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CL4M0 is doing an art raffle, check it out and entuuuurrr!! :la:
ok so first off, i'm sorry i haven't been around much lately. i had a lot of work, got depressed because of all this shit with my mom (i'm ok now though, no worries), went off my adhd-medication most of the time (which made me forget to even check back here because my mind was involuntarily preoccupied with so many other things) because it makes me lose pretty much all my creativity, which sucks if you want to be an illustrator and all, and then a bit over a week ago i got sick, like i do pretty much every year during november/december for some reason. during last weekend i though it was getting better, so i went back to work on monday, but then later that day it suddenly all went SUPER downhill again. i basically feel like i've been run over by a truck or something. EVERY PART OF MY BODY FREAKIN HURTS ASDFGHJKL and it really doesn't help that i'm hyper sensitive (mostly tactile), so when i lie down i feel every little wrinkle in my pillow. i mostly manage to suppress it during the day and before i started taking adhd meds and a friend started talking to me about it because she has it, too, i didn't even realize i had a condition like that. but now with my complete body hurting from this stupid "cold" or whatever it is i have, it's intensified >9000, which really sucks because all i want to do is lay down in my bed and sleep and not wake up until this shitty feeling is gone...... ;n;

ps. my hair isn't green anymore. it's a weird salmon color now. in other news, my mom is out of the hospital by now of course. it's still a rollercoaster ride, but hopefully it will never get as bad as it was this time.
jfyi, my mother's in the hospital so i might not be around devart much or at all. not sure how long it'll be. ttys hopefully
hello y'all i'm back from sweden/norway! the landscape was amazing. *u*
Norway Mouldycat by mouldyCat
(much clouds, very wind, wow! :D more pictures here in case you're interested:

i got home very late on tuesday night to find my apartment in a really bad stinky mouldy state (oh, the irony). a week before the vacation started there was a really bad thunderstorm in berlin and the roof above my apartment has holes in it (always had.... just hasn't rained hard enough in a while to be enough water to get into the apartments beneath the attic) aka i had a little stinky dirty waterfall on my walls for a bit. the landlord was supposed to take care of it during my absence, but apparently he didn't sooo now i have mould on my wall - and not even the cute green fluffy kind that i based my online name on, but the nasty-smelling brown inside-and-on-the-walls-kind. it's really disgusting. ._.
then i had about 2 hours of sleep (with all the windows open to survive the smell), after which i went straight to work and what was supposed to be a 5 hours work day turned into something between 8 and 9 hours, including a surprise probation period end talk which i didn't expect to be until next week. so suddenly i got really nervous about maybe getting fired or something..... >____> BUT APPARENTLY I SURVIVED THE PROBATION PERIOD JUST FINE and now i'm officially hired, yay!! :la: it's just 10 hours per week usually, but it's perfect and prevents me from losing my apartment while i try to get established as a part time (for now) illustration freelancer.

so i've been thinking maybe i should re-open commissions sometime these days since i want that to be part of my future career anyways, would anyone be interested? c:
i would sell unicat customs (both true forms or humanoids), icons (working on a new tiny person base, and unicats BECAUSE I MADE A NEW UNICAT ICON BASE OMG but i can't show you right now because it's at home on my desktop computer and i'm currently on my work laptop >u>) and maybe also general pixel dolls on a base of mine (not sure yet if i will use the old blinky doll base or make a new one).
some examples from my previous commission info can be found here: Custom UniCat + Regular Commissions [CLOSED]

in other news, an online friend of mine is making really cute custom pixel icons and is currently in need of money to support her family due to some very bad life circumstances. if you can spare some :points: or $ or € and want a cute new icon, check out her commission info here:
Sad Life so Commissions are OpenI'll offer you my services:

for 300Points  you can get a non animated 50x50pixel image 
[ for a small animation (3-4 blinks) add 100Points  more ]
to use for what ever you like as long as you also give credit back, please.
conversions: 100 Points = $1 USD
(I also accept paypal, just add 50 cents for the fees please. ^w^)
You can tell me how I should customize one of those items:
Some Decission Helps:

or one of those bases:

Newget your unicat or mozy as icon!New
look on my examples 
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i'm off to vacay in sweden/norway for a while, see you all soooon! <3
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sorry for not getting back to anyone these past few days, i've been too busy to check deviantart. D: also i won't be home for a week starting monday or tuesday.. i'll try to get back to everyone before then but i can't promise anything.
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some of you probably already noticed i have been kind of mia for a while.. unfortunately it'll have to stay like this for another few weeks, at least until the end of march to be specific, as i am currently in the process of finishing my bachelor project. :3 if you want to keep up with my work you can follow me on instagram:…

stuff i will finish up when i get back:
- some additional rules for the unicat group
- new folder for unicat bases on because photobucket sucks
- cherry tree mutant (not like the sakura/cherry blossom mutant - this one has actual cherries and big green leaves x3 the bases for this one are already done)

