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This is my submittion our school's marching band T-shirt for the season. I found out Thursday, August 5 that it was the winning design (I almot collapsed, but Caroline ran over and hugged me with emrine-like ferocity, so I turned out okay). I'm ESTATIC!!!

There were about 10 other submissions, but I only know of one on debiantART. You can see Jackalopette's jackalopette at [link]

It features all the instruments in the marching band this year! I can't wait for more, it will be the best season yet (and my last *sniff*)!!
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Yay! that's the artwork of my furture wife!
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About my HP Wicked crossover, which pairing did you vote for again? I'm sorry. It was just so long since we've talked.
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Hmm ... to be honest, I sort of forgot. It was Elphie ... OH!! And Lupin! I think .... was that one of the options?
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Yes. Regulus was one of the other options.
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Oh! Regulus was the one I chose! Now I remember!!
Very nice :), i like the blend in colours, thanks for your comment on my 'Skull Portrait'
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Your skull portrait was wonderful! Thanx for the fave on Chronometry!
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That's fantastic. Very colorful and dynamic. What's the theme of your school's band this coming year? *sigh* I remember when I was in the high school marching band. Good times.
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did you copy my response or something? cuz it's almost exactly the same, except you wrote yours three hours after mine.
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Thanx chibi-cheeks!! The theme is time, and the three movements in our show are Grandfather Clock, Hourglass, and Stopwatch .... my last year, I'm gonna miss it!!

You were in marching band during high school?? *gets curious at an alarming rate* What instrument did you play?
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Time? What an imaginative theme. The last theme I was a part of was "On the Prowl in Moscow" involving music by Russian composers.
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our theme this year is Chronometry...a.k.a. time. hourglasses, grandfather clocks, and stop watches are just some examples. you were in marching band? what'd you play?
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I love it!

I told my mom that I didn't vote for mine and she called me a nuts-o phyco crazy wierd-o.
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Ha ha, same with me!!! I just told my mum, and she cracked up, ha ha!! Most ammusing ... *is tense for thursday ...*
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kelly, it's great! the colors really make it stand out. i'm glad you put it on DA so everyone can see it. i don't have a bulletin board, but to have a copy would be so cool!
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oooh i like this. very nice work indeedy :)
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ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh! shiny!!!!!!!!!!
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Ooo! PRetty! good luck! =3
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woo! this is pretty damn awesome ^^ i love the way it's drawn and colored, well done ^^
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