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Blast Radius: 35 KM
Epicenter: [Eurostar]
Area of Absolute Destruction: 25 KM

The bomb destroyed everything nearby and all that was left of the rest of the city was half standing rubble. But this destruction would not be the last. Within minutes soldiers marched into the wasteland to search for survivors. Only problem was, half of them were on a different side. Skirmishes broke out across what was left of the city as opposing forces collided. Radio messages to command centers called for more help, even as the fallout caused the radiation levels to rise and the danger to increase. Black clad troops with blazing barrels and smoking gasmasks marched through the rubble. They would shoot a burst, pause, exhale, and resume in a macabre symphony.

A tank with a blue, white and red flag was struck by a rocket from in the distance where angry lead was. The massive behemoth stopped dead, turned and roared once into the debris. A figure darted up as jets of light shot past him, climbed the metal mountain and reached into the head of the beast, from which smoke billowed. He pulled a man out, who staggered down the laminated Chobham flank, and reached for another. A second rocket flew towards the challenging turret, refusing to yield as it plowed another shout of defiance into the dark shadows stalking it. White heat and sparked flame were suddenly swallowed up by monstrous clouds of black dust, burying the creature at last.

Figures moved about the darkness of the rubble, keeping a weary ear for the mournful cry of their Geiger counters. Brass showered down with dust and debris, all bearing the toothy scar of radioactivity. Spotting spots, moving from cover, returning fire, moving to cover, checking for survivors, spotting spots again. Dark ghosts played the dance of death with each other to the tune of Heckler & Koch's orchestra.

A soldier dashed through seemingly abandoned rubble, checking inviting crevices before resisting their appeal. Come to shelter, they'd call. Alone, he looked down and saw a fearful figure. He pulled her up and put his overcoat around her. Together these spirits in hell dashed through the world's newest wasteland, holding the coat around her bare arms, his rifle forgotten at his side, his gasmask left behind. He spotted a glint, almost a shout of surprise. In the middle of the clearing he threw her down into a liberal pit, bordered by conservative rocks. Fire flew from the rubble where the pixie had screamed her warning. His rifle no longer forgotten, he aimed the mouth to the dark mass ahead and let the creature in his arms spew hot death. Then from behind, barrels of hope blared as old friends returned to a new party. Darkness spiraled above streaking light over the gap, where a solitary figure stood, his new best friend re-awakened to do what it did best as he placed another clip into its chamber. Shouts of Come here and Get down pulled him back as metal snapped through the air around him, but a glance at the cowering figure below pumped more adrenalin into his veins as fire burned behind his eyes.

Large land-crawling creatures plowed to the clearing from both sides, breathing fire and rolling over anything in their way. Flashes illuminated trails before they hit their targets. Massive streaks of light shot across the black sky, leaving behind a long and eerie howl just before their true messages hit home with deafening claps. Air-cutting hawks hovered overhead, glaring down with .50 lead at over 1,000 rounds per minute. Arrows across maps all pointed to a single point, large dots and squares moved, pulled by a magnet, and leaders watched with calm, calculating suspense in dark sanctuaries.

Some WWIII situation where German forces invade Britain (two coalitions of course, Germany's not the random trouble-maker attacking everybody this time) and some insurgents detonate a nuke in London.

PS: I'm an American, so cut me some slack for any mistakes in... anything...

(C) me
Ademonsdream Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2011
That was........interesting it sounds terrifying
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February 7, 2011
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