- wooly sheep mutant for naloa
- squirrel mutant
- brain mutant (the double mutant of squirrel and brain will be my version of an adhd mutant :P)
- lioncat subspecies
- triplecat humanoids

see you soooon! ^^
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EDIT: OFFLINE for now c:

i decided to try streaming, you can tune in here right now c:
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reee! xD

i was wondering, if i made some unicat humanoid adoptables:

- would you be interested in buying any? :3
- do you prefer them to be pixel dolls like these UniCat Adopts w/ Humanoid Form [CLOSED] by mouldyCat (on the pixel version of this new base of mine: P2U Base: Pete by mouldyCat) or digital drawings like these: [CLOSED] new triplecat type humanoids! :3 by mouldyCat (prolly on this base which i recently purchased  Base05 [P2U] 60 points by Sugadoptables - i made a cute edit with open eyes and all x3)
- what subspecies would you want me to make humanoids of? (the choice is between the triplecat subspecies with heart-shaped horns, bunnycats and/or the new munchkin subspecies that has curled or folded ears x3 i have a true form sheet of these almost done, so watch out for that! ^^)

my current devart to-do list:
- simplify and update master breeding sheet! at least 3 new subspecies need to be added there (starburst + sandcat + snowcat) UniCats Breeding Rules by Unicorngirl1 + mouldyCat by mouldyCat done!
- upload a lot of unicat bases of mixes, double mutants etc to the photobucket base folder (if anyone has anything to contribute there, please send me a note!) (still trying to figure out how to solve the issues of photobucket not displaying subfolders within the folder everyone has the link for already >.<)
- finish munchkin subspecies sheet [CLOSED] munchkin subspecies sheet done!
- re-open co-breeding for my unicat herd (xavs-pixels and THEOLAS will get notified bc they asked first)…
- breed with some of StargazerSammie's kittens!
- finish pixeling all teh kitties from my herd sheet in adult form
- get a pure unitriplecat with curled horns >o< whoop! bought one from here: :la: Breeding Collab w/ Night Class [1/8 OPEN]
- re-boot breedings with normal unicats, triplecats, spacecats and other sort of "forgotten" subspecies. let the "retro" breedings begin! who's with me?? xD
- re-open commissions (Oliv-e and naloa already requested something, one of them will be a mutant that involves wooooooly sheep xD)
my ba thesis needs to be finished and turned in on january 26th, sooo now i'm REALLY going MIA for a few days.. really REALLY this time. xD
i'll be back by january 27th, hopefully. <3 ttys!
//edit: ALL GONE

in other news, here are some unicats for resell: (the prices listed there are as stated in the Unicat Reselling Post)

>>> <<<

if you want any of them, please respond to this journal, not on the files!
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* EDIT: got an extension until january 26th because i'm sick. ._.

hey everyone,

i'll have to go MIA for a bit, until mid-january to be specific, because i have a major deadline coming up, which is for my BA thesis. it needs to be handed in on january 12th 26th* and i still have a lot of writing to do until it goes in print. ;__;

i'll have a to do list here to remind myself what needs to be done when i come back:
- finish last year's summer breeding contest price for Quapon (includes special wildcard for mutant traits so you can look forward to see a few new awesome mutants out there!)
- upload a lot of unicat bases of mixes, double mutants etc to the photobucket base folder (if anyone has anything to contribute there, please send me a note!)
- simplify and update master breeding sheet! at least 3 new subspecies need to be added there (starburst + sandcat + snowcat)
- finally make a sheet for new subspecies (munchkin/bobcat/american curl/scottish fold)
- re-open co-breeding for my unicat herd (xavs-pixels and THEOLAS will get notified bc they asked first)…
- breed with some of StargazerSammie's kittens!
- use the first unicat base again that i made (the frontal view one), maybe make some edits
- re-boot breedings with normal unicats, triplecats, spacecats and other sort of "forgotten" subspecies. let the "retro" breedings begin! who's with me?? xD
- re-open commissions (Oliv-e and naloa already requested something, one of them will be a mutant that involves wooooooly sheep xD)

if i forgot something here feel free to let me know! ;u;

you all have a great sylvester party and of course a happy new year!! :la:
see you soon! <3
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i hope everyone is having great holidays, christmas, hannukah, yuletide or whatever else you celebrate around this time of the year! c:
as for myself i'm staying at home alone working on my ba thesis and watching harry potter. <3 xD
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EDIT: all gone!

