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Somewhere in the Middle East.

Ranger Squad Pawn
Humvee Knight
Crusader Bishop
Ambulance Queen
Chinook King
Comanche Rook
Raptor Check
Bombardment Checkmate
Attack Group Player 1

A team of 6 Humvees loaded with five Rangers each accompany a group of 4 Crusader Tanks through the city. Knight-1 leads the group, followed by Knight-2, Bishop-1, Knight-3, Queen-1 (the ambulance), Knight 4, Bishop-2, Bishop-3, Knight-5, Bishop-4, and Knight-6, bringing up the rear. Rook-5 circles overhead, relaying information directly to the formation below as the creep through the hostile territory, ominously vacant of civilians.

"Command, this is Rook-5, I have a visual of hostiles with RPGs on the rooftops North-North-West of Player One's position, do I have permission to engage? Over."

"Negative Rook-5, you are not cleared to engage until they engage first. Over."

"Roger Command, Knight-1 be advised, hostiles possibly setting up an ambush two blocks ahead across from the destroyed building. Over."

"Copy, Rook-5. Over"

The attack group moved closer to the described area with caution. As they reached it they saw the mentioned destroyed building. All that was left of the large structure was rubble forming the four corners and some crumbling walls in-between them. There were large lots on all sides of it, devoid of cover, leading to other roads. As the gunners in the vehicles peered up at the rooftops, the radios crackled to life.

"Player 1 make sure you do not engage first, the Chinese will not be able to assist if we start shooting. Over."

A figure darted in and out of view, carrying a large tube.

"Wait." A Ranger said, tapping a gunner's shoe as he flinched at the sight.

"Whoa, look out!" The Ranger in the passenger seat shouted as a rocket flew directly at them from the building directly ahead. The RPG round hit the hood of the Humvee, completely disabling it and setting the dashboard on fire. The gunner, recovering quickly, began firing at the building but was shot several times from another direction. Figures fell out of the doors and the Rangers in the following Humvee all piled out to help their comrades. The first Crusader blasted one round into the building most of the fire was coming from, causing much of the façade to collapse.

As the dust rolled down the street, a Ranger from the second Humvee signaled the tank to roll into the lot to the right. As it did, the other vehicles followed, taking up defensive positions within the demolished walls. The Rangers from the second Humvee helped those from the first into the safety of their perimeter. The Crusaders began pounding rounds into the surrounding buildings in an attempt to demolish them while Rangers and Humvees began singling out targets with more accurate fire.

Then the Comanche returned and rained fire down upon one of the buildings before flying off back to base. Two more appeared to give support.

"Player 1, be advised: multiple enemy vehicles approaching from the North and the West. Over." They radioed to the group. Sure enough, several Technicals and Rocket Buggies rolled quickly down the street, firing randomly at the trapped units as more RPGs hailed from behind to the South, and Rebels dashed out to the East.

A screech overhead signaled the entrance of Raptors into the fray. They launched several missiles before arcing across the sky and away. As the missiles impacted their targets there was no doubt as to what they had been because immediately they heard several loud explosions and huge columns of dust plume into the air over the buildings.

RPGs began to crowd the airspace as they flew towards and past the hovering helicopters, dodging back and fourth, all the while raining fire down upon charging GLA forces.

"All U.S. forces be advised: Chinese forces are making their way through the city from the North. They are encountering heavy resistance and will reach your location in five minutes. Friendly reinforcements will take ten minutes to arrive. Over."

Only a few seconds after the alert, a large Troop Crawler burst out into the lot to the north and a dozen Red Guard dashed out of it and ran across to the perimeter.

"We were sent ahead of the main force!" The lead soldier told the commanding Ranger in rough English as they arrived. "The others are coming."

Meanwhile to the South, the U.S. reinforcements of Humvees, Paladins and Ambulances encountered several angry Mobs and sustained huge losses, forcing them to return to base. But to the North, the Chinese were easily dispatching the Mobs with heavy fire from Gattling Tanks and Dragon Tanks.

The pinned down Rangers then heard a familiar sound; Chinooks. Several of these transport helicopters were nearing the battle to attempt an air-lift of wounded. One managed to land, load up, and escape with all the critically wounded and some of the other casualties. The second helicopter was incapacitated on the ground by two RPG rounds to the rotors and the third was shot down as it hovered by Quad Cannons several streets over. It spiraled out of control, having lost it's forward rotor, and crashed into a building to the East, showering the street below in debris before it burst into flame. One squad of Rangers was sent to the wreaked second helicopter to hold out there. Then one of the Comanche's was blown up in mid air by a Scorpion Tank round and the others were called out of the airspace.

But the Raptors, Aurora Bombers, Stealth Fighters, and even Chinese MiGs still screamed overhead, raining fire down upon the seemingly endless waves of GLA forces. Then they heard a monstrous sound to the North, so loud that it echoed through the chaos. Then two cannons appeared through a cloud of dust, followed by the massive tank they were attached to.

Three Overlord tanks were entering the lot, unloading fire with both their main guns and several mini-guns mounted on their tops. Behind them were Troop Crawlers, Dragon Tanks and Gattling Tanks. The ruthlessness and seeming cruelty of the Chinese Army now allowed them to be of great help to their allies as they cut a path of carnage through the GLA onslaught.

Word suddenly came that a GLA ambush at the Chinese base had allowed them to take control of the Chinese Nuclear Missile silo. At the same time, the U.S. launched a Particle Cannon attack on the GLA Scud Storm, destroying it as it prepared for launch. The Chinese at their base launched a full attack on their own silo with then intention of destroying it rather then allow it to launch.

"Fight hard, brothers! Today we have victory!!"

Suddenly there was a great, blinding light. Then a loud, roaring rush. And the city was no more.

Good game.

(C) me
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