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You're born in the hospital of the company town your father works for. People here are given just barely enough treatment to keep them working; no dental, no eyesight, strictly injuries and disease are taken care of here. Your father missed your birth because he was working. This turns out to be foreshadowing, because during your brief childhood you only see him wolfing down a meager dinner your mother prepared between the end of his shift and his crashing into bed, dirty and exhausted. You don't travel because your father is working even on Sundays and it takes all your mother's effort to keep your rickety shed of a house functioning as a home, including sewing up the one pair of trousers you'll have for the next five years. At around twelve you're sent into work, where there are no safety codes or regulations. They don't tell you anything except what you have to do, and sometimes not even that. You're paid by how much product you can push out during your shift, but since the boss' son doesn't like you, you're stuck on the machine that breaks down every couple minutes. And it's your responsibility to keep it running, and yourself working. Come payday you don't get a check or cash, but company credit. This you can only spend at the company store in town. Trouble is, everything at the company store is so expensive, that you have to borrow extra credit if you want to, say, buy a fresh loaf of bread or a new pair of pants. Plus you're constantly paying the company to live in their house, use their water, and get electricity from them. This is all from the same company you and your father work sixteen-hour days for. Because of the toxic chemicals used by the company, your father gets sick. There's no health insurance so treatment at the hospital comes out of your pocket. And now that there's one less breadwinner in the house, that means a considerably deep step further into debt to the company. Then because of the cheap and unsafe working area you're in, something happens and you get injured. Luckily, your father dies in the hospital due to neglect by the poorly trained staff, and the company for once foots the bill to bury him in their cemetery. But now that you can't work anymore, they fire you. Since there's nobody in your household working for them anymore, you're also evicted from the company town. Moving out is easy, since your money was only ever spent on food, clothing, soap, and the like. You don't get any unemployment and the only cash you have is company credit. And once you've left the town, they still send people to track you down and harass you about all the money you still owe them from those loans to buy basic necessities and pay for your father's treatment. You can't get another job because the only work you can do is easy office stuff and those highly coveted positions only ever go to educated people, something you never had the option to become. And your mother can't work because most of the jobs she qualifies for are exclusive to men, causing a surplus of women applying for the remaining available positions.
Caught myself reading about the coal towns and other horror stories from America's unregulated past.
OnlyTheGhosts Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2015
You've summed it very well.
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July 8, 2015


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