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Les Miserables Logo -- Eponine

Please see time lapse: [link]

Eponine. Photo source: [link]
-The 5th drawing I made. Model is Samantha Barks. I think I was starting to get a little burned out at this point (poor Sam!!). I……really don’t like this one. I can barely tell who it is. I was on the verge of not including it in the lapse, but alas, I needed it to fill 45 seconds in the sequence (and I filmed the whole thing anyway). The eyes are a bit off, don’t you think? I should know by now to NEVER color in eyes until 100% certain they match, otherwise the whole piece is thrown off. I made the mistake of choosing a photo without great shadows. I referred to a second photo, but seeing as the two weren’t exactly the same, they couldn’t be molded together easily (and you must be precise if you want to get the contours of the face down). I made the same mistake in choosing the Valjean photo. Third time’s the charm—hopefully I won’t make the same mistake with Enjolras.
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This is wonderful
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Thank you so much!!
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While it definitely isn't Samantha Barks, I think it encapsulates what I picture Eponine to be perfectly! Not quite so pretty, a little raggedy, etc. And I like the style of your art work. So, while it might not have been what you envisioned or tried for, I still think it's pretty successful! :)
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Thank you so much, that means A LOT!! *hug*
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Sam is /extremely/ hard to draw for some reason D: as is Killian...which is annoying because they're the people I want to draw most sdafghkjklgh But I like it C: <3 ^ it must be really hard to get these to actually look like the people they're supposed to, only using lines to do it :D
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Thanks, it is hard! And Sam is a toughy, I've drawn her twice and haven't gotten it quite right. It's a shame, because I want to do her justice!!
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I've tried twice as well D: But both times she ended up looking like my neighbour...which wasn't quite what I was aiming for xD
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That's interesting, because I think this Eponine drawing looks a little like my sister! Maybe Sam just resembles a lot of people, haha
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