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Celeborn : to Dol Guldur



Thank you all, for your support and your kindness. As I explained in the journal, I decided to try new drawings and go on after what happened to my computer so let's call this picture the 1rst new painting of this new era...

More specifically about the painting : do you remember the armour sketches ? [link] I said I wanted to upgrade a little bit Celeborn's armour, so here it is, I pushed the idea further and made an entire drawing of the idea. I hope it does not look bad nor too shiny xD .

3rd Age, Lothlorien had managed to repel the 3 assaults of Sauron, Celeborn leads his troops to take the evil fortress of Dol Guldur (before he is joined by his wife Galadriel who cast down the walls actually) ...
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