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Self Harm...

I drew this for my friend who lives in New York. She's really struggling and I wanted her to know that I'm here for her even if I live across the country. This is a serious subject for me, so please be respectful. Thank you<3
And if anybody's going through this...Do NOT be afraid to talk to me. I'm more than willing to help you. Honestly (: I LOVE YOU ALL OKAY~!
<3 Brie

[Lyrics from Run by Snow Patrol]
[Drawing by me]
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this is a beautiful picture <3 I used to cut myself, and sometimes I still think about doing so. it was very difficult for me to stop. it's so nice to know I'm not alone
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This is beautiful.
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Can you not what? Draw about cutting and give some support/awareness to it? 

I know all too well it's not appealing to look to someone else with wandering eyes and find some scars or even fresh cuts on their skin.
I found out my ex-best friend was cutting themselves frequently and forgot to hide them around me after a while. But on the flip side, I myself have cut for the past three or so years on and off so getting a look of "what the hell is this" when people look to you because you slip up in hiding scars can make you feel like a freak and it's literally one of the worst feelings ever. It's my fault of course for making the choice, but as any addiction goes as soon as you give it a chance to control you once you may lose the ability to stop it yourself. 

And after seeing and meeting so many people who have ended up being covered in scars or have some sort of story to tell, I don't see how it's "disturbing". It's literally like seeing a rash from an allergic reaction. With cutting typically comes depression, anxiety, etc. So it's literally just a really horrible coping mechanism that some turn to because people find it easier to have a razor or a knife stashed in their room than to ask for help. It's kind of just a sign of "Oh hey something is definitely wrong here." 

Lol I'm getting salty over a comment that's almost a year old. If you don't see it as disturbing or something anymore then I'm sorry for the rant.
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This is amazing Clap and I've been having thoughts of cutting myself cos of everything that has been happening to me :( (Sad) 
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Ahhhhhh I was just drawing something just like this 5 minutes ago :D  I am loving this though, it is really amazing...and I hope your friend's struggles end if they haven't already, I have best friends who go through tough times and it breaks my heart to see them that way so yeah...i really hope your friend is doing well Huggle! 
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I really like this, it's something my boyfriend says to me all the time. Good job
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Oh my god this is one of the most amazing and powerful drawings I've ever seen! This really touched me on an emotional level, thank you!
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i hate to be the one to say this, but that is a very good way to spread viral and bacterial diseases such as AIDS. But I like your drawing skills my emo friend and I am unable to change this dancing penguin cuz i don't know how.
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Good to know that random people actually care......I didn't think anybody did.
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i really like this picture ^.^

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I like the blood too much
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This is really inspiring <3
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It means a lot to hear that<3 Thank you and stay strong.
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I fucking love this. I'm going to show this to my friend; if that's okay.
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I'd be honored! Thank you so much<3 And I hope your friend gets better (:
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