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Daily Deviation
October 27, 2013
Featured by vanmall
Suggested by Minato-Kushina
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An ordinary room

By Motoko-Su
Oh... my... GOD.
I was working on it from... Jesus's bith?! I cant remember...
I really need free time... anyone can sell me some free time...? Please...? TT w TT #yolo

Anyway... NEW F***ING ID.
Now I can pimp my profile... not now but... tomorrow or... the day after... i promise.

* 27/10/2013 EDIT *

OMG, i've got a daily deviation!! TT A TT

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This is so sweet.
OfeliaAKAVulps's avatar
I 'am going to try to make one to. :)
Motoko-Su's avatar
good luck with it! >w</
OfeliaAKAVulps's avatar
Thank you~:heart: >//U\\<
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LazyMusician10's avatar
Congratz on your Daily Deviation!
An I love this cute little room you made :3
StoneHot316's avatar
This looks awesome! :D
Kiara-Valentine's avatar
complimenti per la DD! :heart:
Motoko-Su's avatar
Grazie sensei!! TT //// TT
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omg this looks like my room XD love it
h-word's avatar
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XDD an ordinary room in ponyville...
blanket86's avatar
Very interesting and beautiful work! I like this style! Congratulations!
Motoko-Su's avatar
Thank you so much!!
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Yinsho's avatar
This looks awesome. :0
Nice pixel work!
Piegoose's avatar

"Ah-huh~!" :iconmoerayplz:
Damanyel's avatar
I love how the paper is falling off the side there.. great work!
8BitLowlife's avatar
Omg this is amazing your art is so pretty!
Vadovas's avatar
I can't sell you free time but I can sell you a time share---*SHOT* SUCH BEAUTIFUL ART. Congrats on a well deserved DD~
Motoko-Su's avatar
XDD thank youuu!!
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