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:faq: There seems to be a lot of questions about the :faq:
Mountain Demon Dragon species, so this journal
will go to contribution to ask and answer questions related
to the Demon Dragons.

I, XenoPredDragon often gets questions through notes & comments where people asks me about the Mountain Demon Dragons. And often there are the same questions repeated over and over between different people so I'll summon them up into this journal. I will do my best to answer the questions as clearly and meaningfully as possible.

:note: If there is a question asked through a note, I will ask the deviant first if it is okay if I post the questions and answers out to this journal, and if s/he wants to be anonymous or not.

:email: If there is a question asked through a comment, I will maybe post the question depending on if the question is big or asking of an interesting or new topic, or depending to how filling my answer will be. I will also give a link back to the deviation the question related from.

:monitor: If the the question is asked through a comment in a journal, I will follow the same procedure to how comments on deviations would be processed.

:shoutbox: If the question is asked in an online chatroom, I will ask the user first if it is okay if I post the questions and answers out to this journal, and if s/he wants to be anonymous or not.

:iconprincess-okimaka039: Princess-Okimaka039 questioned this through a note. :note:

"What is  their History?"

The Mountain Demon Dragons are the freak hybrid birthed from a Chinese Dragon after breeding with a demon from a mine/cave/mountain. They can not fly so they never could follow their jolly and human friendly mothers, but they share the same weaknesses as the Chinese Dragons (which are ridiculously funny). They got acceptance in the dark of the mountains where they rich the caves with jewels, diamonds, noble metals (like gold, silver). But since they naturally create these considered valuable treasures, they lost all sense of material riches, so wealth for them were judged by the numbers of mates, children, slaves (the Turned Once). With their demonic cravings, they would want to increase their rank/status, and that affected to their need to breed, leading to the development of what is now 4 separate reproductive organs.
They created a big and growing high class society in the mountains this way, they lure in human and get in favors with them by trading and tricking them.

"Do they have any other powers?"

They got fire powers, but the dragon part in them is thinned out, so they have to warm up first, that's why thick smoke would come out by the first breath before it really sparks up. Then there's the most used power with the elements of the mountain; crystals, diamonds, metal, etc.

"What  is in  their blood that turns humans?"

The thought behind that were inspired to how werewolf or vampire would have to bite a human to turn them, the Demon Dragon is the quit the opposite where the human have to bite them. But like to the werewolf/vampire with a cursed bite, their blood is cursed and turns the consumer of it. Often the blood is planted in a drink, etc. and the Demon Dragons would often trick human into drinking their blood to turn them.

"How long is the gestation period?"

Many seems to settle with the 9 months period. But I would say that the growth should takes longer than a human, as the pups have to develop many more abilities, like the numbers of limbs, organs and so on. But I have settled with less or more than 7-9 months, as the pups then are born very small and need the care & protection of their parents, but would grow and develop their abilities outside of the womb. And by being born earlier, the parents can start a new litter very soon after.

"How long does it take for a human to become a Turned?"

Becoming a Turned One is done by the decision of the Demon Dragon the consumer drank from. I have image the changing to start after a magical ritual, but I reconsidered as not all Demon Dragons would be able to contain their victim(s), so I've decided for the turning to happen just by the will of the Demon Dragon. That way it also could be used as threat and/or blackmail to keep their victim(s) normal as long s/he does it's bidding.

:iconaryveldfire: AryVeldfire questioned this from the picture "Fluff Madness". :email:

"So can two Turned Ones give birth to full-blooded mountain demon dragons?"

That is exactly what will happen, Turned Once are only made out from having an other individual drinking an other demon dragons blood.
While even fully demon dragons can be born from Turned Once, catch is that they tend to overpower their parents.

:iconmajoramark: majoramark questioned this from the picture "Mpreg Navn Pose". :email:

"So.... I'm confused, do the white males and females get pregnant?
Or is this just blue moon on Friday the 13th when all the planets align (meaning its rare)?"

It got nothing to do about color, it's just unfortunate that most of the Mountain Demon characters I have got a white coat color.
But no, these types of demons are hermaphrodite.

In biology, a hermaphrodite is an organism that has reproductive organs normally associated with both male and female sexes.
- Wikipedia

But those who have been turned (meaning; changed/infected from another being), the most popular being humans, will stay in the gender they were born in.
And that is the reason Uten Navn got pregnant, with his turned one, Ali Raan.

:iconshtiya-is-my-power: Shtiya-is-my-power questioned this from the picture "Mountain Demon Ref Set". :email:

"Now that's an interesting species. :D But I have one question: are there rules about markings? Are these tips the only kind of markings they can have or do they have different ones as well?"

About coloration, so are their coat very plain. But they can have spots, stripes, etc. Most common is shades of different colors that blends from their limbs.
I obviously need to work out different and more reference sheet of this species. :phew:

:iconxanderignite: XanderIgnite questioned this from the picture "Mountain Demon Ref Set". :email:

"Can they hav like webbing inbetween their legs?"

Like an amphibians or water-birds? No. :no: But they can have extended fur between their fingers, like reindeer have between their hooves which keep them up over the snow, like snowshoes.
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