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the Dungeon Master

By MoulinBleu
oils+digital 24x30"

blog / tumblr / twitter

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© 2013 - 2021 MoulinBleu
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Hope you're getting a cut of all the cash this company is making off your art - if not, that sucks because this is really a very cool image.

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I cant even describe, how I love your work. First time I saw this, few years ago and now always, when i looking at it, it remember me, how important part of my life are roleplay games are.
This is why I want to ask you one question.  Would you let tattoo it on me?
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Just wanted to let you know that this guy is using your artwork with out sourcing then blocking people who try to source you properly.… His page as well as screen shots of the conversation.…
I'm organisating a free role playing game in my school, we have no budget but i want to you if you can let us use your (wonderful) painting for display and information (we will no make any money and the distribution will be very small.
This is pure awesomesauce on so many levels...
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I guess the knight just rolled a 1 XD
Great work, especially keeping it to just the things that matter, just his hand and his hood and the action.
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This is one of my favorite pieces of art ever. Absolutely adore it.
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Gandalf looks like a grill
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I know that look on the DM's face, that's the look of dealing with a party of complete asshat's for  four hours while they took the plot, characters, and scenarios he spent weeks working on to make as fun as possible, all the multiple and interesting routs...and then have them completely trash it with their utterly broken characters that all seem to have no less then 18 in each stat despite the fact they swore they "rolled" them all.

And I-he sits back passively as they storm the kings castle, kill all the guards, him, his son, his wife, his daughter, their pet cat! and take the castle for their own...dispite the fact the king was the quest giver! And they wounder why the DM is so calm about this, until he tells them that the castle has been teleported by an ancient spell activated by all the blood THEY spilled. THEY would have noticed had anyone bother to do a spellcraft check, but now THEY'RE in hell, and THEY'RE surrounded by no less then 10 Balor lords led by the worst monster the DM could find, wanting the castle for their own.

And he looks at the players, all of them the picture of shock and anger, and says "Roll initiative."
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Mwahahahahah. Brilliant.
Greetings! I see this picture all over the internet, but no one ever seems to give you credit for your work. I'd like to remedy that in a small way if I can. My name is Tim, and I am launching an independent publishing company called Tabletop Terrors. Would you be open to an interview that we can put on our blog? We would link back to any page that you'd like, but the title of the article would be "Meet the [Guy/Girl] Who Painted that Dungeon Master picture you see Everywhere." Let me know if you'd be open to it, I'd love to see credit where credit is due. Let me know. Thanks.
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Just saw this haha...Sure man!
Hey there, MoulinBleu! I just saw this myself! I guess I don't have any kind of email mechanism for when people reply to my messages. = ) I think it'll be awesome to finally give you credit where credit is due! Would you be able to to shoot me an email at tabletopterrors at gmail dot com so we can talk further? That way I'll be sure to see it right when you respond! = )
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A new favorite of mine.  This is brilliantly executed.  Love the perspective and composition!
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Found this on Tumblr, and I am just amazed at this. I love it.
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Oh holy shit

I don't have words
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I think this is one of the first prints that I'm seriously considering buying! Amazing! :faint:
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awesome :D
the dungeon master looks a lot like Stephen Amell in his hood
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this is absolutely awesome
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It´s REALY great...can i print a t-shirt whit this art?
XD I tried to draw something very similar to this but my computer crashed and I lost it q.q 
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Reminds me of a certain episode of BBC Luther...
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