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My Biology teacher told me we had a project we started on Wednesday and would finsh on Friday. Well, I was absent on Wednesday and didn't get time to work on it today. So I said I would do it with the class on Friday, cause I didn't get instuction today. (Even tho I asked multiple times in that class) Well later then, my Dad gets an email from my Biology teacher saying "Project needs to be done today and turned in on Friday" at 9:44 PM. I got my ass chewed out for following teachers instuction that were changed at the last minute. She could of told us that in class, but no, she didn't. So I stuggled for 1 and a half hours doing a project that I wasn't given instuction on. I ain't being fussy about it. The work didn't frustrate me, its the fucking teacher pissing me off for giving useless instuctions at the last moment when it could of been giving in class. Yea, fanFUCKINGtastic! This is why I have stress problems.

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