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Its been over 3 weeks and they were almost done with Nikki's ship. They then stop for an hour to take a break and talk among each other. Ratchet talks to Tommy and then stop to hear something in the distance.

Ratchet: What is that sound?

Tommy: Oh that, that's music. The band is Black Sabbath.

Ratchet: Oh.

Tommy looks over to Nikki.

Tommy: Well, your ship is almost done, it will be up and running any moment.

Nikki: Thanks, I appreciate it.

Tommy: No Probs.

Ratchet Turns to Sixx and ask him a question.

Ratchet: Hey Sixx, do you have a mother or a sibling?

Sixx: No, I'm an only child and my mother died of a disease when I was 4.

Ratchet: Oh.

Clank: Do you wish to see her again?

Sixx: Eh, sometimes. But I got over it. What about you ratchet, do you have a mom?

Ratchet paused for a minute and then speaks.

Ratchet: No, I don't have a mom or a dad, they both died when I was a baby.

Sixx: Oh, sorry to hear that.

Ratchet: Its okay.

Sixx: Hey, I want to know. What specie are you.

Ratchet could really explain but he try his best.

Ratchet: Well, we are lombaxes. Well, I'm the last there is.

Sixx: Where did you come from?

Ratchet: Well, I was born on Fastoon but raised on Veldin.

Sixx: Are those like your home.

Ratchet: Yea, home planets.

Sixx: Oh. So, you're not from here.

Ratchet: Pretty much.

Ratchet and Sixx go back and forth talking to each other, while Nikki, Clank and Tommy starts to work on Nikki's ship. Later they go inside to eat and lay down to rest. Nikki doesn't sleep, he goes outside to look up at the sky to see the stars. Later, he hears a noise, a strange noise he never heard before. The noise sounded beautiful. He walked outside to see a fox sitting on the ground with an object in his hands and lap, the object was making noises.

Nikki: Hey, are you lost?

The fox looked up and said "No, I'm fine" and went back to what he was doing.

Nikki walked towards the fox and asked for his name.

"Mick, that's me name" said the fox.

Nikki: And what is that beautiful sound.

Mick: Guitar, been practicing since I was 5 Yrs Old. It was hard to play at first, but now, its easy to play.

Nikki: How old are you now?

Mick: 25, what 'bout you?

Nikki: 43.

Mick stops playing his guitar and puts it in his case, then looks up at the sky.

Mick: You ever wander what it be like to meet creatures beyond us.

Nikki Looks up and says.

Nikki: Yea.

Mick sigh and grabbed his guitar and looks at Nikki.

Mick: Listen, I got to get home. It was cool meeting you, mister umm...

Nikki: Nikki, that's my name.

Mick: Oh, cool name. Well Nikki, I got to go.

Nikki grabs his shoulder and says.

Nikki: Wait!

Mick: What?

Nikki: Do you even have a house.

Mick look down in sadness.

Mick: No, when my mother died, my stupid uncle had all right to her house and he kicked me out and didn't give me any money. I'm a homeless guitarist that only makes a dollar a day playing guitar.

Mick turned around to walk again.

Nikki: Wait! I got a place where you can stay.

Mick turned around and smiled, then Nikki and Mick walked to Tommy's house and both walked in to rest.


Story plot: Me

Nikki, Sixx, Tommy and Mick (story): Me

Nikki, Sixx, Tommy and Mick (Drawing): KittyHarmony


Nikki: RnC OC: Nikki by KittyHarmony

Tommy and Sixx: TheThirdLombax: Wolf Tommy and son Sixx by KittyHarmony

Mick: TheThirdLombax: Mick by KittyHarmony

Ratchet and Clank: Sony Computer Entertainment/PlayStation and Insomniac Games

Ps, I had to edit this cause I didn't want this one to be short, and I wanted to add a character too.

Sorry, hope yall enjoy
KittyHarmony Featured By Owner May 10, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry that I have been delaying the drawing of the fox character but i get busy with school and things! Btw good job
MOTLEYLOMBAXCRUE666 Featured By Owner May 10, 2016   Traditional Artist
Thanks, and same here
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