 12 agents.
2004.10.24 22:18
Charles Long reported hearing chanting-like noises from the late Alec Princeton's house so loud as to reach across Brian Hayes' property. Officer Carl Blake had left his home to investigate and reached the house shortly before the FBI. Nothing unusual was discovered.
2004.10.28 05:30
Officer Toby Williams discovered Garry Ford's car abandoned on the coastal trail Pebble Road. The FBI quickly searched his house and refused to share their findings with the Riverside police.
2004.10.30 16:47
Various residents of Riverside reported hearing helicopters and seeing strange lights in the countryside around the township, as well as off the coast.
2004.10.31 23:58
Officer Carl Blake called for back up at an unmarked location along the coast near Pebble Road.
Been enjoying a little Lovecraftian horror lately. Right at the end there is when "shit went down".
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