these were originally on re-sale, but i was gone for a very long time.. (and i'm still banned from using points. ;n; )
since i would love for my kittens to find good new homes asap i am now giving them away for free!
(2 per person at max. please)


only comment on this journal entry if you want any, stating the kitten name(s)! (comments on the files will be ignored)

ps. if you happen to know any good books on creativity in association with adhd, please let me know! <3
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just like PhoebeRose recently posted on her journal saying "every journal entry i make has to be either "IM BACK" or "IM GONE"", this seems to be a theme for my devart life, too. ._.

i had planned and promised people to really be around here again and do all sorts of things, as i always do, but then, again, as always, a lot of things happen and i just can't do it. i'm very sorry about that and i hope you can forgive me for never being able to keep this kind of promise when it comes to my digital life, as it seems. :[

the last time i was around, i was about to start medication (methylphenidate) for better concentration because of my ADHD-PI, as i had noticed an extreme decrease of concentration, motivation and productivity during my last semester break when i suddenly had a lot of things to finish for university without a prof looking over my shoulder and telling me what to do, like writing a lengthy paper, making a good-looking portfolio and writing a lot of job applications so i would be able to find a place for an internship, because the next semester (the one that started at the beginning of this month) was supposed to be a "practical" one. it just had to stop, i felt like shit for not doing what i wanted to do or was supposed to be doing, a failure that would never be able to get a decent job because i wasn't even able to do all those LITTLE things that would get me further in life. this has been a theme of my mind for many years now, but it got so much worse.. i just couldn't do it anymore, so i got myself checked out (blood pressure, heart stuff) to see if i was a candidate for methylphenidate. the most awesome part about that was when my doc told me "oh hey either my ecg machine is broken or you have some kind of heart defect, better go see a cardiologist", which is what i did right away of course, scared like hell. not for having some kind of heart problem, but because i wouldn't be able to take the medication i needed if i really had a heart problem. which should say a lot about my messed up brain and emotional well-being at that point, i guess.
luckily, my heart is ok, the machine really was broken....... -.- my heart rate IS a teensy bit irregular though, but not bad enough to not be applicable to use methylphenidate. phew!

so i got the medication and it really REALLY worked, i got deeply into what i was supposed to do - but it also made me neglect everything else. my kitchen became a yucky pile of dirty dishes and leftover food, if i ever went in there i ended up just taking a slice of bread after a while and ignored everything else because the medication made me lose my appetite for the first few weeks and i wanted to keep working instead of taking care of my household. after getting up in the morning and taking my pills i would just go right to my desk and sit there and work for 10+ hours straight until my body was too exhausted to keep going, but my mind kept racing through stuff for another few hours anyway so i couldn't really sleep either. for weeks i didn't get any decent sleep at all. it was kind of hell, but also the feeling of being a failure finally went away and it was just AWESOME to finally get something done. ;_;
by now, my body has gotten used to medication, i'm able to sleep again and i also learned when to take a break during work so i won't break my body at some point. i managed to find a place for my internship; it's a small indie publisher called "jaja" and i am having fun there learning all sorts of new things. it involves a lot of physical work though about half of the time, so when i get home in the evening i am always kinda exhausted.. but it is a good kind of exhausted, so i feel ok even if the only thing i can do then is to just sit there and watch netflix for the rest of the day.

...then my grandmother died. in case you followed my journals you might know that a lot of losses have occurred in my family and "extended" family lately, which made this even harder for me to handle. by now my granny was the fourth person to go, and you'd think you would "get used" to it at some point, but i am just sick of looking at corpses (let alone losing people that are important to me). my granny wasn't even "there" anymore.. she was lying on her bed, covered with just a white sheet, but it didn't really look like anyone was even there, lying beneath that sheet. she was just skin and bones, and i couldn't bare to look at her face when they pulled off the sheet. i went to another corner of the room and looked at the wall, waiting for the others to say their goodbyes.
but, oh well, luckily, the number of important people that could die anytime soon is getting smaller and smaller, right? *cynic* ._.

