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Definitely a rushed drawing. Why the hurry? The Les Miz club on DA is getting a petition going for Tom Hooper. He intends to release a 3 hour cut of Les Miz if he gets strong enough 'will' form fans. The club needs full body drawings of characters facing the left. Not sure why, but I hope to find out soon!!

Kinda silly? Futile effort? Maybe. All I know is no one can obsess like I can, and I want a longer cut of Les Miz like I want.... well, a longer cut of Les Miz put (sorry, there is no stronger comparison for me in this world).

Still, I have to live with the fact that the original cut was 4 hours long and that will NEVER be released. No drug is strong enough to save me from the crippling pain. Ah well. I love the film oh so dearly as it is. I just want to squeeze all its holy juices out to the best of my ability.

So, this is Eponine, not based on anyone in particular, in a rather Enjolras-ish pose. Why? Because her body was to long for the page after I completed the head and torso, and I needed to squish her legs. So as long as she was bending down, why not put a flag of courage in her hands?

The original was in color, but I thought it looked a bit better in black and white.

Vive la France.
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Haha, nice. I submitted an older drawing for that, though she wasn't facing to the left as they requested. I think they're making a line of characters, and calling it a barricade! Heck yeah!