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some 1700s love story
The long trek to the border did little to quiet his mind. Once the insolent words of his General finally stopped echoing in the Prince’s mind, it wandered to more tender wounds. Occasionally he would catch himself staring at the stoic faces of his troops as they marched dutifully around him, their eyes fixated on the road ahead. Their stern fortitude shamed him—if they could stand so boldly before the bloodbath he was leading them to, the petty affairs of the heart were no excuse to break. He couldn’t, for their sake. And his. Her heart pounded in her throat as the Princess spurred her steed onward, his pace thundering throu
Abominable Sighting
In a dark room strewn with cables running between dozens of radios, two men dozed in rickety chairs. Glowing dials twitched and the low buzz of static permeated by the occasional clicks emanated from the speakers while the clock on the wall inched its way closer to dawn. From somewhere outside, a screech like metal pierced the stuffy air. One man opened his eyes and scanned the room. Sitting up, he lifted the large rifle that'd been resting upright against his thigh and leaned forward to tap his companion on the arm. With a sniff he awoke and looked over his shoulder. The first man got up and pulled a heavy revolver from the holster across hi
Your Encounter
Your boots crunch dully against the gravel as you pace around the camp's edge, not out of duty but boredom. The desert sky filled with the singing of insects teases you with the sleep your brothers and sisters are enjoying just a few yards away. Your tired mind wanders endlessly down obscure rabbit holes until you hear a nearby rustling. You scan the shadowy foliage with your flashlight, mindful of coyotes and more curious than concerned. From the darkness a pair of eyes shine back at you, watching almost intently from a foot or so off the ground. With a short weary sigh you place one hand on the pistol grip of the rifle hanging across your c
Choice in the Matter
He pressed his ear against the cold wood of the door, the brim of his hat flattening against the top of his head. After several seconds of silence he stepped back, an expression of calculating diligence set across his features. With the rustle of his trench coat and a glint of silver his pistol rose beside his head, gripped by a gloved hand. The door flew open and he brought his foot down to step inside. Squares of glum light illuminated sections of furniture like modern art. The purposeful pace of his shoes' tapping across the swept floor permeated the shadows through which he passed, eyes slowly scanning the neat décor. With a long, lo
RE: Clone Soldiers
It is imperative that we exercise the utmost discretion in the selection of "clone handlers", not only for the obvious reasons of intelligence and asset protection, but for the lesser acknowledged danger such a task presents to the handlers' own mental health. While the clones are only biologically human, they incite one of two psychological responses: empathy and distress. If we are not careful to select only candidates who are capable of preventing themselves from forming any emotional connection to the clones, and remain vigilant for such a lapse in character, the combat efficiency of this unparalleled military asset will be diminished. H
99 Luftballons
Coins clicked onto the countertop beside a knot of red balloons. Nena and Carlo watched anxiously as the storekeeper counted out the change before sending them on their way with a smile. The two children ran with joy in their hearts through the streets, leaving an air of bliss that cut through the tension taut over their heads. Ninety-nine red balloons held by rocks waited in the field just on the edge of town; the fruit of their day's labor. Giggling, they ran to and fro, releasing the balloons all at once into the sunny summer sky. As the last drifted into the bright abyss, the two danced together beneath the red cloud. Faces appeared in wi
Man on Fire
I saw him there. He walked with a purpose, a drive. I couldn't tell you what it was, but I saw him there. I saw the darkness. The decay poured from him. I don't know its painful source, but I saw it there. I saw his pain. A fire spouting from his heart. I don't know how the ash turned to lava, but I saw it there. I saw that relief. The corruption melting off his bones. I don't know how it felt, but I saw it there. I heard a cry. His lungs were crushed by agony. I don't know how he bottled it up, but I saw it there. I saw him there. A man burning in his own mind. I can't call that living, but I saw it there.
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Dying Soldier
The pain was ignorable, so long as he didn't move too much. His limbs were bent awkwardly, some beneath his body as he laid there in the rubble of what was once some family's home. Blood pooled and caught flecks of ash as they drifted down from a swirling sky of thick black smoke through which no sunlight shone. Instead an eerie glow of orange and red illuminated the city's skeletal skyline. The thought of dying flooded his senses. Panic rose in his mind until he gained control of the turmoil. Trying to relax, he examined why he wanted to live. He thought of all the people he loved, the projects he'd started, the plans he had, the work yet un
All my life, you have been my beacon in the dark of night. Your perfect beauty shining on the horizon, across the turbulent waves I battle. You grace me in my dreams, secret moments I cherish as I sleep below deck. Yours, always a port of safety to which I may return. And though we are near when I finally dock, your glimmer is oh so far away. For your greatness shall forever stand high above the dark ocean, and I, who lives to brave its stormy waves and lonely depths, shall never be your keeper.
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Jollyjack banned me like a typical tolerant "Leftist" so I have to answere here.