and it's not enough yet! deviantart decided to ban me from using the commission widget and points in general a month ago! thank you deviantart, you freakin sucker! >:[ they thought i was trying to cash-out points, because i bought something with points via gift option from someone who later bought something from me using the commission widget. when that happens, an automated anti-fraud bot comes into action and does refunds. someone owes me 150 points now. if YOU'RE that person, please send the points again, using the gift option. i am tired of running after people and taking care of this when devart doesn't even link the payment transactions to the correct people in the "my earnings" listing, so there's no way that makes sense to keep track of all yours buyers and sellers. it has happend multiple times before and i talked to the help desk about it a lot since unicorngirl1 got banned from using the commission widget, and i was trying to prevent this from also happening to me, so i also asked them to work on the freakin transaction linking, but they just don't seem to give a shit. this time they told me i'll have to wait for another 2-4 weeks until i can appeal again and then they will MAYBE un-ban me. even though i gave them all the evidence that i didn't try to cash-out points and that i really did sell and buy stuff and i also didn't go against any of the rules of the premium content platform. how is it my fault that some people prefer using the commission widget while others like using the gift option better? just because devart can't get their shit together i am supposed to not buy anything from anyone anymore now who's bought something from me before and is not using the commission widget for their own sales? this SUCKS.

blah. i will try to finish whatever i owe people, i have not forgotten you. i have a list. but it might take a while because i'm still super busy with my internship of course and also depressed because of my grandmother and all the family shit that has been happening since then. also my concentration-enhancing meds are used up and my neurologist is on vacation so i can't get new ones until sometime next week. (i tried another neurologist but they're not allowed to give me anything without my medical records.)
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i'm reselling some of my unicats so i have more points to buy myself some new ones x3
you can find them here >>
please only comment directly on this journal if you want any!

payment will go through the commission widget on my profile page, i'll set up individual payment panels for everyone. c:

edit: you can change their genders/names of course ^^
once claimed i am moving the unicats to the top of the page and once you paid and saved them to your hd they'll go into the "TAKEN" folder.

edit2: gone for the weekend again ;u;
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:bulletgreen: = done
:bulletyellow: = wip
:bulletred: = not started yet

:bulletgreen: finish autumn-themed unicat with 3 breedings wildcard for summer breeding contest 2nd price win
:bulletgreen: note Quapon and Queen-of-Color about their wins from summer breeding contest
:bulletyellow: finish new unicat+humanoid adoptables sheets (2 new subspecies on there =3)
:bulletred: ...and then note them to Ashuri (3rd place summer breeding contest win: 1 for free from next sheet)
:bulletred: ...and then publish + sell the rest
:bulletred: make mutant with 3 breedings body mod wildcard for Quapon (1st place summer breeding contest win)
:bulletyellow: wildcard breeding with naloa' Goldie
:bulletyellow: breedings with theRainbowOverlord
:bulletred: breedings with Aristanova 
:bulletred: make new unicat mutant adoptables sheet
:bulletyellow: FINISH POTION SHOP 
:bulletred: re-open custom wildcard shop and get on Night-Class' order
:bulletred: color cute witch adoptables sheet, or make them cyop (choose your own palette) adopts?
:bulletred: color 70+ clothing adopts :crazy:

my to-do list outside of devart is much longer though. orz
i hope i didn't forget anything 9.9
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my august so far has been filled with travelling from place to place every weekend, bad internet connections, A FREAKING HUGE WORKLOAD (mainly university stuff) and an enormous heat (30°C/86°F and over) that tried to kill my productivity (partly also managed to do so.. i'm not good with hot weather, not used to it either). but of course i also had some fun in between. c:

my to-do list is still far too long, but i missed deviantart a lot these past few weeks.. so here i am, trying to catch up with over 3000 devart notices. i must be bonkers. :la:

i have yet to find a place where i can do a 5 months internship that's related to my studies (university dictates i need to do this next semester, starting october), and for that i first need to finish polishing up my portfolio and cv. i scanned what feels like 71093846592 pictures, but of course they do not look as good yet digitally as they do on paper, so there's a lot of photoshopping work, too. almost done with that though. it's what i've mainly been doing lately, other than coding on my new website. %)

in ~3 hours i am back on the road again for about 5-7 hours, going to my mom's place, helping cleaning out 1/3 of her house over the weekend so she can get a tenant in there next month.

university also dictates i write another paper until the end of september, but my prof didn't approve of my chosen theme and now he's on vacation, soo i'll have to wait until september before i can speak to him again about any new ideas. the paper needs to be based on an illustration project of mine, but until i have a go from my prof i cannot get started on that either. 8(

in other news, i made a short film called "message in a bottle" together with HelenasHerzblut in university; it placed 1st in evoke 2015's animation competition in cologne, which was totally unexpected. o.o but that makes us even more happy about it of course. =3

now i'm off to cook something, take a shower and hopefully then i will still have some time left to read and reply to the rest of my notes.

ttys! <3
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hey lovelies,

i'll be mostly missing in action for the next 2-3 weeks because semester finals are kicking my butt and after that i'm gonna want to take a little break from basically everything. xD i know i have a few notes left to answer; i'll hopefully be able to get back to you all by tomorrow. c:

ttys <3
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