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June 24th Edit: Due to lack of interest, I'm cancelling this contest. Sorry if anyone was thinking about joining. :(

Alrighty! I think I'm finally ready to host the contest I've been wanting to host since last year! I know many of us are stuck inside, and could probably use a fun distraction, so I've decided to push ahead with it. :)

Pick the Make (ex: Toyota) and Model (ex: Camry) of a car, van, or pickup truck, and create a character based on it. The character can be human, dragon, feral, anthro, whatever you'd like! The idea is to reflect the vehicle in a unique and expressive way. Creating an outfit is encouraged as it can really help translate the concept! You can even choose specific vehicles if you'd like, such as your own Monte Carlo, a friend's Charger as well!
You do not have to draw the vehicle! (But if you'd like to include it just for fun, I sure as heck won't argue!)
So, what happens to the characters after the contest? Well, they're all yours! You get to keep them (and hopefully continue to draw them a bunch more in the future)!
Rules and Guidelines (I know it's not super fun, but please read all of these!):
•You may enter as many times as you'd like. Go crazy!
•Entries must be in color, but you can use whatever medium you'd like.
•Obviously, any art must be original and belong to solely to you. However, minimal use of free stock images are fine, such has for a background. Use of stock must be clearly indicated and cited to their original source. If you cannot locate the original source, do not use the image at all.
•For trademark reasons, do not include any car manufacturer or brand logos on your design. You can parody them, though (such as "The Furred Motor Company").
•Please only create designs based on cars, vans, and pickup trucks. Official concept cars, pickups, and vans are also acceptable (Ex: Dome Zero or Audi Avus, but no fan made concept renders). 
•Again, you do not have to draw the vehicle as well! (And again, if you'd like to include it just for fun, I still sure as heck won't argue!)
•While you may advertise your entry, please don't try to manipulate voting. We want everyone to have a fair chance.
•If you create a not-safe-for-work reference sheet, please create a safe-for-work version that I can display for voting. (Probably shouldn't make it nsfw if you choose a specific car you don't own, or you don't have permission.)
Completely optional: You can include my sexy mechanic lynx girl (warning: boobies) into your drawing as well if you'd like to just for fun. She's always interested in meeting other vehicle enthusiasts. :3

•Designs will first and foremost be judged on creativity. Skill is a factor, but does not weigh heavily on the judging process. Try your hardest, but you won't immediately lose simply because you're a beginner.
•There will be a panel of 5 judges, in addition to online polling.

•You must have a reliable place to upload your entry that is publicly accessible (no locked accounts). I will collect your links all in one place in a journal posted to both FA and DA. Make sure it's reliable, because if for some reason your link doesn't work, people won't be able to see your entry. After all the hard work you put in, that would be really disheartening! D:
•There will be three ways voting will happen, to try to defer vote manipulation. There will be voting on DA, FA, and a Twitter Poll. Hopefully between these three places, it'll be easier to catch questionable activity. While you may advertise your entry, please don't try to manipulate voting. We want everyone to have a fair chance. :)
(Examples of each prize type can be found here.)
First Place:
• 1 holofoil badge
• 1 Pencil Drawing With Splash Of Color with 1-2 characters and a simple background
Second Place:
• 1 holofoil badge
• 1 B&W Shaded Pencil Drawing
Third Place:
• 1 300x300 pixel sized icon
• 1 Traditional Loose Sketch
For every increment of 10 entries, I'll add one runner-up!
• 1 300x300 pixel sized icon
All prizing is subject to my Terms of Service (TOS). Please read it over here for more information. 
July 24th 2020 at 11:59pm EST
Have fun, and let me know if you have any questions!
You can view all of the current entries here! :love:
This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or associated with any car brand or manufacturer. This is purely intended as a fun contest hosted by a gear head that loves cars and character design.
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  This year was especially strange for me, with a lot of mixed feelings. I didn't hear from my family until several days after and even, as silly as it sounds, DeviantArt sent me a belated Happy Birthday. Seems silly, but in my current state, it really compounded how unimportant I feel.  I'd like to send a late, but big thanks to those who wished me Happy Birthday here. You really brightened my mood, even if I didn't thank everyone individually. :hug:

 I have a few things I'd really like to get off my chest, I'll try to keep it short and sweet, as it were.
For those who have known me for some time might know that I suffer from Schizophrenia. I've been through many treatments, and medications with mixed results. Recently I lost my insurance, and with the federal government shut down, my application for assistance has been put on hold. I simply do not have money to see doctors anymore, and my mental health has been steadily declining over the past few months. Most of the people I'm friends with currently, met me when I was healthy and functioning better. So, with my health deteriorating, I'm slowly becoming a different person, and often those friends don't seem to understand how to react to it. For those who share this plight, of either side of it, I'd like to offer a this great resource that can greatly help understand how to understand and help the people you love who happen to be mentally ill.

Helping a Person with Schizophrenia
If a family member or someone close to you has schizophrenia, you may be struggling with any number of difficult emotions, including fear, guilt, anger, frustration, and hopelessness. The illness may be difficult for you to accept. You may feel helpless in the face of your loved one's symptoms. Or you may be worried about the stigma of schizophrenia, or confused and embarrassed by strange behaviors you don't understand. You may even be tempted to hide your loved one's illness from others...(continue)

It's difficult to live with mental illness, and of course can be trying to those around us, but we are still good people worth loving and getting to know. Please give us the chance to enrich your lives, and to have you enrich ours. 

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