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Digital Artworks:

  • Single character
  • Sketchy shading

  • Smooth shading applied
  • Cleaner lines

  • Monochromatic coloring
  • More refined shading and detailing
  • Simple background

  • Full coloring
  • Completely clean lineart
  • Simple background

Pixel Art and Animations:

  • Small color palette

  • Full coloring

  • Considerably small and simplistic sprites

  • Bigger resolution sprites
  • Bigger amount of detailing and effort put into it

Notice: As a sprite artist, I'm well aware that the style preference for a sprite can easily vary a lot. So depending on the size and style preference for the sprite commissions, the price for the sprite/animation can change and can be discussed with me.


  • No explicit content (nudity, obscene, extreme violence, and anything considerably awkward)
  • Remember to provide reference of your character and be clear about what you want. If necessary, provide an easy to read description of your character.
  • Early stages of the commission will be sent to you so we'll both be certain about it's concept and execution. You are free to request to look at the progress of it while it's being made. However, once the commission is finished, no major revisions will be made without charge.
  • Payment comes first. Message me about it and I'll give details on how the payment will be carried out.

In case of any doubts or questions, feel free to ask about it in the comments.

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 i am a game developer and i am currently working on a game but i hit a road block. i need pixel art for my game  also do you do original characters what i mean is if i send you concept art will you be able to make a pixel character 
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Yes, I can make a pixel character by simply referencing from a concept art.
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awesome i would like for you to do commission work for me 
MotorRoach's avatar
Okay, just send me the details, and I'll see if I can do it. It depends on the amount of work, considering I do have quite a lot going on.
Bahethoven's avatar
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You can discuss the details with me by sending me a note.
RobotnikHolmes's avatar
Heya. ^^ I heard from your work from PicsAndPixels 
I don't suppose I can commish you an advanced sprite animation at all? :)
MotorRoach's avatar
I'm actually in the middle of few commissions, but if you want, you can send me the details, and I'll see if I can let you know whenever I have more free time.
RobotnikHolmes's avatar
Nothing much. :) Just an animation of my character looking evil. :XD:
I understand your busyness. :0
Team-Lava's avatar
Too bad I have no money.
God-of-Death-Alex's avatar
Hey, can I add you in MFG as one of the artists who can take commissions?
I'm in charge of the Graphics board (as you know I'm the moderator there) so I can update the sticky "Master List". There are already six people who can be commissioned and you could be added there.
MotorRoach's avatar
Oh yes, please go ahead.
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