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I'm in an owl kick. I blame Ga-Hoole..... THE BOOKS!!!!!!!<--important distinction. I WANT to like the movie, oh how I want to, but I've been hurt so many times. We shall see in a few weeks....

Spotted Owl. Because they are lovely and are iconic to Washington state and the rest of the Northwest, where the war over their old-growth forests continues to be waged. I paint this in their honor.

Done in watercolors

OH! And always give credit where it's due: [link]

I got the posture from this photo. However, it's a little blurry. I used several other photos for detail and background ideas (still I think most credit goes to this particular image)
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I haven't even read the books and I was disappointed in the movie. But this isn't about critiquing a movie it's about critiquing art or in this case appreciating it seeing as I have nothing to critique.
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Yeah ... the movie was a little off. Not only with plot, but it didn't really know it's audiance. Sometimes it treated us like an adult, other times a 2 year old. Grr
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liked the way you used the watercolors, Well Done.

P.S The movie is been done by Animal Logic which is the Australian version of Pixar.
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:D i <3 the books too
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Lovely. <3 The watercolors are beautiful.
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You have some amazing talent with water colors! I love this owl. It looks at piece.
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Thank you so much!
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That owl is so unbelievably cute!!! :heart:
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This is beautiful! There seems to be a really great three dimensional perspective with the eyes. The spacing and angles between them appears very realistic. My dad and I are trying to learn watercolors. I would love to be able to make the type of background that is in this painting. Maybe you could teach us!
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YOU are trying to learn watercolors?? Brandon, I'm very excited for you! I think you'd be wonderful at it, as you have marvelous artistic ability on the computer. I've always wondered how you'd do if you took a crack at hand-artistry.

The background technique was something I picked up from a book. It's basically soaking the colors in water so they blend together. I did blotched in black, two greens, and blue. Then I washed it all with a wet brush to get the blur effect. Not sure how I feel about the final product, but it was good practice.

Another method is to soak the paper in water first, THEN blotch on the colors. I might try this next time.
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So pretty! Very nice job!
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Heh. Hope the movies are good, but the books are a little young for me now. I really enjoyed them when I was younger though.
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Me too. But the books are too young?? Maybe I'm living in the past or something. I'm 23 and still lovin' em!
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-shrug- I read them a long time ago, it seems. But I do look forward to the movie
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And this, my dear, is absolutely lovely. :love:
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owlss this is beautiful!

i am really hoping the Ga'Hoole movie is good! when i first heard they were making a movie, i was unhappy, especially because it's computer-animated. however, after viewing the trailer, i am quite excited! barring all else, the animation looks absolutely beautiful; the problem, of course, is that they're doing the first three books in one movie. not saying it isn't doable, but so many things are bound to be left out. and the first book is so full of stuff, and so striking, that it really could have done with a movie of it's own, because i'm sure they'll cut a lot of st. aggie's out. buuut yeah, hoping the movie will be good.

(also wow, long time no see)
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Yeah, I was ticked too. But I DO like the graphics of the movie ... and I always hate the graphics in CGI movies (except for all things Pixar, of course).

I don't really mind if they take stuff out, as long as it's not excessive. What I DON'T like it when they take stuff out to make room for crap. Redwall did this, as did Silverwing. The way I see it, there is reason these books are best sellers. Why tamper with perfection??

Keeping my fingers crossed!

No time no see indeed! But I actually was thinking about you just the other day. Wasup? Are you in school? Working?
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i don't really mind if they take stuff out, because of course not everything can be accounted for in the transition from book to movie (or three books to one movie). but yes, when they remove stuff excessively, especially if important information is not included in the movies, that's when it bothers me.

and yes! i just started college, actually.
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