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Kinky Group Directory
so, the idea of this is to maintain a directory of which bondage groups are and aren't active, so you can check where it's worth trying to submit your art and literature.
i need your help: if you notice a group serving our community has died, let me know. if you own an active group or are post to one and it isn't on the list, let me know!
sound like a plan?

Active Groups
last updated on 23/10/18: if you have or know of an active group, send me a link!

:iconcaregan:Caregan 88 169
Mature content
Power Struggle, Part I :iconurbansniper:UrbanSniper 13 13
Tough deal
Cathy's trip to Europe was a big success. The negotiations with the Swiss' bank had turned out to be much easier than expected. It promised to be a lucrative deal and Cathy thought that the final contract would be ready to be signed within one or two days. Her counterpart on the Swiss' side of the table, a conservative dressing brunette who had introduced herself as Frau Harzlos, seemed to be quite satisfied too. For the first time since Cathy had arrived in the country, the woman had even accepted to go for lunch the two of them.
The restaurant turned out to be on the central square of the attractive medieval center of the town. Cathy couldn't help noticing the dark and menacing looking building next to it. It was the local torture museum, often one of the main attractions in this part of the world. Frau Harzlos saw where Cathy's eyes went and said: "Our museum interests you? Do you want to take a look inside? We are a little early for lunch."
Fascinated was the better word actually,
:iconcordefr:cordefr 28 20
Babysitting Struggles: Prologue
Babysitting Struggles
The barren, rolling fields seemed to run forever as the two-door coupe sped furiously down the country road.  On each side, frost clung to the dead grass as proof that the last days of winter still had a grip on the rural country-side.  Though it had been a harsh season of cooler temperatures and dreary days, evidence that spring was right around the corner was apparent by a few of the trees beginning to bloom off in the distance.
The towering skyscrapers of Pearl City became smaller and smaller in the rear view mirror as the babysitter’s foot pressed down hard on the accelerator.  She was never known for her punctuality and once again she was late for another commitment.  Glancing over at the clock on her dashboard, she cursed in her delectable British accent as the destination appeared to be nowhere in sight.   “Where in the bloody hell is this place?!  It feels like I’ve
:iconboundbymywords:boundbymywords 65 18
Mature content
Ashley's Choice :iconexperimenter73:experimenter73 50 21
Mature content
Ashley's Door :iconexperimenter73:experimenter73 158 84
Ashley's Concern
Ashley watched as Kyla approached Payton and placed a hand on her shoulder.  The pink-clad girl’s back was to Ashley now, but she could see how nervous the girl was by the way she jumped at the light contact of Kyla’s hand, and the way her toes kept curling and uncurling behind her as she pulled nervously at the cuffs that entrapped her ankles.
“It’s been way too long since you’ve lost, Payton.”  Kyla grinned wickedly as she spoke, a hand moving to play with Ashley’s pigtails.  “You make such a cute little baby sucking on your binkie.”
“Stop stalling, Kyla.”  Lizzy stepped forward as Kyla played with Payton, the way her arms twitched around inside the straitjacket making her look much less confident than she sounded.  “It’s time for the final round.”
“Relax, Lizzie.”  Kyla chuckled, releasing Payton’s hair and moving to her bag again. 
:iconexperimenter73:experimenter73 137 36
Ashley's Hope
“Now, Ashley, I’m afraid that the game is out of your hands from now on.”  Kyla grinned, and Ashley cringed slightly as the girl stepped in close to place a hand on her shoulder.  “I’m afraid that you’ve figured out a bit too much about how things work now so you’ll just be a bystander from now on.”
Ashley looked away from Kyla, turning to watch as Lizzy squirmed inside the confining canvas of her straightjacket.  The girl had seemed her best hope a few moments before, but now seemed almost as helpless as she was.  Kyla walked to her bag and reached inside to pull out a dog collar that had a plastic box with an unlit red L.E.D. light on the face of it, along with a remote control and a stopwatch.
“For the next game, there can only be one winner.”  Kyla grinned as she held up the collar.  “The winner is safe, and the losers each drop one stage.”
“Sho h-when you lo
:iconexperimenter73:experimenter73 152 27
Ashley's Big Scene
Ashley watched, tied kneeling to the bed, as Payton turned and scampered across the room to her backpack.  The girl looked silly in her pink bodystocking, little pigtails bobbing with each step, but Ashley knew that the girl was up to something.  Her suspicions were confirmed when the girl turned around, carrying a camcorder in her hands.  Flipping open the side screen, she positioned it on the desk and turned it to face the bed, and Ashley saw the recording light flicker on.
“So, for the next stage, Ashley, you get to pick which one of us is the winner again.”  Kyla smiled as she spoke.  “Only it’s a little different this time.”
“We each get 5 minutes to do one thing with you.  We can do whatever we want, but you can make us stop by humming any song you want.”  Lizzy added.
“Whoever can’t make you hum is the loser, and the winners get to pick the loser’s costume.
:iconexperimenter73:experimenter73 157 30
Ashley's Party
Eyes wide above the gag that filled her mouth, Ashley turned her head to look back over her shoulder as Payton ran to open the door.  She swallowed hard, and could feel the tight rope around her neck, as she saw the door open and a trio of girls enter the little apartment.  They were all girls she’d babysat for before, and Payton’s age; Kyla, Samantha, and Elizabeth.  Each was carrying a duffle bag, and Ashley squirmed in her restraints, trying to twist her wrists free of the tight cuffs as she remained in the enforced kneeling position at the foot of the bed.
“I win, Kyla!”  Payton announced proudly as the girls entered and shut the door behind them.  “One babysitter in a schoolgirl outfit as promised.”
Kyla walked further into the room, coming to stand before Ashley with a scowl on her face.  Unlike Payton, who was just dressed in her pajamas, Ashley saw that Kyla was dressed up.  Ther
:iconexperimenter73:experimenter73 208 28




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