You may be right about who sits on the President seat and speak true words. But even symbolical meaning is important.
I rather have a vulgar Trashtalker sitting there as a Psychopath Massmurder Whore. ; )
I don't buy into the perception that Hillary Clinton is either of those things (and I don't know her personally, so I won't pass judgement on her intimate life).
Out of curiousity, do you believe Hillary is a normal Person or a Psychopath?
Lets face it she embodys everything that made the USA the most hated Nation in the world.
And it is certainly not Northkorea or any kind of middle East country.

We got many "Northkorea understanders" by now since the situation with Germany and the USA is ironically everything that Nordkorea wants to avoid.
Which is a faggot occupation army that tries to convince everyone of the lie that they are their allys and very trigger-happy when the local Natives do not smile and nod.

Alltough the Civilians are not shot here, instead opposing people tend to... get a heartfailure, drown in their bathtube without any water in their lungs according to autopsy and any kind of people branded Nazis, Racists etc. for wanting *THEIR NATION TO STAY THEIR OWN* and this is everything,
what the economy-Mafia and Hillary have a problem with.

Maybe Kim Yong Un is crazy and dangerous but I do not care. B-) Why?
Cause this is not what the West has a problem with. As long as he would be "pro USA".
They are indeed very similar to Duterte in that regard.

No they just don't like that it is Northkoreans that decide the fate of the Northkorean people.
And this awakening will happen everywhere. Fuck the EU, fuck Globalists, fuck ehtnic-Mixing and culture-destroying and fuck Nativehostility.
I'm not going to bother telling you any more of what I think because that would be a complete waste of time. You're committed to thinking (or at least speaking) a certain way, and there's nothing written by an anonymous stranger you've already decided to disagree with can do to change that.

Instead I'll give you some advice; pull your head out of your ass. If you're going to discuss politics with strangers:
Don't treat them like targets of opportunity,
Don't spout ridiculous propaganda to aggravate them,
Don't the dialog as a platform to preach irrational claims that validate your own equally illogical, emotional opinions.
People aren't blocking you because they're sensitive snowflakes; they're blocking you because you're degrading the global political discourse.

Some specific pointers:
Calling someone you don't like a "Psychopath" makes it look like you don't actually have any solid evidence as to why others should also oppose that person.
Avoid overly general statements like "the USA [is] the most hated Nation in the world"; that's not a fact that can be measured, it's an opinion, or at best a personal observation.
Explain connections between global events, preferably with a short description of the two and then why they're similar, otherwise people will have no idea what "the situation with Germany and the USA" has to do with "Northkorea understanders", or even what this "faggot occupation army" is.
Provide sources of any horrendous events taking place, because anyone can say they're being persecuted by their government, but that doesn't make it true.
Avoid using obscenities in general
And finally, avoid using combative rhetoric, as it shows you're not interested in a discussion or even a debate, but just want to scream and shout like a child having a tantrum about how you're right and everyone else is wrong.
kanovskyStudent General Artist
thanks for the fave!