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Chilean Rose Tarantula

This is the spider I found when I went to bed last night.

Just kidding.

However, I DID see a spider of this species yesterday evening. Domestic, gentle, and all together, very friendly.

I've always claimed to like all the creatures of the earth (with the exception of humans in general). This is true, but I confess that I suffer from arachniphibia. It's mild, and not as bad as it used to be. And even though I'm a little afraid of eight legged critters, I've not killed one in the last 8 years. I always try to catch them in a cup and set them outside.

But I never touch them. So when ~Corvat and ~crny-jen called me last night to come over and meet Charolette the Chilean rose tarantula (whom was visiting their home for the night), I was excited, but not entirly prepared to hold her. They held her first, and so I did as well. I was afraid she would tickle me (I'm very ticklish) and would hurt her in my alarm, but she was very steady with ' paws' that were hardly prickly.

She was so sweet, and dare I saw it, ADORABLE!! Charolette would travel slowly and evenly across your hands, sometimes pulling forward with the help of her feelers. She was afraid of breath or anything gusty, and cringed at sudden actions (pulling her front legs over her face--also cute). We would set her down on the counter, and if you put your hand down elsewhere, she tended to walk towards you so that she could be handled again (and became upset when she had to go back in her tank).

Charolette was not defanged, and you could actually see them below her fealers. But she was entirly docile, and even if she did bite, I do not believe it would be too harmful (or so I've read). Charolette is very well mannered!

I've learned a lot in the last 24 hours. A few fun facts are always interesting, but the most important lesson was the true nature of these creatures. One way to get me very cross is to put down a creature for a reason it doesn't deserve (usually about all bats being blood-sucking terrors). Because of Charolette, I intend to become cross with people who choose to call them disusting, ill-tempered, and nothing-but-dangerous.

So yesterday was like an Aracnid Religious experiance! I was able to 'invite something good into my life,' haha, really really!! So the next time you see a domestic tarantula, try to overcome the cringe! They are not as bad as you think, and are in fact, entirly lovely! Thanks to Charolette, I now can further appreciate the beauty of tarantulas, both physically and personally.

Finally, about the drawing itself: I wanted to do a background, so I chose a shadow (which I now regret--I put the body of the shaodw under the tarantula, I wish I had put it towards the back, assuming a light was shining in the critter's front). It didn't take horrifically long, probably under two hours. I used photographs for reference, and Miss Charolette as my muse! Done in a nothing-special ballpoint pen.
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I had two Chilean Rose hairs.
I named them Rose and Tribble
Cutest little things...
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They are super cute! I wish more people appreciated them. 
Queen-Clam's avatar
I know! I sometimes dream about them o_0
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Very nicely done, very detailed!!!

I can proudly say I've never squished a spider, just because I don't like them I don't think its fair to squish them. The only problem I have with spiders (not tarantulas) is when I get a fright because of one I freeze then want to be sick :L Its just native UK spiders I'm terrified of but I still appreciate them as a species, they have amazing features :)
Moundfreek's avatar
Wow! You've never squished a spider? I take my hat off to you friend! I'm unproud to say I killed a few in my younger years. Now I wouldn't dream of it.

UK spiders? Not familiar with those, but I'm sure they are lovely!
WolfyWitch's avatar
If I'm honest, I could never have gotten close enough to squash one, I'm literally paralyzed with fear. But I appreciate and respect them as a species which I think is important, even when paralyzed with fear I can ask people NOT to squash it for me :)

UK spiders are not what I would call lovely, they're not particularly threatening or pretty to look at but they can move too quick which terrifies me more haha
Moundfreek's avatar
Haha, I do the same thing. I start screaming at people to "not kill the bug!!!" I then proceed to get a cup, catch it, and perform a release.

Fast moving UK spiders? That can be creepy.....
I-Am-Fear-Its-Self's avatar
That's the kind i have!
Moundfreek's avatar
You have a chilean??? How sweet!
I-Am-Fear-Its-Self's avatar
YEA! he is really nice, i also have a red knee.
DarkMatery's avatar
So cute!:aww: I sooo want to get a Chilean Rose now!:iconiloveitplz:
Also,*whisper* Be careful about mentioning being me...*:XD::) Back to the drawing: It's so cool!:)
Good picture...and good job taking a step in the right direction to overcome your fears. BTW you can't de-fang a tarantula as this would kill it but their venom is no more potent then that of a bee.(In the new world species such as the Rosehair)
Moundfreek's avatar
Interesting, I had no idea that one could NOT de-fang a tarantula. But as you said, it's not really neccessary.
Amaterasu--Omikami's avatar
I enjoyed reading your artist's comment very much!! Spiders like this are generally so gentle, fluffy and easy-going, lol. :aww:
And congratulations on your wonderful drawing! In ballpoint pen...Wow! I love that! :)
Moundfreek's avatar
Thanks so much! I'm glad that you appreciate the beauty of spiders!
Amaterasu--Omikami's avatar
You're very welcome! :nod:
Oh, yes I do. I own a cute pet-spider myself, one of the kind that you drew. Her name is Fluffy Mary, lol. :giggle:
Kimantha333's avatar
I have a Rose hair myself and I couldn't be happier with her, she just shed, you can see her new pretty self here:
Thanks for getting the word or tarantula love out there :) Sounds like you're just about ready to own one yourself ;)
Moundfreek's avatar
My goodness! How beautiful she is, and so rosey. I think it's interesting how the Chilean rose can take on a number of unique shades. The first one I ever met looked normal enough, but upon putting her next to another rose hair, I discovered how GOLD-looking she was.

What is your tarantula's name? They are truely wonderful creatures, and I consider myself blessed to have met one. Haha, I wouldn't be surprised if I became a tarantula owner one day!
Kimantha333's avatar
Thank you very much :) It's not often you find someone to appreciate the beauty in a spider :)
My tarantula is named Rosalita as a play on her "rose haired" name. I adore her, and actually say that of all of my critters, she is the least likely to show you aggression. My kitten is the most likely to bite you...especially if you rub that adorable tummy she shows to all unwary newcomers :D
On friday I'm planning on getting three Mexican red kneed babies. A man a couple hours away from me has a drop dead gorgeous female he bred. You'll be able to see piccys of them shortly after I would assume.
I sure hope you do, theres so many beautiful tarantulas out there, and many nice tempered ones too :)
Marsmar's avatar
I used to have that tarantula, it died a year ago, this picture brings happy and sad memories. oh how I loved tarantula.
Moundfreek's avatar
I'm so sorry to hear about your tarantula. They certainly make wonderful companions. You must have loved it very much.
Marsmar's avatar
Yes, he was one of my best friends. and yes tarantulas do make great companions. If only people would realize how kind and gentle they are.
Moundfreek's avatar
True true! They are beautiful gentle animals. I'm trying very hard to spread the word. That's actually why I made the picture: I was elated with the discovering that tarantulas are not what people say they are.
Marsmar's avatar
As am I, I have always had an interest for spiders. People just don't understand. I once brought my tarantula to school and some on asked me if he was real. when I said yes the person ran away screaming. a few minutes later her friend was dragging her saying it's not real, it's not real. for some laughs, I made the tarantula move by poking it with a pencil and they both ran away saying it's real, it's real.
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