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(Taken from catdoq's initial journal entry about the forum.)

Welcome, lost-one. You have entered a land of peace and tranquility. Prey is plentiful and cats rules the wild. There are three groups of cats, known as clans, that control this plateau. Willowclan, the clan of adventure and kindness. Breezeclan, the clan of silence and wisdom. And Fogclan, the clan of loyalty and courage. Be warned, lost-one; these clans do not take kindly to strangers. If you wish to join them, you will have to show them that you are worthy of the title "warrior". You seem confident enough...I'm sure they will welcome you here, within the mountain walls.

:bulletblue: Welcome to Within the Mountain Walls, a literate warrior cats roleplay forum! :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: Let's Get To It! :bulletblue:

Click one of the links to get started! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

[ How to Join x Rules x Territory Guide x Resources x Help ]

(I did my best to copy the html from the original journal, I hope I did it justice.)

So, now that we have that out of the way, let's get down to buuusiness!(heheh, sorry, I had to)

This forum was created in late February 2015 by none other than the reputable catdoq, Tokiie, Calynyan, and CrystalCrossing!

This humble warrior cats roleplay group has attracted many affectionate, caring members and over the next several months, it had grown into a tight-knit community. However, around mid-May, it soon became somewhat of a ghost town. For the next 9 or so months, only two members were still roleplaying with each other in one of the threads. They came online at least once a month to reply to each other and somehow managed to keep the place alive. Several other members checked in every once a while, but other than that, our poor home had essentially died. early-mid-February of 2016...two more members came back. They started planning with the other two to start a revival of the forum we had all loved and missed so much. So they began preparations to welcome their old friends back; they sent notes explaining their plans. Some of the old members responded, fondly remembering their time at Within the Mountain Walls, and explaining how they had left because of other obligations such as work and school. But they were eager to come back and continue roleplaying with their friends.

We are still preparing WTMW's glorious revival, but rest assured, it will be stupendous and fun and so much better than before!
We plan on creating new content and hosting contests and activities for our active members. We welcome any and all newcomers into our small family and are very excited to roleplay once more.
A new plot is brewing and the forum will go through an extensive redesign.

Stay tuned for new developments! We will do our best to keep everyone updated!

Hope to see you soon!
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