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Got bored, took it from :iconkittyharmony: . Got nothing better to do.

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Stein's new outfit by MOTLEYLOMBAXCRUE666

1. Stein is a Bassist/Guitarist. He is OK at it, he is self taught.

2. Stein Loves Metal music, favorite is 80s, 90s and German Metal. He would kill to see Metallica.

3. He is a socializer, but he usually channels people out with Music.

4. Unfortunately, Stein doesn't have a Mom or Dad, but he built his friend, Mir. They known each other for along time.

5. He loves to travel to places, so he would walk anywhere he desires.

6. Stein might be nice, but he can fight. He has trained himself to fight and he builds weapons.

7. Stein is Irken, but he escaped the Irken Empire and lives on another planet. He never wanted to become an Invader.

8. On the bluest days, he sits and plays guitar. Or he will go in to places and talk to a random person.

9. Stein has stumble across three lombaxes on the way home. Vince, Nikki and Marcie. (KittyHarmony)

10. Stein does like to think he is in a concert, he will grab his Bass and think he is playing in a band.

11. Stein hates people who pick on people, or who are disrespectful. They are idiots to them.

12. If Stein has money, he will spend it in a split second. He spend $23 on his antenna pierced. He isn't spoiled tho.

13. He will work for money, by doing yard work.

14. Stein barley eats at all.

15. Stein is very smart, but he has some... No brainer moments.

16. Stein is a pyro. He will set shit on fire.
Stein favorite line is "Feuer Frei". (Yes, I know. Its a title of a song. But hey, who give a shit)


I don't care, half at it. Anyone is free to do it.
  • Listening to: Amerika-Rammstein
  • Eating: School food, nasty
  • Drinking: School milk, decent but still nasty
TrueQuantumCatalyst Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very cool!! :D Stein's quite a cool character!! :)
MOTLEYLOMBAXCRUE666 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2017   Traditional Artist
Stein: Hug  Thanks :)
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Submitted on
January 31, 2017