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Fant.: General Buck Scott
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Full-view, please!

The Mouse Avenger returns, everyone, & she's got a whole bunch of brand-new artwork for you--& half of it hasn't even been uploaded yet! :D But it will be in due time, everyone...Trust me! ;)

Allow me to give you your very first glance at a character from one of my non-fanquel projects, an original movie named "Fantasmagoria". In the movie (which was partially-inspired by Ralph Bakshi's "Cool World" & Disney's "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"), Chartreuse, a young cartoonist with dreams of making it big in the art biz, is suddenly pulled into the "imaginary" world that provides the setting for her animated television show project. This magical land, Fantasmagoria, is divided into separate realms (e.g., a movie-themed realm, an art-themed realm, a music-themed realm, etc.), all of which are home to a wide variety of zany characters, including General Buck Scott, who inhabits the war-themed realm of Kriegland. Mainly modeled after Gen. Buck Turgidson, George Patton, & George C. Scott, Gen. Buck Scott perfectly fits the stereotype of the fun-hating, no-nonsense, tough-as-nails, tough-talking, hot-tempered, impatient military leader...which tends to make him a rather comical character in the movie. :giggle: And he's also one of my favorite characters, too! ^_^

So, what do you think, guys? :D

And now, for a brief copyright & disclaimer:
:bulletred: General Buck Scott & all elements & properties of "Fantasmagoria" (C) The Mouse Avenger (that's me). That includes the artwork, too.

When you're finished reading, please be sure to leave feedback when you're done. I'll take anything from comments to constructive criticism, as long as they're not flames or delivered in an overly-harsh, stern, or mercilessly-nitpicky manner.

(For those who are interested in seeing the original sketch, click here: - .)
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EmperorNortonII|Professional Traditional Artist
Is he wearing a skirt (or kilt)?
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MouseAvenger|Hobbyist Filmographer
It's more like a kilt or a tunic that goes with his jacket.
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