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Now I want to say, I ain't making this because of it being my phone. Mainly because I am a techhead and I do like talking about tech. So I want to explain why I prefer the s7 Active to people who use their phone as a tool instead of  looks.

First it the display. The s7 active is rocking a 2880×1440p display. It is a 5.1 in Quad HD super amoled display, simular to the original s7. This means that the s7 active will display better colours and better blacks then most LCD display. It also makes the always on display look true to its glory. The amoled display will allow the display to output certain pixels to turn on, and shut off others to give a shape or colour to the always on display. For example, the clock.

Now for processing. The s7 active has the same specs as the s7 and s7 edge. It has an Snapdragon 821 quad-core processer with 4 gb of RAM and 32 gb of on board storage with expandable storage up to 256 gb. With no exeption, the s7 active is a gaming beast. I can play games like aphalt 8 with no hold withdraws. Altho I don't game, it can muliti task like nothing.

And now for hardware. This phone has a 12 megapixel rear facing camera with optical image stabilization and auto focus and as well as a 5 megapixel front faceing camera with facel detection. The rear facing camera can take shots and record up to 4k resolution and the front facing can take 1440p shots and recording. These cameras are amazing in so many ways. One of which is the option you get with the stock camera app. My personal favourite is aqua mode. Along with the water resistance of this device, if you want to take an underwater snap shot, you can set your camera to this by sliding over from your left and choosing aqua mode. Now when you're underwater, you can use physical buttons to take a shot to get those underwater selfie y'all want to do, or record your scuba diving experiance you had.

Now lets talk durability, one of the main selling points of this device. This phone is Military certified 810g drop resistance. That means this phone can be dropped from 5-10ft and will probably be alright. And thats because of the build material. The s7 active has a rubberish back plastic panel for grip and houses wireless charging as well as NFC support, rubber rails, top, bottom and corner for drop protection. Rubber will be more forgiving with drops and will absorb most of the shockage. And metal sides for the stuctural build so it won't bend and ruin water resistance... Speaking of which, the s7 active is ip-68 dust and water resistance cetified. This means that the s7 active can be submersed underwater greater than 1.5 meters (3-5ft) for 30 mins-1 hour. Now its not waterproof. The s7 active did had a small issue with some of their test unit where some dunked them in water and they were completely ruined because of it. Samsung has fixed this issue tho. Now even those its mil-grade and IP certifed, I would be going around dunking it in water and throwing it to the ground just because. The phone stills has Gorilla Glass 4 underneath a plastic exterier layer. You don't have to get a case for this phone, but be a little bit careful if you want it to look good.

Last, the button. Samsung has kept hardware menu and back buttons on the s7 active like they did with the s6 active. But now the s7 active now has a Fingerprint scanner on the home button, the first active phone to have one. The s6 active only had a home button. I am glad they changed it.
There are 3 side buttons on the phone. Power, volume rocker and also, my favourite button, the active key. This button allows you to program it 3 times to do 3 things you want it to do. For example with me, single press opens Deviantart, double press opens Spotify and long press opens Youtube. It is the most useful button to have. Unlike the Bixby button on the Galaxy s8, s8 plus, s8 active and the Note 8. They aren't programable. Also you can double tap the home button to open the camera app, I thought that was helpful.

Now I have talk about the good stuff about this phone, but there is one thing that I am disappointed with this phone, and that is it only limited to one carrier in the USA, AT&T. Yes, if you are t-mobile, straight talk or any CDMA carrier, you will never get to use this phone unless you switch over to AT&T or if you get a Cricket card. Cricket and AT&T only work on this phone. COME ON SAMSUNG, this is one of the best rugged devices you sold and you won't let other people use it. Man, that is dumb.
Also, even tho it was limited to one carrier, it still cost $100 more the the regular s7 back then. ($800) Maybe next time then.

Well, thats alot to write. Well, I will go rest now so I can finish a comic. Bis zum nächsten Mal Freunde!!!
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TrueSpringy Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2018  Student Artist
am i the only nerd who readed this xD? tho that is a nice phone!
MOTLEYLOMBAXCRUE666 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2018   Traditional Artist
You ain't alone. CX
Yup, it is. :D
TrueSpringy Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2018  Student Artist
MOTLEYLOMBAXCRUE666 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2018   Traditional Artist
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