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Sleepless night

That's a sort of answer to this drawing :

4th Age : Same explanation I guess, I thought it was quite poetic to imagine Celeborn and Galadriel waking at same time even if they're in each side of the great sea, she in Valinor and he in Middle Earth ... a sort of sixth sense because they had been bounded for so long.

Actually, I had the idea from my parents. I know it sounds weird but I am a Cartesian, very scientific kind of person. But have you already noticed some strange phenomena ? A kind of telepathy or feelings with someone you're particularly close.
It had always disturbed me that every time my mom is upset or has a bad feeling, she calls my father and something DID happen with him at this time or stuffs like that... odd and pretty cool.

Maybe it is coincidence but I like to think that it's makes life be more mysterious ! ;p

I decided to focus on Celeborn's face to have a good excuse to work with my "new" colors in a more detailed way (since I worked a lot on the body of Galadriel for the previous drawing).

PS : thank you to aaaaalllll for your kind messages for my birthday. That's it, I'm 20...I'm not a teenager anymore, welcome among the "real" grownups ... I have no excuse anymore :D
I had an awesome day, it is something that I will have hard time to forget,
you know what ? you know what ? I got the 8 first books of HoME !!!!

*my art-trade is driving me crazy xD I need a break*
*next week : exams :( *
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My goodness, he's as gorgeous as the real one :love: No one could mistake him for anyone else. Great work :)
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thanks very much...I love this actor so so so so so much, he's handsome, sensitive and looks mature without looking old. PER-FECT
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Right :aww: I discovered him lately, but I found out he was acting in my favourite series when I was about 5 :D, so I that feeling that I must have seen him somewhere was true :P I liked him most in Aeon Flux (even if the film itself wasn't so bright), there he was as you said :) His role of Celeborn in LotR films was a bit short and not as interesting as it could be (in my opinion), but anyway it was my inspiration for a fanfiction novel...
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Sublime travail
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merci beaucoup, ravie que ça te plaise. D'autant plus que ce personnage me tient à coeur
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Je l'avais remarqué en regardant toutes vos galeries, avec Galadriel (je ne me trompe pas ?).
J'adore comment les couleurs ont été mises, l'expression, enfin, beaucoup de choses à écrire et quelques difficultés pour m'exprimer ce que je ressens...
Continuer !
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Je suis très flattée, merci
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C'est magnifique, je file voir Galadriel. ♥
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Celeborn looks very handsome and sad....Good job...
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thank you, I have a soft spot for the actor who played him in LoTR. I liked the fact that he wasn't "cute" like orlando Bloom. Marton Csokas seemed more "mature" (like Hugo Weaving for Elrong) so it looked cool for such an old elf.
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Lol, I appear to be faving all your Celeborn and Galadriel art! It's making me want to draw some, but I have exams coming up soon, so I can't until Christmas break :(

I fully believe that we have some link with those close to us.We've had it happen several times in my family. I'm in university more then two hours from home, a few days ago I actually woke up before my alarm feeling uneasy and rattled. I found out a while later that when I had woken up had been when a coyote attacked and killed some of our animals and had hung around the house for a while afterwardO.O
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well, firstly : thanks for appreicating my art, ^^ I'm always honored ! and if you do draw something, don't hesitate to show me the result, I'll be glad to see new drawings of Celeborn (that I have not drawn LOL gosh, I feel like I'm the only one around)

Your story is creepy but it reassures me that it happens to other people???it is a question of interpretation after all. Anyway, I'm very glad that you take time to comment my drawings and also read the artist's comment, I usually let a lot informations in it and it is a pleasure to see that someone pays attention.

Thank you very again
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Wow, I can't pick what I'm touched by more, the beautiful imagery or the powerful and heart-breaking emotion you display here! You can really feel Celeborn's pain and longing, but at the same time it's just rendered so beautifully. The light on his skin and the pink-purple clouds in the background are just ridiculously gorgeous. Great job!
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thank you very much :heart: I am pleased that the important points/goals of the painting affect you equally. It's always gratifying to see people notice exactly the main lines on which we worked.

I really love working on this background, it makes me want to go there, it looks so dreamy but is is also a big part of the emotion of the drawing...I mean that 2 faces, drawn in the same position will have a total different meaning depending on the colors and slight changes.
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Magnifique jeux de lumières, fin bref, comme d'habitude, j'aime beaucoup !
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et comme dh'abitude, je te remercie. Je suis vraiment contente que tu continues à suivre ce que je fais, ça me fait très très très plaisir :heart:
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Je vais peu souvent sur DA en ce moment mais dès que j'y vais, je fais toujours un tour sur tes nveaux dessins !!
Ils sont de plus en plus beaux ;)
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je suis toujours contente de l'entendre ^^
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I know what you mean, and I totally LOVE the idea and the work! Amazing, as usual... (but I'm still waiting for them to be reunited. Ahem.)
Happy birthday, and good-luck with the exams! :)
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I'm very happy that you like the idea. Sometimes I fear it is too personnal to be understand by everyone but me xD ... well, the reunited drawing is not now but I'll eventually make one. For now, I have other ideas.

And thank you for the exams and the birthday ;p
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After all, we're all humane (even the elves among us), and things happen to all of us. Sometimes we think it's weird, but really... it happens to everyone.
So although something feels personal, other people might understand it. And although they understand, they'd never understand it just the same way we might think.

[That was LONG.]

Anyway, I'll keep waiting!
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Bon, tu dis que tu est Cartesian, mais si je me trompe pas meme Einstein disais que pour etre vraiment scientifique, on doit croire qu'il y aye quelquechose d'irrationel...
Celeborn est vraiment beau ici, je crois avoir vu un croquis avec les 2 dessins ensemble...est-ce que tu vas reunir les deux amants dans une unique peinture?
Bravo comme toujours, Mou, et bonne chanche pour tes examens!!!:hug:
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